Monday, May 4, 2009

The Skinny on... my next pair of skinny jeans?

If there ever was such a thing as a "holy grail" of jean fit - the skinny jean would be mine. Even before they were the "it" thing, I was always on the hunt for a pair of jeans that fit my legs like a glove (or... sock in this case??? Am I making any sense?)
The skinny jean is perfect for my body type! Now with a new season looming, I am yearning for my next pair... I have currently set my sights on one (or two) of the following:

A crisp white pair, whether it be J Brand 12" pencil jeans (I live in the dark blue ones I bought last summer), or perhaps venture into a new brand - Adriano Goldschmied, pictured below:

The AG store always looks great, I was tempted a couple of times. Everything by the brand seems to be of great quality.

Now on to contender #2, the opposite of a white skinny jean - a bright skinny jean! This red hot pair is by Rich & Skinny (another brand I've been wanting to try):

The third pair is drool-worthy, and expensive :(
A fantastic metallic pair with zippers at the bottom... I most likely will not be getting these, unless maybe I ask for them for my birthday or something, haha I'll keep that in mind.

Seriously, how COOL are these? Too cool!

And last but not least - the destroyed splattered pair - by Chip & Pepper:

Or destroyed & splattered: the gentler version (by J-Brand):

I've been yearning for a crazy messed up pair like these ever since I saw the Balmain SS09 collection. I even contemplated making my own similar pair by bleaching a pair of jeans. However, I think I should maybe leave the bleaching and destroying to the professionals, and start DIY projects one step at a time - meaning I should start by trying to bleach an old T-shirt before moving on to a larger project.

So these were the things that have me yearning for a shopping trip at the moment. Which jeans make you swoon? Feel free to let me know!

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  1. Absolutely loving white denim skinnies now. I think they should be a staple item in everyone's closet. And those metallic ones are FIERCE, but I could never pull them off. I think the ones i'm absolutely in love w/ are the destructed ones. I have 2 pairs of black skinnies and have actually thought of destroying them myself, but I know that would probably end up very badly :)

  2. Omg...those metallics...How perfect are they, huh? I know what you mean about the rage for distressed ones, you have excellent examples there, hope you get your hands on either of these babies..I got a couple of distressed pairs myself lately, one is skinny, one baggy, just to mix it up a bit...Waiting for the camera to arrive and then maybe some FOTD...;)

  3. @Bonnie I know! I keep looking at an old pair of black skinny jeans, thinking of destroying them... but I just KNOW that i'll somehow mess them up. I'm too attached to my clothes to mess them up sometimes... haha

  4. @Tina You and I are fashion taste twins! I can't wait for your camera to arrive and we can inspire each other with outfits every day :)

  5. i ADORE the white skinnies, i need to pick up a pair too & the silver ones are so hot with the zippers! however a good pair of destroyed skinnies are perfect for summer!

  6. Madewell makes my favorite skinny jeans., I think they most likely ship to Canada, they are owned by J-Crew but much trendier. I also love their rail straight jeans. They have so many fun washes!

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