Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In & Out XII

- having next week off from work. I know it's only tuesday, but I can't wait for next week
- the twilight woods fragrance from bath & body works.
- Avatar! I also enjoyed the fact that CGI Zoe Saldana did a better job acting than most popular young actresses nowadays *cough* KStew *cough*
- J Brand jean leggings. Most comfortable things ever.
- holiday pay. hellz yeah.
- Dexter. Fantastic show, just got into season 1 and I am enjoying the ride
- the boyfriend's camera is in my hands yet again... you know what that means! No less than stellar outfit posts!

- COLD COLD COLD OUTSIDE. It's freezing, no snow, just weird gusts of ice.
- mean post-holiday shoppers
- Burt's Bees lip balm. Just not cutting it in this cold.
- Lady Gaga moving her show from a small intimate theatre to a big arena for the concert I'm attending on the 13th :( I don't like big arena shows

That's about it for the evening. Have a great rest of the week and I'll catch you before the year ends. Take care everyone

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Outfit of the (satur)DAY

Happy tuesday, everyone!
After some extensive Facebook creeping, I found a photo of me from saturday evening that shows my outfit to the best of its ability. (Remember that I still lack proper camera *sigh*)
I opted for a funky twist on the classic pencil skirt. The only thing not pictured are the shoes, which were a pair of grey suede ankle boots by Jessica Simpson.

T-shirt: T by Alexander Wang
Vest: thrifted!
Pin on vest: Marquis & Camus
Skirt: BCBG MaxAzria
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Area of darkness on the right: my lovely friend Sharon :) haha

Again apologies for the shady photography, I promise one day I'll get these outfit posts right!
Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful holiday, if you're celebrating.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 Most Worn Things Tag

Good evening (or morning, wherever you may be)
I have survived 4 out of 5 exams thus far and with my last one being a couple of days away I found it fit to relax, take a break, and do a little blogging.

"The 8 Most Worn Things"

This is a really fun tag and it's been going around for quite some time, basically talking about 8 of our most worn items out of an array of categories. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone camera to capture the images but it'll do for now. Here goes...

The Chosen Ones:

1. LIPSTICK - Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in #1 "Nude Beige"
A great nude shade, glides on effortlessly, has a slight sheen to it, smells divine, very pigmented. It is definitely the lipstick I reach out for the most. I always put it in my bag before I head out anywhere.

2. EARRINGS - small studs. These are half white gold, half yellow gold, with a small diamond in the white gold part. I received them as a special present from my dad when I turned 12 and I still wear them all the time. Sentimental value.

3. SHIRT - a black V-neck T-shirt from Express is my favourite and certainly my most worn. I've worn it out with jeans, with skirts, lounging around the house, etc. I took this shirt with me when I went to Europe both times this year, and it was my go-to shirt when I was out of ideas. I bought it over a year ago and it was on sale for 7 dollars or something like that. I wish I would have gotten more - I can't seem to find the exact same kind anymore. I didn't put it on for a picture or anything since it's just a plain ol' black V-neck short sleeved T-shirt :)

4. NAIL POLISH - while at the moment I'm obsessed with the dark rich hues of Chanel's Vendetta and the minty freshness of Essie's Mint Candy Apple, my "Old Faithful" of nail polishes lies in my beautiful bottle of OPI's "Parlez-vous OPI?". It's the more purple cousin of the famous Sephora OPI "Metro Chic". I own both and I prefer the OPI. It has a very rich and creamy consistency and the colour goes with anything, summer, spring, winter or fall. Since I suck at doing swatches and something always goes terribly wrong with my manicures (yesterday I had a breadcrumb stuck on my pinky - go figure) here is a swatch from a great nail blog Vampy Varnish - it's a very accurate swatch:

*sigh* maybe one day my nails will stop looking like a 5th grader's.

5. SHOES - while technically my most worn shoes are the shoes I wear to work (old run-down Coach tennis shoes), no one wants to see that. So instead I will pick out my most-worn high heel. I love shoes and am always rotating pairs, but this is definitely my go-to.

They are high (120 mm, I believe, maybe more) and dramatic while still comfortable and rather simple. They go with a myriad of different outfits and are not likely to go out of style anytime soon. I've owned them for almost 2 years now. They are by Barbara Bui, and I don't remember what the style name is. I bought them from Nordstrom, but I know carries the shoe range as well.

6. HAIR PRODUCT - I don't wear bobby pins or hairspray often (they seem to be the most popular choices for this category), my hair is generally let loose to its own will or pulled back loosely in one of those big claw-like clamps. But those are hair accessories, not products. Anyways, from the product realm, there is really only one star for me, and it's Aveda's Volumizing Tonic. I have been using this for over 2 years and have no intention of trying anything else. It's a medium-sized brown glass spray bottle, and I spray it about 3 times on damp hair after towel-drying it, focusing at the crown. I then let my hair air dry or proceed to blow-dry. When I don't use it, my hair is limp an boring. With it, I feel like it gives the little bit of "oomph" that we all want from our hair. I even have the giant bottle that I just use to refill the small one :)

7. PERFUME - this is another one that I am always switching up, but ever since I bought Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle, it has been my go-to evening fragrance. I play around with scent combinations during the day, but for night-time, this one always wins.

8. HANDBAG - Pictured in one of the photos above, it is my newly acquired Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Damier canvas. I bought it this October in Rome after debating it for months. I finally gave in. I never had an everyday purse I could just throw on and go, my Speedy now fulfills that purpose. It also goes with 90% of my wardrobe since I tend to stick to simple black and neutrals most of the time. It used to bother me that they're not made of leather, but now I like it. It doesn't scratch or stain from water, which makes it even more ideal as an everyday bag for me.

What are your 8 most worn "old faithfuls"?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Last "Hurrah" Before Project 10 Pan!

