Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Go-To Palette

A few months ago I decided to purchase my first MAC quad and to fill it with the 4 pans of shadows that I always seemed to reach for in "must get out the door ASAP" situations. I love sleeping as much as I can, especially when I have to wake up at 6 or 7 for those pesky morning shifts, and anything I can do to buy me a little time getting ready in the morning, I love. If the timing restrictions are really bad, I just opt for a swipe of mascara and some brow gel.

Anyways, here is the go-to quad:

It consists of (from left to right):
  • All That Glitters, the beautiful universal lid colour
  • Blanc Type, my favourite brow highlight/blending out colour. Matte2 shadows are my favourite texture.
  • Charcoal Brown, the perfect match for my brows.
  • Soft Brown, the colour I reach for daily to blend out the crease.
What would you put in your very own "SOS" quad?


  1. What do you use for your crease? I am just getting into eyeshadow so I am very interested in how people apply them!!

    As for my own SOS quad - I am working on finding that out! I really like the one you have created though :)

  2. For me, my SOS quad would probably contain Brule, All That Glitters, Sable, and Satin Taupe. But right now my Chanel Mystic Eyes quad is my SOS quad. It has a pink, a plum, a silver, and a bronze. Its really shimmery and fun.

  3. @Sarah Thanks so much for reading!
    I use MAC's 224 brush to apply eyeshadow to my crease. Sometimes I use the 226 brush if I am using a darker colour (for more precise application) and then I blend it out with a lighter colour such as Brule or Blanc Type towards the brow bone with the 224.

  4. @Lauren I need to get Sable!! Next time I visit a MAC store it's certainly the next pan I order. Satin Taupe is amazing as well, and I also love Brule! There are so many good ones, I could make about 10 SOS quads! haha

  5. My SOS-Quad includes: Highlighter = FemmeFi, Eyelid = Honey Lust, Blending = Sable, Crease = Showstopper

  6. great choices and thanks for sharing! yet another sign that I need Sable in my life. also, honeylust is my best friend's favourite colour... i should look into that one as well :)

  7. My SOS:

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