Thursday, May 7, 2009

T-Pain fell in love with a stripper, I fell in love with a shirt...

Don't mind the stupid joke that I'm attempting to make in the title of today's blog post.
If you are familiar with the terrible rapper/"singer"/whatever T-Pain, you will know the song I am talking about.
For those of you who don't know, T-Pain is that annoying guy that's in almost every song on the radio right now here in North America. He computerizes his voice to make it seem like he's singing, thus adding "flair" to rap songs...
Long story short, he has a song called "fell in love with a stripper" (should tell you in a nutshell what kind of musician he is ;) and for reasons unknown, that song is stuck in my head today.
I warned you in my first couple of posts that I always have music playing in my head... and sometimes it's not good music, haha.

Anyway, so here's this shirt that I'm drooling over, it is so "me", I can't stand it. It is by Pencey, a brand that I've been admiring form afar for quite a while now (since the prices are pretty steep):
Photo via
The hand in the ripped pocket is making me laugh.

It has all the elements I incorporate in the things I choose for my wardrobe... rolled into one beautiful piece:
Versatile "can go with a lot of stuff" colour - check!
Ruffles - check!
Asymmetric/cool silhouette - check!
Not skanky - check!
Rock and roll element - check! I love the little studded strap at the side.

The only thing that makes me frown is the price. At around $250 this isn't exactly a steal. Why do I always like things that make my wallet uncomfortable? *smacks self*


  1. It is funny that you should mention Pencey! It was featured in a recent email from shopbop and while I usually quickly browse the emails before I delete them I sat admiring the stuff from Pencey for awhile, haha.

    That top is gorgeous!! I love the peach colour you can also get it in!

  2. I hate shopbop's e-mails. they make me want to go in debt. haha

  3. Haha.. yeah their emails are best avoided but sometimes I cannot help myself!!

  4. Love, love, love this top! It's gorgeous! Would look amazing with a nice pair of indigo skinny jeans and sky high platforms...I want!

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