My cosmetics collection needs to size down a bit. I have lipglosses purchased from 2 years ago that are just sitting there, unused, because my attention has been grabbed by another product. So, I am embarking on the Project 10 Pan journey once again, inspired by the lovely Laura @lollipop26.

Now I will present you with: Project 10 Pan, lip products edition!
I have already chosen 10 tentative "victims":
3 of them are from a MAC holiday plushglass gift set from long ago, and you may think they don't count because they seem so small, but they actually contain just as much product as a Dazzleglass does (if that doesn't scream "ripoff", I don't know what else does haha) so I think they're pretty fair game.
From left to right, the lucky 10 are:

MAC Marquise'd Lipstick, MAC Goldensoft Lip Gellee, MAC Plus Luxe Plushglass, MAC Oyster Girl Lipglass (my favourite!), MAC Hot Stuff Plushglass, MAC Bountiful Plushglass, YSL Rouge Pure Shine in #28, Benefit Jing-a-ling Lipstick, MAC Freckletone Lipstick, CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine.

Most of them are about 3/4 used up, so I will only be using these until I am finished! Also, since they're mostly by MAC, I'll have a nice stash to bring back for back 2 MAC later on :)

Now, I will make one exception: on December 26th the new Love Lace collection comes out and my favourite eyeliner ever, the MAC Kohl Power, comes back out - I need a back-up of Feline. (*groan* why can't MAC just make these permanent already!?!).

Anyways, so before I commence on my lip product consuming journey, I bought one last makeup item today, and boy am I glad that I did:

I got the NARS "Eurydice" eyeshadow duo from the new holiday collection after seeing it in a recent tutorial by Nicola from Pixiwoo. It is stunning. A rich red-tone purple with dark blue duochrome, and a gray with silver and gold sparkles (kind of like a bedazzled version of MAC's Print eyeshadow). Here's an attempted swatch in natural light, courtesy of my phone:

I can't wait to use it!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mario Badescu Drying Mask: smells like doom, works like a charm!

Hey everyone! I'm in the middle of finals (hence my absence from the blogosphere) and as you guys know, I have problem skin. My skin is oily and acne-prone, somewhat sensitive. Mix that in with exam time and what do we get? Stress acne!
Luckily, I have been relying on an old favourite to keep those pesky blemishes at bay:

Mario Badescu drying mask

I have been using this for a few months now and am on my second pot of it. I use it about once or twice a week, depending on my skin. When my skin feels a little dry, I use a richer night cream the night before so that when I use the mask, it doesn't completely dry out my skin.
It is a sulfur-based product, like most of the acne-fighting products in Mario Badescu's range. Salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide treatments haven't worked for me as well as sulfur based treatments have, so I'm sticking with the Mario range for my acne-fighting needs.
The mask is clay-based, you apply it to your face (or just the problem areas - for me it's my cheeks and chin) and allow it to dry for 20 minutes, then rinse off. It hardens so try not to smile or eat while it's on because it will crack and crumble off.
Upon using, it immediately reduces the size of those throbbing red painful under-surface spots and refines the texture of my skin. My skin feels tight and refreshed afterwards.
I do not recommend this for you if you suffer from dry skin or normal to dry skin. If you're combination/oily, I suggest you only use it about once a week on your problem areas, since it can get too drying if used consistently all over the face.
Mario Badescu products are available to order at, and they are also sold at various retail chains in the United States such as Nordstrom, Ulta or BlueMercury Spa (where I buy mine from :)

I hope it helps!
Have a great rest of the week and weekend, everyone.

Friday, December 4, 2009

In & Out: XI

- Juicy Couture "Couture Couture" perfume. I tend to steer away from the "Juicy" lifestyle but the scent of this is undeniable. I love it. It's the most long-lasting perfume I've owned to date. It doesn't change smells on me at all, stays consistent throughout the day, and the bottle is sexy. It's important to pick out perfumes based on how they react with your own body's chemistry. Not all perfumes will smell on you the same way they smell on those paper testers. I like to use testers for at least three times before committing to buying the whole bottle :)
- speaking of perfumes, I got D&G #18 "La Lune" after wanting it for weeks. It's delicious. Not really heavy enough for winter time but mixed with Armani Code it might have the added punch to last all day on a thick wool scarf! Yum.

- Seche Restore nail polish thinner. I bought this because my beloved Seche Vite was starting to get too thick to apply. A couple of drops of this stuff brought it back in action. I also revived a couple other old nail polishes with it and it worked like a charm.

- Batiste dry shampoo. Lifesaver.

- 2 more weeks of school until winter break (although it's a bittersweet winter break since I'll be working retail for the majority of the time. Returns, to be exact. Post-Christmas returns bring headaches. Lots of them.)

- Lush "So White" bath bomb & "Pop in the bath" bubble bar. Smells fantastic. If you like the smell of the Olive Branch and things in that scent family, you will enjoy the combination. I think Lush is great for the most part - only I don't personally like the scent of cotton candy and cupcakes on myself after getting out of the shower or bath, and it seems to me like the majority of their products carry those types of scents. I do however manage to find some things that I enjoy using, and those keep me going back for more :)

- Pasta Aglio Olio! So simple to make and so delicious. Pasta, olive oil and a crushed clove of garlic topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese and a couple of drops of hot sauce if you wish... mmmm

- the sun goes down at 5 PM now. Depressing.

- no idea what to get my boyfriend for Christmas this year. I'm completely uninspired. I want to steer away from clothes because he's very particular about fit, so ordering things online and them having them look awkward would be a pain. Feel free to post any suggestions below!

- no camera :(

- pounding headaches. Who needs 'em? I sure don't.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

2 Quick Tips!

Hi there! Remember me? I used to be cool and blog all the time, then my camera collapsed and I have been missing in action since? Yeah, well, I'm still here, and I haven't forgotten about how much I love to blog and the wonderful people that read what I write :)

I will have to make do with what I have at the moment - iPhone and laptop cameras - until I get a new camera or steal my boyfriend's.

