Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Foundation Love: By Terry Cover Expert

I sort of foreshadowed this in a FOTD post a couple of weeks ago but today I am back to tell you that the love is real. About three solid weeks of testing By Terry Cover Expert foundation I can safely say that it is my favourite foundation that I have tried yet (sorry Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and YSL Teint Resist, y'all have to step it down a notch).

It comes in a tube, which I love. It retails for $66 which is steep but on par with brands like Giorgio Armani. You actually get 35mL of product VS the traditional 30mL you usually get in foundations. I have the shade #9 Honey Beige and it is a perfect match. It's like the stars have aligned for me with this one.

It has great medium coverage without ever looking or feeling heavy on the skin, it has a velvet finish that's still "radiant from within", the colour doesn't oxidize and the lasting power is great on my oily skin. I do have to use a touch up powder after about 6 hours but it honestly fades so nicely I have zero problems touching up. I have to do that with every foundation anyways since I have quite long days. I can even get away with not powdering it and it still lasts better than some foundations that were meant to be more long lasting (*cough* Lancome Teint Idole 24hr *cough*).

It's similar to Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in the sense that it provides that great smooth velvet finish while staying lightweight on the skin - but it has a hint more luminosity, better lasting power, it doesn't oxidize AND it isn't a nightmare on dry patches.

I seriously can't say enough good things about it. It doesn't have SPF in it which doesn't bother me since I use a separate SPF on my face anyways. The only deterrent, really, is the price and limited availability of the brand. I don't think it's physically available at any counters in Canada (I got mine at a small beauty boutique in Ann Arbor, Michigan), but if you're in the USA you can find it at Barney's and SpaceNK (select Boomingdale's locations) or you can bite the bullet and order online

Also, I have a gold medal for you if you can understand the hieroglyphics on the back of the box (AKA the ingredients list).

I cannot recommend this foundation enough if you have normal/combination/oily skin, want medium buildable coverage that looks natural but lasts all day and like a bit of a luxe treat. You won't regret it, I promise.



Saturday, August 16, 2014

Weekend Wishlist 16.08.14

Because I need another lipstick like I need a hole in the head.

Lip products are my kryptonite, people!!! Here's what's on my radar at the moment:

This is a gorgeous pale peachy nude (my favourite kind of nude!) that Rae wore in her last video and it was totally up my alley. I kinda need it and you do too. Bite Beauty just nails it in terms of lip formulas and colour selections.

I am not a fan of the original Fresh Sugar lip balm and find it quite subpar when it comes to its lip hydrating capabilities but the colour of the Tulip is a perfect everyday brightening lip shade. Perfect for days at the office where you want something on your lips that's comfortable and that puts some life into your face.

This bright mandarin orange is stunning and I can't rave about this lipstick formula enough.

4. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Montego Bay (a rosy nude) and Tonkin (rosy brown)

I have tried both of these on numerous times at Sephora in the last couple of months and I can't decide which I want more. The conclusion is I need both. Montego Bay is a softer pink, Tonkin is more of a 90's brown nude.

What's on your wishlist this weekend? 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Best Bright Lipsticks

This post and video are an ode to one of my favourite things - bright lipsticks!

I love mostly neutral makeup but nothing can really amp up a look than throwing a bright lip in the mix. Most of my picks are matte because I find matte bright lips more eye-catching and modern (and not to mention they last longer!).

Whether accompanied by a lip liner or just dabbed on as a stain, I hope you'll find a bright lipstick in this post that strikes your interest and feel free to share your favourites with me in the comment section!



Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekend Face ft. By Terry & Kat Von D

I've been sporting this super simple "nude" look over the past few weeks, switching things up here and there and fine tuning until I have reached the perfect combination. A good base, eyeliner that's slightly dramatic on the top lash line paired with very natural blush and sheer lipstick.
This, my friends, was the combination for me. My cat eye liner didn't look ratchet and I may have found the foundation of my dreams:

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($19 at Sephora) has been amazing for creating a sharp and precise winged out line. The formula isn't as intense of a black as Benefit Push-up Liner but the brush gives more control so you can have a more subtle look or a more fine tuned graphic line. It's a very fine brush applicator and I'll be reviewing it in more detail next week as I get to play with it more.

L'Oréal Miss Manga mascara for a fluttery voluminous lash. No mascara/liner on the lower lashline, just a hint of Anastasia highlighting pencil in Camille. Blush has been Tarte Exposed, and a hint of Dior Incognito on the lips.

