Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mix Master Sandra: Lip and Cheek combination du jour!

Since I love mixing things oh so much, I decided to try out a new blush combination yesterday. In the left corner we have MAC's beauty powder blush in Fun and Games (courtesy of the Hello Kitty collection - and I don't like the packaging too much, but the texture and glow that this product gives is wonderful).
In the right corner we have L'Oreal True Match blush in Tender Rose - on which I've recently hit pan. It is a beautiful smooth rose colour. I believe these blushes won some type of InStyle cosmetics award last year for being the best drugstore blush or something like that. NARS, of course, won the best high end blush category, but that's a whole other blog post!

Mixed together they give a beautiful effect on my skin tone, a bit deeper than NARS Deep Throat, but a similar type of colour result. The texture and warmth of the beauty powder blush gave the L'Oreal blush a much-needed "colour kick" for a nice summer evening!

Here are the other things I wore:

Face: MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC35, Clarins Copper Sun bronzer
Eyes: Urban Decay's Sin and Smog eyeshadows, L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black
Lips: GOSH velvet touch lipliner in Nougat Crisp, MAC Blankety Lipstick, MAC Goldensoft Lipgelee (or however you call them)

A couple of spritzes of D&G Light Blue and Burberry The Beat perfumes, and out the door I went!

Hope everyone is having a great week. I plan on doing a post on facial cleansers in the near future, but I want to try out Cetaphil too before I post. I also ordered MAC wipes because I'm not crazy about any of the drugstore wipes I have tried so far, and with the inflated prices here right now, it's actually cheaper to buy the 100 pack of wipes from MAC for $30 than 25 Garnier wipes at the drugstore for $13.99!

Take care everyone, and I hope all the lovely ladies from England have a great time at the Barry M event they're attending today. I'm super jealous :)


  1. It really does look lovely on you! It's amazing what colors you can create with mixing ^^.

  2. You look absolutely stunning, great combination of blush and it makes you look so glowy!

  3. Cool! The colours are so natural. It's really nice.

  4. This FOTD is gorgeous! & You're a very pretty girl :) x

  5. thats a gorgeous duo on your cheeks!

    Sorry I'm new to your blog and am just going through your posts


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