On to the main scope of the post - before I head to bed, two quick little tips that I put in practice every once in a while:

1. The Problem: White/light haired brushes that never really go back to white no matter how hard you cleanse.
It always bothers me when I can't get the bristles looking nice again. I find that even thorough cleansing with my brush cleaner doesn't get some brushes bright and clean anymore. This especially applies if you use brushes such as the MAC 187, 188 (stippling brushes) or a flat foundation brush like the MAC 190. Some product traces can still be seen.

A SOLUTION: Try an oil-based makeup remover on them. I was amazed at how my MAC Cleanse-Off Oil got my 187 brush back to bright white in seconds. It also got all the traces of lodged foundation out of my 190, stains out of my 217, etc. Give it a whirl and let me know if it worked for you!

2. The Problem: A button-up shirt in your closet that you don't want to throw out, but that looks weird when you try to button it up and wear it by itself.
I don't own many button up shirts, but the ones that I do, I feel awkward in.

A SOLUTION: Wear them over a t-shirt, unbuttoned. This works best with non-white button-up shirts. I have a couple of strange coloured silk shirts that have accumulated in my closet over time and I wear them as "jackets" instead. I'm sure I'm not the only one :)

That's enough from me for now.
Let me know what your quick tips are in "sticky" situations.
Take care and have a great week, everyone!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

In & Out: X


- finding amazing clothes when you least expect it! On sale!

- applying concealer with a fluffy crease brush (think MAC 224 or something similar). I had a Sephora rounded crease brush that I never used since I preferred the 224 for my eyes. I have been using it for concealer and I love it! Buffs and blends the concealer in wonderfully. If you are wondering, it's the Sephora #13 Rounded Crease Brush. It's a bit more dense than the MC 224 thus I find that it does a better job buffing a thick concealer. I am currently using Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer.

- the Clarisonic! I have only been using this for a few days and will post a more in depth analysis in a few weeks, but so far the initial impressions are great. I haven't experienced any redness or irritation from it (I'm using the "Sensitive" brush head, so maybe that's the reason) and it has given me the cleanest clean! My face doesn't feel tight after using it, and the texture of my skin seems more refined after each use.

- Frederik Fekkai "Advanced Glossing" shampoo. Not sure if the advanced formula is different from the original Glossing range, but it really leaves the hair incredibly shiny and moisturized, without weighing it down.

- Croissants. I love them.


- lacking candy in the house. Must. Buy. Chocolate. ASAP.

- when TV shows take really long breaks. I'd rather them space out the breaks, like one new episode, 1 week or 2 week break, etc. But a 6-8 week break? Cruel!

- rude people at the movie theatre. I sat in front of a bunch of drunk 16-17 year old guys during New Moon the other night. You can imagine the wonderful cinema experience I had.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Good evening, lovely readers, it's been a busy wednesday night and before I head to bed, I just had to post this photo and scratch my head a little bit...
Here's a photo of Leighton Meester (who is usually one of my favourites) out and about this week, at an American Eagle event.

Can someone please explain to me what happened to her face?
Who did this?
*shakes fist*

Not only is this unflattering on her skin tone, but the colours together are just... mind-boggling. I am slightly disgusted, to be honest.
What are your thoughts?
PS: no, she wasn't at a theme party.

Good night :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Attempted "Spending Diet"

This month I've come to the conclusion that I should take it easy until a week before Christmas (yes I'm one of those people who procrastinate in the Christmas shopping department) and save up some money to spend on others, rather than myself.
Mind you, I just bought an iPhone and ordered a Clarisonic, so it seems like the wisest of decisions to make right now haha :)

The Clarisonic has not arrived yet, it has been backordered on the site I ordered it from and it should get shipped out on monday. I also ordered a St. Tropez tanning mousse along with it since I've always wanted to give it a try. This now marks the end of my spending era.

I am determined not to spend any money on cosmetics (aside from utter essentials like cleanser and moisturizer - which I am close to running out of) until the new year, and I mean it! I have 2 different foundations, 2 different bronzers and 2 different powders on rotation to keep me busy until the end of the year.
I have also been prudent with spending on clothing since my return from Italy. I purchased a pair of J-Brand denim leggings (which I am absolutely obsessed with) and I would love a cool pair of boots to wear them with but I am sticking to my plan. Perhaps Santa can get me some boots for Christmas ;)

I hope you will not get bored of my blog in the mean time, and I apologize for the lack in posts but exams are creeping up on me and necessary preparations must take place. Next weekend I am hoping to finally get the chance to write about my haircare products of choice - I've been sticking to the same routine for several months aside from changing up the shampoo and I swear by it. I always get complimented on my hair and it always feels soft and smooth. I just got about 3 inches cut off as well, it needed a new shape very badly.
Stay tuned!

What are your plans in preparation from the holiday season?

Friday, November 6, 2009

One Word Tag!

I saw this tag as I was catching up on one of my favourite blogs (Bubblegarm) and decided to tag myself and do it :) ... so here goes:

Questions with one-word answers

Where's your cell phone: hmm...
Your hair: ponytail
Your mother: energetic
Your father: working
Favorite food: healthy
Dream last night: none
Favorite drink: tea
What room are you in: living
Hobby: reading
Fear: dark
Where were you last night: boyfriend's
Something that you aren't: arrogant
Muffins: yuck
Wish list item: puppy
Where did you grow up: Romania
What are you wearing: pyjamas
Your pets: wishlist
Friends: busy
Something you're not wearing: socks
Favorite store: :)
Favorite color: gray
Last time you laughed: today
Your best friend: mom
Best place you go to over and over: Toronto
Person who emails you regularly: haha
Favourite place to eat: Italy!

Feel free to do this if you're just lounging around and looking for something fun to do. Consider yourselves tagged :) Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and catch you later!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jenny Humphrey looking not so bad!