The foundation is By Terry Cover Expert ($66 at Barneys) in shade #9 Honey Beige. By Terry is a difficult brand for me to find where I live but I was lucky enough to walk into a lovely place in Ann Arbor, Michigan last weekend called Lily Grace Cosmetics where not only did I get to troll a By Terry counter but I also got to meet one of my lovely readers! Hi Madeleine!

I am so in love with the Cover Expert foundation, I even proclaimed to elope with it in a Facebook status. Sorry not sorry. It's early days of testing and I will be doing a more in depth review later on but for now I am obsessed and I have refused to wear anything else on my face this week. 

I will take a deep breath now and prance off into the sunset with my newfound makeup loves.

What makeup have you been loving this week??


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Thursday, August 7, 2014

L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara

The newest member of L'Oréal's mascara family has just become my favourite one. I'm a big fan of the Voluminous range of mascaras (my most recent love has been Voluminous Butterfly, reviewed here) so I was super excited when I saw that Miss Manga mascara hit the shelves in Canada.

It. Is. Awesome!!

It's got this cool flexible wand, brush bristles that taper slightly at the end and an amazing formula that doesn't smudge, flake or transfer on my oily eyelids...  all while still being easy to remove at night.

It's the perfect mascara for everyday use, offering good volume and length. Here is one coat on me:

Have you tried this yet? If you're a fan of fluttery, voluminous lashes, then I think it's definitely worth a try :)



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cleansin' Wednesday: Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser/Mask

This product has been around on the market for a while and had always been on the back of my mind to try but for some reason it's not available at any drug store near me. On a trip to the US I popped into Ulta and here it was on the Neutrogena shelves, smiling at me.

I purchased a tube ($6.99, haaay) and went on my merry way. I've been using it for a month now and thought I'd weigh in on the experience.

The product claims to be both a cleanser and a mask. It's a pasty creamy texture with gritty particles, so it also serves as a scrub. It reminds me of tooth paste but a slightly thinner texture.

It has a slightly cooling sensation when applied on the skin. It lathers a tiny bit when mixed with water on the face and used as a cleanser. When used as a mask it claims to help balancing the skin's oil production and to keep oily skins matte for longer - I honestly couldn't tell a difference in how oily my skin got during the day. It was the same as it always is.

The scent is fruity and refreshing, and the scrub particles are very fine. It also contains salicylic acid which is great if you are acne prone. However a word of caution - if you're sensitive and acne prone, this might be too harsh as a daily cleanser. You might want to try it as a treatment once or twice a week to start. While it hasn't done miracles for my acne, I didn't expect it to. I believe that if you suffer from acne you need supplementary products that have higher concentrations of active ingredients and a simple cleanser alone can't do the trick. This is a great budget cleanser for oily skins in the summer and it's worth a try next time you're perusing the drugstore aisles for a new cleanser!

I have not seen it on the shelves at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, but they do have it at Target, Walmart, Ulta/CVS/Walgreens in the USA, etc. You can also find it online here.

I have used cleansers from Neutrogena before and was not a big fan, but this one makes the cut!

What are your favourite drugstore cleansers?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Travel Makeup Bag Lovin'

I got this awesome new makeup bag from Hold Me and got to put it to the test a couple of weekends ago. It was love at first pack.

I love that it's easy to clean, it has a brush compartment that's neatly separated, a pocket on the sleeve and a divider. It comes in three different sizes and I chose the largest one because I'm a makeup hoarder even when I travel.

The material feels super soft and it's vegan suede. The quality is top notch and I love that it ties together which allows you to really stuff it with items orrrrr be a regular reasonable adult and not bring 10 lipsticks on vacation but I won't judge :P

Here's what I packed for a weekend trip:

I highly recommend these bags. You can get them on Amazon or directly on their website here. They come in different colours/patterns and they are handmade in the USA.

Now let's see how much I can stuff in it when I go to Spain later this month :)



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hair Holy Grails: The Sequel

A couple of weeks ago I shared some of my absolute must-haves when it comes to hair products. Click here to re-visit the post. I have long, fine hair (not a lot of it) that is colour processed. I love messy slightly wavy hair so I absolutely love using volumizing products.

However, since my hair is so fine, I have to be careful when choosing products aimed at adding volume and texture because too much product or the wrong product can weigh the hair down and make it look like a mess (the struggle is real, people).

