Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hair History!

For the third and final post of tonight (insomnia is turning out to be quite productive now!) I figured I do a hair history post, since I think these are fun and I've made some, um, interesting choices in hair colour in my life:

Natural: a cool-toned dark brown! Here I am, young and innocent:

My first foray into hair colour was in grade 10, with an eggplant-like shade which can be seen (fading) in this photo:

After this I dyed my hair dark brown with red streaks through it, and sadly the only picture I have on this computer from that phase is this one, in which I'm apparently doing some sort of an "emo kid" impersonation:

Next up was the obligatory "terrible blonde highlights" phase, that I think everyone has been through at some point in their life. Mine was in grade 12, this is me at prom (with black hair and yellow highlights. Attractive.):

But oh wait, the straw yellow hair saga continues, when I dyed my hair dark brown and just left a couple of blonde streaks in the front. Here I am enjoying a (not so enjoyable) drink:

Did I learn my lesson from straw yellow hair? No, I did not. It got worse (and I got blue contacts):

Finally, having learnt my lesson, I dyed my hair almost black:

Then, after a few months, I met my wonderful hairstylist boyfriend. Some thinking and almost 5 hours of colour stripping later - soft brown hair with caramel highlights. I went from about a level 2 darkness up to a level 7 in one sitting (hair dresser talk).

At the end of summer we dyed it all an even toned brown:

Next up was one of my favourites (and I may go back to this in a few months), the "tone on tone". An alternating medley of browns in my hair, leaving a dark fringe and dark sections underneath the hair:

And finally last but not least, the move I made last month to be a redhead! I look like I'm Casper's cousin in this photo, but nonetheless, I love the hair colour!

I (well, by I, I mean my hairstylist) have since then added thin soft orange-red highlights at the top to brighten things up a bit. What will happen next? Nobody knows!!

I hope you enjoyed my travel through hair past, and let me know what exciting hair changes you've made in your life :)


  1. a nice trip down memory lane, maria!

  2. Looks gorgeous sweetie, I love the soft brown with caramel highlights but I LOVE your hair now, you literally glow (not like Casper!), lovely :) x x x

  3. I agree it is more like you are glowing in that last picture!!

    I really like the soft brown hair with caramel highlights :)

  4. @Laura @Sarah Thanks so much! I will certainly go back to the brown and highlights at some point because I loved that too!

  5. i love the last photo with red hair the best!

  6. Aww you're sooo pretty! Love the picture of you and the guy dancing! :)

  7. what a wonderful hair story!!! so glad ur blogging :) x

  8. You and your blog look fabulous.
    I am following you.
    Check my blog too :)

  9. I love ALL of your hair pics... even the prom one!

  10. Omg u look so different! Lol at the 'black hair yellow streaks" - I went through that phase when I was 16 and it completely ruined my hair :(
    I'm currently wearing a (way) oversized snuggly jumper with a cup of hot chocolate and reading your blog from the beginning because I clearly have nothing else to do in my life (well I should be doing a job application but Its one those days)
    Loving blogvember!! xoxo

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