As you all probably know by now, I am a huge Gossip Girl fan and have been watching it steady since it first came out. Jenny Humphrey is probably my least favourite female character on that show (well... tied with Vanessa, at least) and the character's wardrobe choices recently seldom have left me wanting for more. However, I was browsing around, looking at set photos and came across the above shot from next week's upcoming episode.

Dare I say... I love this look! I'm glad they toned down the red-lipped racoon face she had going on for the past 20 episodes. She looks quite lovely with a toned down smokey eye and a neutral lip. Her outfit is hot as well. Now let's hope that the episode will also rock :)

Have a good night, everyone!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some monday night "droolworthy"-ness...

Sexy handbag alert!!!

Here's Hilary Duff (an actress that I didn't mind until she started polluting Gossip Girl with her eyelash-fluttering), with a gorgeous Givenchy Nightingale handbag. It's larger than the other ones I've spotted, and the chain detail is to die for.
Sadly about $2500 stand between me and this bag, so for now all I can do is admire it in photos :)


I hope everyone had a great weekend, with it being Halloween and all - growing up in eastern Europe, I was completely oblivious to this phenomenon. Now I've embraced it (as you will see in the photo below... haha)
I went out with a group of friends and had a very itchy scalp due to my 2 blonde wigs - but it was a success! I dressed up as an 80's bright pink Barbie doll, like the kind I used to play with as a child. I originally wanted to do the 1959 version and I even have a bathing suit similar to the one Barbie wears, but it was absolutely freezing and storming here this weekend, thus a bathing suit wouldn't have made me too happy. Without further ado, here we go:

I've gotten a few comments from friends that it looks like Elle from Legally Blonde (due to the skirt/jacket combination), but it was the brightest pink thing I could find when I rushed out to search for things at the local thrift store. Pink ruffly lace top was purchased at Urban Behavior (a cheap Canadian Forever 21 type store), shoes are from Aldo, and sunglasses are also from Aldo (I can't believe they're part of their regular stock... haha).
2 wigs were layered on top of each other, and I slapped on the make-up pretty thick to get that flawless doll face.
I went with purple for the eyes (MAC's Fashion Groupie eyeshadow, MAC Dollymix blush on eyes and on cheeks, and the 2 purples from the Urban Decay Ammo palette).
For the lips, none other than YSL Rouge Volupte #7, Lingerie Pink!
Sticking with bright pastels, I opted for China Glaze "For Audrey" on the nails.

How was your weekend?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Italy Roundup and FOTD

Hello everyone!
Ever since I returned from my trip to Italy, I've been swamped with school work (midterms, lab reports, and all that good stuff). Now that things are finally settling down, I found some time for this post :)
I am bummed that we had pretty chilly weather in Italy, half of the clothes I packed were unusable and I stuck with a Jeans/long shirt/cardigan combination pretty much throughout the journey. I had to buy a winter coat (black, puffy and boring, from Zara) because it was so cold in the evening.
I did a lot of window shopping - meaning I walked through stores drooling at the displays but did not leave with a single thing. I was pretty proud of myself - until I arrived in Rome - on the street perpendicular to the Spanish Steps, to be exact. It was loaded with beautiful boutiques and even more beautiful people shopping in them. Everyone around me looked so nice and polished, I got inspired by a few outfits, bit the bullet and walked into Louis Vuitton:

I am wearing pretty much the same clothes from my Florence outfit post - sadly these were the warmest clothes I brought with me, complete with coat stolen from my boyfriend :)

Done and done. I purchased the Damier Speedy 30!
Some say it's too masculine, some say brown & black is a fashion faux pas - but I really like it. What scored major points for me (as opposed to the Monogram version) is that the leather of the handles is treated. The Monogram and Damier Azure versions leave the leather untreated so with time and the oils of your hands it gradually (and unevenly) darkens. I don't trust the oils in my hands to do a nice job, so I'm sticking to the dark brown leather handle.
I also like the fact that it's less "in your face" Vuitton. Mind you, a Monogram pochette accessories would be cute to get in the future, but on a larger handbag I prefer it to be more subdued.

I feel strange owning it now, considering it's my first handbag splurge and I'm not even that big a fan of Louis Vuitton. The Speedy is the only handbag from their classic line that I love.
I haven't taken it out much, but when I do, I will love to show it to you in all its glory.
One downer is that, as you can see from the picture, they gave it to me all folded up in the bag. It had these fold marks for a few days afterwards which was pretty annoying.

Enough Louis Vuitton blabber, on to today's FACE:

Face: Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation(#30), Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector in Light Peach (used under the eyes), Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder, NARS Laguna Bronzer, NARS Mounia Blush

Eyes: MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, Estee Lauder Spiced Peach Quad (the light gold shade), MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, GOSH Eyeliner in Bananas on the waterline, Helena Rubinstein eyeshadow in Night Flicker on the bottom lash line, Chanel Inimitable mascara in Noir Obscur (1 coat)

Lips: YSL Rouge Volupte #7 "Lingerie Pink", MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks

I really love Mat Lumiere foundation. As you can see, it's not really that matte. It's a natural finish and it contains powders that keep oils at bay throughout the day. It oxidizes on me a little, but with a minor touch up of Laura Mercier translucent powder, it's all good again.

Have a great week and I'll catch you later... hopefully this weekend I will do a fun Halloween post if my costume turns out internet-worthy haha :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yesterday's (rainy) Outfit Of The Day...

Greetings from Florence, everyone!

So far I am having a lovely time here in Italy. Amazing food, architecture and rich history all around. Yesterday was spent walking around the city and getting completely lost in all the little corners. One downside, however - it seems that I have brought the Canadian cold weather because before I arrived it was hot and sunny, and yesterday it rained all day and cooled everything down :(

Nonetheless, the rain never stopped me! Here is what I wore:

Blazer - Neiman Marcus outlet

Long sleeved shirt - Banana Republic

Necklace - street vendor in Niagara Falls (a gift from mom)

Bag - Zara

Jeans - Miss Sixty

Flats - Prada

Umbrella - 5 Euro ripoff from a street vendor. It broke after one day :(

Have a great week, everyone.
I am off to bed to rest my legs after another day of serious walking...