Here is the second instalment of Hair Holy Grails. The three products I am sharing with you today have been recent loves that I have discovered over the last year and boy oh boy do I love them!

Two of them are by Oribe, which is in my mind the Rolls Royce of hair product lines. I'm a tough critic so not every product I have tried from the brand has been a winner, but these two are absolutely amazing and I will repurchase in a heartbeat - the cult favourite Dry Texturizing Spray (shown here in the travel size version) gives your hair that matte piece-y texture without weighing it down. It's also awesome for adding volume at the crown of your hair if you do any teasing. I personally don't like teasing my hair so I opt for the more airy Thick Dry Finishing Spray for a boost of volume at the roots as the very last step after styling. It's like walking through an organized wind tunnel - adds the perfect amount of airy volume without weighing my hair down.

Oh, and did I mention that both of these smell amazing? You can find Oribe at some high end hair salons, Jacob & Sebastian boutiques in Toronto, Space NK, Net-A-Porter and Neiman Marcus

Last on the dock (and in dire need of a repurchase) is my favourite clarifying shampoo in the universe, Bumble and Bumble Sunday. It gets rid of product build-up and gets my hair as clean as can be. I use it about every other week and it's like a reboot to my hair routine.

I can't recommend these enough and I would love to hear about some of your holy grail hair products in the comment section :)

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Vibes...

After a mostly relaxing weekend (read: if there was such thing as a napping championship, I would have won the trophy) I am starting off the week totally recharged and re-inspired.

I even dusted off my Pinterest account and updated some of my boards with inspiring images, namely from the fashion and home decor categories (sprinkle in some recipes here and there). Pinterest is like entering a time-sucking black hole filled with all sorts of awesome things, and sometimes those things involve cheese, bacon and carbs ^_^

Yummy recipes aside, here is my fashion inspiration for the week... my closet "cheese bacon and carbs", if you will:

I like it when the Olsen twins don't look like they're homeless. 

I hope your week is off to a great start! I will be filming my updated skincare routine video, July 2014 beauty favourites and another tutorial this week (time permitting) so catch me on YouTube for more beauty banter later on in the week.



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Benefit "They're Real!" Push-up Liner Review

I gotta hand it to Benefit's marketing team - they did an amazing job at creating buzz, hype and excitement over their new eye liner. I can't even remember the last time the beauty world got so excited about eyeliner! Sadly like with all things that get super hyped up, people have higher expectations and when those expectations are not met, they tend to be more vocal about it. This is what happened with this liner, I think, because the ladies on the Sephora website have not been very kind with their reviews.

I really like this liner. In the spectrum of non-pencil liners I prefer this over gel/cream formulas that come in the pot and that you have to use a separate brush to apply. Call me the Negative Nancy of gel eyeliners, but I just think that they're a pain in the ass and I'd choose a felt tip/brush tip liquid liner any day.

Now back to Benefit Push-up Liner - this isn't a liquid in a felt tip nor a gel with a brush. This has a gel formula in a unique angled rubberized applicator tip. The gel formula isn't as smooth and gliding like MAC Fluidline gel liner, it's more akin to a cream liner formula (like my Shu Uemura painting liner or the Smashbox cream liner). This is why I think many reviewers complain about it - the liner can skip a bit due to not gliding well against the rubber applicator. I think this is awesome for creating a graphic winged liner, so I don't mind going over a couple of times since it's what I have to do to get the line thicker anyway.

This is the easiest liner I've used when it comes to creating even graphic wings on both sides and it's due to the applicator... the angle of the applicator makes it effortless!

As for the formula - I got a solid 8 hours of wear with this without smudging or flaking. It faded a tiny bit at the end of the day but nothing super noticeable. It has a matte black finish, which I appreciate, and it was easy to remove at night with either Bioderma or an oil cleanser. 

If you're a fan of a thicker, more graphic winged line, and you suck at achieving that look using gel liner and a brush, I think that this liner is definitely worth a shot. I like different liners for different looks (a liquid can't be beat for that sophisticated super sharp cat eye, a kohl is best for smudging, etc.) and I definitely have enough room in my heart and my makeup drawer for Benefit's Push-up Liner.

You can find Benefit "They're Real" Push-up Liner at Sephora, Benefit counters worldwide and Shoppers Drug Mart (my Shoppers Beauty Boutique had a big display of them by the checkout!)

Have you tried this liner? What do you think?


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