Thursday, May 28, 2009

I went, I shopped, I conquered.

Good evening, Internet!
I've had a semi-adventurous two days of shopping in the states with a friend (yesterday) and my mom (today), and I'm here to rant and rave about what I saw.

We'll start with yesterday - I was mostly there to offer my "wisdom" to a friend in need. I walked out of it with a new perfume Valentino "V", which smells sweeter than the scents I usually go for, but it's discontinued and when I saw one last bottle on the shelf I had to have it for some reason. It layered on really nicely with my beloved Burberry "The Beat".

Next, I visited the MAC store (at my local mall we only have a counter, so I waited to go to the store so I can have more "back 2 mac" options) and I ended up exchanging my 6 empties for Baby Sparks dazzleglass.
Image courtesy of (via google images) because I'm too lazy to photograph my own.

I also bought Sketch eyeshadow (yes, I know, I've been missing out). I never bothered to get it earlier because I had a close dupe to it in my Clinique Rose Wine eyeshadow duo. But now that I've hit pan on that, I figured it was time to get the real deal. It's very nice, I wore it with Sable, Woodwinked and Brule last night and it looked really cool.

We then went to For Love 21, which is a sister store of Forever 21 but it only carries their accessories. I got a bracelet that looks a lot smaller in the picture than it actually is:

A big tacky faceted jeweled ring (I wanted something similar to the ring Blair Waldorf wore in the prom episode of Gossip Girl... big circular goldish/orange stone on a gold ring) and I found something pretty similar:

The Queen Bee inspiration (photo courtesy of

my oh so graceful hand...

That concludes day number one. Note that I still didn't buy bronzer, which I desperately need. Go figure.

Today, I painted my nails with some nail polishes that I have recently acquired:

Tickle My France-y and Mod About You

Mod About You is what I have on today. I love it! I am sure I will love the other one just as much, because the entire OPI France collection is right up my alley. "You Don't Know Jacques" from that collection is probably my favourite nail polish ever.

As for today's shopping, Nordstrom was the destination of choice. My mom and I scrambled through the store's offerings and after trying on 15 different things - *sob* I had to leave behind the ON SALE (because I'd never pay full price for a cotton Olsen twins tank top) Elizabeth & James tank top... the neck was so low, you could see my chest :\
I also tried on a gorgeous kelly green Theory shift dress but it was too expensive ($200) for just a linen summer dress. It was beautiful, but mind you, I'm a student and working part time, so the funds aren't bottomless.

These are the 3 "chosen ones":

Pink Blouse - Nanette Lepore
Black Dress - Taylor?? brand I've never heard of
Shiny Leggings - Juicy Couture

I took a close-up of the blouse because the silk was really reflective in the other photo. It's so pretty and... fluttery (for a lack of better terms). My wardrobe mostly consists of black, white and grey, so this was a much needed addition of girly colour.

The shift dress was a great find! It was $60, and it is similar to this Alice & Olivia dress that I was drooling over on e-Bay but the size available was too large and expensive for me:

The leggings were also needed, since the pair I bought from American Apparel last year was starting to lose shine at the ankles and knees. These seem to be well-made and they are also not as skin-tight as my other pair, so they look more like pants.
Aaaaand I still didn't buy a new bronzer. Hopefully tomorrow will be my lucky day.

It's time for me to now stop blabbering. I think I have filled your ears and eyes with enough words for the day. Hope you all have a wonderful friday and weekend!


  1. Wow! I love the pink top! Gorgeous. It will probably really suit your skintone as well. We don't have Nordstrom in Scotland but I've heard alot about it. I will have to make another trip over and see what all the fuss is about!

  2. I love the dress! And it´s black. My favorite dress color. I think I have 20 little black dresses. Nice Haul!

  3. Great buys - I love all of it, especially the dress!!

    I loved the OPI France collection the minute I saw it. I finally managed to get You Don't Know Jacques! recently and I just adore it <3

  4. Mod About You looks like a gorgeous colour! :)

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