Monday, October 5, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Hello, lovely readers!

Today was a relatively exciting day - the family digital camera has resurfaced once again in the midst of the renovation going on at my house. So the "outfit of the day" pictures from two weeks ago that I never got to post were ripe for the picking. Without further ado, here they are:

The Occasion: a friend's birthday party at a cottage about an hour away north. Chilly evening, BBQ, live music, that sort of thing. It was fun, although I was wrapped in two blankets by the end of dinner since I underestimated the wind power at a cottage near a lake.

So let's start form top to bottom, shall we :)

black sequin headband you can barely see - Express

silver necklace that I jumbled up into a knot - Schustermann & Borenstein (Munich, Germany)

jacket - Miss Sixty

t-shirt with cool "ripped" print - Zara

black clutch - Aldo

jeans - Miss Sixty

weird claw-like hands - Unknown

shoes - Winners (a discount department store similar to TJ Maxx/TK Maxx)

So that was 2 weeks ago. Now since then, I've been good and saving most of my earnings for my upcoming vacation (saturday!!), but a few things caught my eye here and there and I ran out of some essentials, so here are the "new kids":

Laura Mercier translucent loose powder
Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation in 30 "Cendre" Intensity 1.5
Chanel Inimitable mascara in "Noir Obscur"
MAC Kohl Power eyeliner pencil in Feline
MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
Bare Minerals matte foundation in Medium

House of Harlow black leather & gold necklace

I also bought Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector in "Light Peach", which I forgot to show. BB's Creamy Concealer is my HG concealer, but sometimes I don't need that much coverage under the eyes so I decided to give the colour corrector a try. Same excellent moisturizing formula as the concealer and great finish. Very happy with the purchase.

So far I've tried everything except for the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, here are the thoughts:

Bare Minerals matte is awesome - stays put all day, not cakey, feels light. Coverage quite comparable to MAC's Studio Fix Powder. Doesn't make me itch like the original Bare Minerals formula did.

Laura Mercier powder - makes my pores and excess shine disappear :) I dust it lightly over my T-zone on days when I feel extra oily.

Feline Kohl Power - love. I totally jumped on the bandwagon on this one, and I am so happy that I did. It's a great intense black liner for smudging or increased definition along the lashline/waterline.

Chanel Inimitable mascara - I bought the new "intense black" shade from the Noir Obscur collection and it's very comparable to my other love, YSL Faux Cils. Doesn't smell as nice, but considering I have to drive to the USA and wait in line at the border for YSL, I don't mind finding something comparable here at home within reach :) L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black is another favourite of mine, but it smudges and makes a mess around my eyes on longer days.
What I like about both the Chanel and YSL is that they don't make my lashes rock solid and clumpy.

Mat Lumiere - will talk about it more after some more experimentation. I finished my Dior Nude today, which I was using to mix with Pro Lumiere to get the right colour.
So as a spur of the moment decision I tried Mat Lumiere in a shade ligher - 30 Cendre 1.5 (I was 40 Beige 2.0 in Pro in the summer) - and I LOVED it on. Perfect colour match and the finish is not a bland, flat matte. It's more of a satin finish, close to the finish my skin naturally has. Photos to come... I hope it photographs nicely!

As for the necklace, I ordered it online from Revolve, of course. I love them and their customer service. They ship within a week most of the time (given that things don't get held up at customs). It's a cute necklace and is also available in a black resin material. I like the non-shiny finish of the leather for myself and couldn't justify dishing out an extra $100 for resin. Expect to see it in a future outfit post.

Ok, rambling has reached a maximum. Have a great week, guys!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Late Night Shoe-Induced Heart Attack...

Courtesy of Rock & Republic...
they even have a little spike at the end!!
Suede, 5", hidden platform.

Is it bad that I'm secretly hoping I don't find too much stuff in Italy so I can come home and afford to buy these? haha

Good night


Friday, September 25, 2009


I've never been able to put a pair of false lashes on myself.

...... UNTIL NOW!

*cue angels singing*

After numerous thrown away pairs of MAC lashes, drugstore lashes, etc., on this lovely friday afternoon I finally managed to stick a pair of false lashes onto my eyelids.
They are MAC #43 lashes and they are perfect :)

The only downside is that they are limited edition (from the Flirt with Fall collection), so I may have to snatch a couple more pairs before I sink back into the world of false lash disability.

Just wanted to share that with you all, I am so excited about this event... haha


In & Out: VIII

So sorry for the lack of posts this week, I've been doing the school-work-sleep routine, with moderate twitter action in between.

It's been quite a busy week so it's time for an IN & OUT post:


- Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. It's almost running out and I hate that I can't get it in my city or online, so I will have to drive to the USA (~45 minutes) for another pot. I like it THAT much. (Plus, it's also a great excuse to browse around stores that my lame local mall doesn't have :)
I don't want to try anything else... although maybe the Benefit Erase Paste seems to have a similar consistency... has anyone tried both by any chance? Only downer is that Benefit comes in 3 shades, and Bobbi Brown comes in about 20.

- Drinking 2 L of water a day... even though I'm constantly running to the bathroom

- Kandee's Costume Makeup tutorials. So good and so much fun to watch! What a lovely, creative woman. Her videos are always uplifting.

- only getting one thing from Style Black, and it's not even make-up (it's the volcanic ash exfoliator). I'm holding up well, this is the first thing I bought out of the 4 latest collections MAC has put up. I may Back 2 Mac for a Dazzleglass Creme but that will have to be done when I go to the American mall with a freestanding MAC store.

- Harper's Bazaar magazine. I think it's slowly beginning to be my favourite. I've been buying Elle, Haper's and Vogue for the past few months and I always seem to lean to Harper's to re-read. Mostly because they feature an awesome style under $500 section that's a little bit more reachable than the $3000+ outfits featured in the latest Vogue editorial. I love high fashion, but I also enjoy it more when magazines mix and match.
I also really love Harper's Buy/Keep/Store page featured in every month, with tips on what key items to update your closet with and what to stow away for the next season.
I really wish I could have better access to French and Italian Vogue, I am really unimpressed with the American version...


- acne from stress. Leave my face already!

- GOSH velvet touch primer. Oil control capabilities = zero. Makes foundation application smoother so I guess I'll finish it up, but I don't love it.

- Heidi Montag. No reason needed.

- homework piling up... speaking of which, I have to get my butt off to school and catch up on some work.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Mine will consist of studying and working shifts starting at 7 AM all weekend. Boo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

!!! Olivia Palermo

While I find her antics (most likely fake) on The City extremely annoying, I cannot deny her awesome style and the beautifully put together outfits.
She's not too over the top, never trashy, never over-sexy... just a perfect, classy "leave something to the imagination" style of dressing that I admire and that I prefer for myself.

After seeing a recent post in one of my favourite celebrity-type outfit blogs, La Dauphine, it inspired me to write this entry and present some of my favourite outfits that I've seen Olivia photographed in. I'd wear any of these in a heartbeat, and perhaps I'll even try to emulate a similar look on a future outing and post the outcome :) ... if I ever find the battered brick-sized family digital camera again... haha. Now, without further ado, here are my choices - note the colour palette that I pretty much live by :)

The vest is from a previous Kate Moss for Topshop season, I believe, and I would have never thought to pair it with a fringe top, but it somehow works and looks cool. Bold statement necklace with a splash of colour is stunning, as well!

Next up is a menswear-inspired outfit. She sports this type of outfit quite often, and I think it's fabulous. I love the bow at the neck for a feminine touch, and the grey vest.

Belt over vest - neat effect! I also like how she managed to blend in silver and gold, which seems to be quite popular nowadays.

Meh, don't care much for Whitney Port's outfit choices even though this one isn't as painful to see as some of the other things she's worn in the past. But eye on the prize, here - again, a cool idea from Olivia's outfit - to pair a blouse with loose, flowing sleeves under a shorter-sleeved jacket.

This one is another menswear-inspired look, and probably my favourite one. The YSL Tribute pumps, the big Hermes bag, her nail colour, her jewelry, and of course the feminine white blouse & tailored blazer... an outfit that could span generations - I can see both myself and my mother wearing something like this :)

Alright, now it is time that I stop admiring and get to work.

What is your fashion inspiration?

Friday, September 11, 2009

In & Out: VII


- Ritter Sport chocolate. So many varieties, so delicious.

- OPI Nailpolish in "Can You Tapas This?" from the new Spain collection. It's a deep, dark blood red (think deoxygenated blood, if you're a science nerd like me haha), great texture, no streaks. Went opaque in one coat, but I added a second coat for more darkness.

- Operation WHITER TEETH! I've finally resurrected my forgotten electric tooth brush (new brush head and everything) and purchased some Crest White Strips Advance, and I'm hoping to see results. With the upcoming dark lipsticks of fall, you have to have nice white teeth, right? :)

- The scents of the new D&G perfumes. They came out with 6 new ones, all in pretty boring bottles with numbers in their names, but oh man, they smell divine. I've smelt 3 so far and loved them, so I'm sure the other 3 are fantastic as well. So far, "La Lune" was my favourite one. I'm really thinking of buying it. So nice!

- learning new recipes to cook (from mom). Gotta prepare for adulthood, you know...


- tooth sensitivity :( ... with those Crest Whitestrips comes some sharp pain, and I'm not loving it so much. Hopefully by tomorrow it's not as bad.

- my entire department at work decided to book Halloween off. It will be interesting to see who gets the day off haha... I suppose some girls just don't understand the purpose of "there are 6 numbered lines on the time book-off sheet, thus only 6 girls are allowed to book the day off". The small space in the time book-off sheet is filled with random scribbles of literally EVERYONE in the department asking for the day off. I don't know what's worse, the fact that so many people are desperately into Halloween or that ME, who was 3rd on the list, will end up having to work because of some other person's stupidity. GRR!! *Disclaimer* I'm not even into Halloween, I booked the day off because I'm going to a concert that night! Sigh...

That's about it. Nothing more to complain about, other than True Blood ends this week so that's a bummer. I suppose I'll have the start of a new Gossip Girl season to tie me over :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! I will hopefully get back into the swing of things and do a cute little outfit post tomorrow, I'm attending an engagement party and I think I have an outfit in mind for it. Stay tuned!

Take care of yourselves, and each other... hahaha (you know it's time to go to bed when you start quoting Jerry Springer)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Constructivist, for the win!

I've been lazy lately, and with great results!

Putting MAC's Constructivist Paint Pot to work has proven to make me quite happy. I love the way it adds richness and dimension to any look with minimal effort. In the picture above I paired it with Naked Lunch eyeshadow (also by MAC) and a touch of a dark brown matte eyeshadow from an Estee Lauder quad.
Eyeliner was omitted, and YSL Faux Cils mascara was used on the lashes.
A mixture of GOSH Darling lipstick and Baby Sparks dazzleglass on the lips.

How do you wear Constructivist?

The consequences...

Since I have just planned another vacation, it means I have to buckle down and save save save! Some sacrifices have to be made, right? So for me, that means no more shopping for a little while - especially since I just googled Florence vintage shopping and have seen what awaits.

Here is what I'll be sacrificing *prices in Canadian Dollars* :

- repurchasing Studio Fix powder (after 7 years of continuing, loving use, it's time to take a break) This saves me about $30
- the NARS Pleasures of Paris eyeshadow palette (bummer, but I'm sure in a few months it will be forgotten and a new fabulous palette invention will take its place) This saves me about $55
- the Chanel Murano eyeshadow quad (again, I own too much eyeshadow anyways) This saves me about $50
- Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder (I have Blot Powder to finish...) This saves me about $50
- upcoming eyeshadows from the MAC Style Black collection This saves me around $20-$40
- Chanel's Jade nailpolish This saves me about $25

Altogether that's $250 already! Could pay for my hotel in Rome. I'm motivated and focused on loving my current makeup collection and will not make impulse purchases until I run out of an essential component (i.e. foundation). Fingers crossed!

As for clothes shopping sacrifices, bye bye planned over-the-knee boots and white Alexander Wang T-shirt. I think they're worth sacrificing over the awesome unique things I may find on my travels.

Here's to hoping that I can stick to my plan :)
Happy weekend, everyone!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Today my boyfriend and I bought our plane tickets and it's official - we are going to Italy in October! My dad lives in Florence, my boyfriend is italian and I have a fall break from school, so it makes sense, right? I am so excited to spend a week (which is not enough, but it's all I can do) in the country shaped like a boot. I visited Italy before but for a brief weekend - only the region close to the Alps and the lakes in the north...

Happy happy happy day... we will arrive in Milano on October 11th!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have the best blog readers in the world :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Impulse Online Shopping...

Who could resist these adorable leather gloves?
Red, bows, soft leather... I can picture myself sporting these with a tan coat, my brown leather jacket, my black studded cropped jacket, a black long coat, etc. etc.

I certainly couldn't resist, so I bought these today, courtesy of one of my favourite online shopping sites, Revolve! When they arrive, I will hopefully be as happy as I am now.

Have a great day, everyone :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sold Out! But of course...

This tank top is gorgeous, and I'm bummed that it's no longer available... It's got everything I adore in a top, the fit, the femininity, colour (or lack thereof... haha)
I can see myself wearing this with a tight black or red pencil skirt, or rock it up with a leather belt and some faded jeans.
If anyone finds something similar around the world wide web, let me know :)

Good evening!

Birthday FOTD and half OOTD...

Bonjour! So today I turn 22, and what better way to spend the day relaxing by my lonesome than by putting some make-up on and some comfortable clothes...

I usually use a mixture of foundation on my face, depending on its state. Today it was a bit dry, so I used Chanel Pro Lumiere by itself. The coverage is great but I cannot use it alone when I have oily skin because I tend to look like a reflective freak haha... but today it worked! Here are the rest of the products I used:

Face: Chanel Pro Lumiere #40, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Natural, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark, Benefit Hoola bronzer, MAC Dollymix blush

Eyes: NARS Mykonos cream eyeshadow all over the lid, MAC Naked Lunch in inner corner, Sable in the crease, Twinks on the outer corner, Blanc Type as eyebrow highlight, Blacktrack fluidline on upper lid, GOSH Bananas liner on waterline, YSL Faux Cils mascara

Lips: YSL Rouge Volupte #7 mixed with a little GOSH Darling and MAC Baby Sparks dazzleglass.

And now a bad resolution webcam picture to capture 70% of my outfit... I opted for a loose gray button-up shirt from Zara, and dark gray leggings from a Canadian store called "Urban Behaviour", which is similar to Forever 21 and H&M when it comes to quality and pricing.
I really love my new dark hair! It's been a long time since it's been this dark, and I really missed having the shine. With lighter hair it's hard to keep it shiny, I don't know how Lauren Conrad does it, she's the only blonde with shiny hair I've ever seen!

I hope you all have a great week :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Products I'm using right now!

This seemed like a great tag to do, so here I go - but first, a random picture from yesterday:

Me @ my birthday outing, I like how the two strangers in the background seem to be posing as well haha - and my hair is dark brown again! Yay.

Shampoo: Aveda Colour Conserve. I love it! Smells nice and makes my hair super soft and shiny. Batiste also deserves an honourable mention because when there is no time, dry shampoo is the best.

Conditioner: Either Aveda Colour Conserve or American Cream by Lush.

Treatment: L'oreal Professional hair mask for damage repair about once a week. Smells amazing!

Styling products: I swear by Aveda Volume Tonic, CHI Silk Infusion and Fekkai Glossing Cream. I use these three every time I wash my hair. I don't use hairspray.

Styling tools: I usually let my hair air dry 80% - 90%, then I blow dry with my cheap hairdryer that always does the trick.

Shower Gel: No idea! I think it's Softsoap something.

Body moisturizer: don't use one.

Deodorant: Dove, the cucumber scented one... cucumber and lemongrass, I think!

Fake Tan: none

Cleanser: MAC Cleanse-off makeup oil (LOVE!) and Cetaphil sensitive skin cleanser (LOVE LOVE!)

Toner: don't use one

Facial moisturizer: haven't been using any, just Chantecaille Vital Essence serum at night before I go to bed.

Exfoliator: none at the moment since it's not good to scrub on broken out skin.

Primer: I don't use one

Foundation: one pump Chanel Pro Lumiere #40, one pump Dior Nude #22

Foundation brush: I don't use one. Fingers!

Concealer: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Natural. It's the best I've tried.

Powder: MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in Medium Dark.

Blusher: I've been using Peachykeen by MAC a lot lately.

Bronzer: switching it up between NARS Laguna and Hoola by Benefit

Highlighter: I don't use one. My natural oils are reflective enough, thank you very much. haha

Eyeshadow base: I've been lazy lately and just using "Mykonos" cream shadow by NARS all over the lid alone, or putting eyeshadow on top of it and using it as a base.

Mykonos by NARS, Style Snob by MAC, Blonde's Gold Pigment by MAC

Eyeliner: Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof (black) or Stila convertible colour in Teak

Curler: Shu Uemura FTW

Mascara: Diorshow waterproof

Lipstick: YSL Rouge Pure Shine in #26. This is perfection.

Lipgloss: none recently... at work I dab on Boy Bait Cremesheen gloss by MAC because I want to finish it up.

Nail Colour: none on my hands, giving my nails a little break. MAC Mercenary is on my toes :)

In & Out: VI

It's sunday and I'm getting ready to spend it by chopping grilled eggplants (don't ask), but before that, let's see what's in and what's out for the time being :)


- True Blood!! I know I am late on the bandwagon but I didn't rush to watch this show because I am not really into the whole vampire obsession going on right now in pop culture. I thought Twilight the movie was terrible and the books were mediocre (sorry!) but True Blood is great. A bit gory and graphic at times but it really knows how to suck viewers in :)

- my friends! I had a small group of close friends over before we all went out for my early birthday and it was a great time. I love it when we all get together.

- the hunt for fall clothes

- Chantecaille's Vital Essence and my new skin routine! Blog post to follow.

- short nails. I really can't picture myself with anything else haha

- I would say fall weather for the last one, but since summer this year was non-existent, I am not too fond of fall weather coming so soon!


- so sleepy

- fidgety wireless internet

- chopping eggplants

Happy sunday, everyone :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Night Drool-worthiness

I went to the bookstore today in search for a new book and on my way to the cash register, I got distracted by the magazine section.
Ah, september, the magical month for fashion magazines - the fall fashion issues! I walked out happy with about 3 different magazines and my book (Love In The Time Of Cholera).

Ok, enough boring introductory blabber - I flipped through Elle, saw a Hugo Boss ad and fell in LOVE!

In the ad it was black, but this was the best picture I could find on the Hugo Boss site.
I didn't even know Hugo Boss made purses!
Whenever I usually think of Boss, I think of my boyfriend's suits. This is beautiful! It's called the Fabala (certainly puts the FAB in fabulous, doesn't it?) and it's part of the new fall collection. 100% Lambskin and suede, available in 3 colours (brown and black also, aside from the one pictured above).
I think it's gorgeous, intricate and edgy.
The price is a cool 850 Euro which, according to my currency calculator, is way beyond my student budget... but hey, a girl can admire, right? :)

And with that, I bid you all good night.

Friday, August 21, 2009

In & Out: V

- Chloe perfume. Flowery goodness.
- black clothes. Really, I can't get enough. I'm boring.
- finishing the exam for my summer online class today. Now I get two whole weeks of freedom until the fall semester begins.
- Chanel's "Vendetta" nailpolish. Opaque in one coat and no chipping! What?! Not to mention the colour is divine, a deep near-black purple shade.
- Cashmere sweaters from J Crew. They melt in my hand, but the prices melt my eyes. Nonetheless, I'm waiting for a (you guessed it) black one to impress me and hopefully it will be mine...
- having a clean room... I went on a dusting/vacuuming rampage today

- breakouts. You know how some of you lovely ladies know exactly what breaks you out and know that the discontinued use of the product will get your skin clear? Well, no matter what I do, what I keep using, I still break out. I suppose it's hormonal because I always get it the week before *womanly issues* arrive. Not even birth control is doing anything to help that. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Sigh...
- OILY SKIN! Holy crap, it's like it tripled in oiliness since I've gotten back from my trip. Pro Lumiere is officially disqualified, my skin is a reflective surface when I use that now haha. Needless to say, it's bad times in skin land right now.

... That's about it. My bad skin woes outweigh all others for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In a bit of a rut...

I haven't been in much of a cosmetics-experimenting phase recently. I haven't purchased anything from MAC since Colour Crafted (I only liked the lipstick, I regret buying Natural Flare eyeshadow, it's too shimmery and chunky), I wanted Smoke & Diamonds from the Love that Look collection, but after swatching I realized that it looks exactly like my Estee Lauder Silver Leaf cream eyeshadow. So I skipped. I may go get Style Snob and Strike A Pose... but we'll see.

I'm really on the mission to sort out my skin problems. Having skin similar to Lorraine (TheCurrentCustom), I had been using Mario Badescu skincare for a while (Drying Cream, Drying Mask and Buffering Lotion). I am now out of the Drying Cream, but I felt like it lost its potency as I was closer and closer to finishing it, so I'm taking a break from it and just using the Mask 3 times a week, along with Buffering Lotion before and after. I'm using Cetaphil cleanser for my face and it's been very very helpful.

I also purchased a topical scar cream since I have mild acne scarring on my cheeks (also an idea from the lovely Lorraine) and I am happy to say that I am receiving positive results so far. She uses cream by a brand called "Mederma". I was unable to find that, but I found something in very similar packaging called "Scar Zone". Ingredient-wise they are the same, only Scar Zone has a lower SPF (15 as opposed to Mederma's 30). Nonetheless, I am happy so far.

Since my skin feels rather dried out at night after my routine, I splurged on a product that I've been reading about (and that also was talked about in the skincare video posted by the ladies at Pixiwoo). That product is Chantecaille's Vital Essence.

"...a revolutionary anti-aging, super-moisturizing face and eye serum. Helps prevent allergy and inflammation. Protects and rebalances the complexion with antioxidants such as grape seed oil. Helps replace estrogen with Chinese flowers, helps cure acne by acting on the sebaceous glands with soybean extract. Regulates sebum with seaweed."

Well, that sounds great. Also, the packaging is simple and beautiful, which is a plus. I hope it works! I plan on using it at night, although it can be used in the day as well. It was $85 (US), not including tax. It's a bit of a pain coming back from Europe where all the prices listed already include tax. I hate how here in Canada and the USA you don't know what you really have to pay until tax gets added on at the cash register. Boo.

I now have to go study for an exam that I have tomorrow, summer classes are a pain in the butt. I will close the post with a few pictures from my trip to Germany...
Have a great end of the work week, everyone!

@ Neuschwanstein castle

Marienplatz in München

... trying on dresses in various boutiques :)

@ the Swarovski museum in Austria

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Something droolworthy on a sunday evening. Yours truly from Stewart Weitzman. Image via Shopbop, of course. Shopbop seems to be the place for all things wonderful nowadays...

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