Thursday, June 25, 2009

The 20 Questions Tag!

What a fun thing to do before bed :)
This tag has been floating around for a while and I see everyone doing it, so I decided to chime in... here goes:

1. Things you cannot leave the house without:
It's probably a really non-girly thing to say, but I'm not a purse person, so I don't have the one purse I always carry around, ready for me to grab. Most of the time the bare essentials I take with me are keys, phone, slim envelope wallet and a lip gloss jammed in to one of the coin compartments. I like to travel light :)

2. Favourite brand of Make Up:
It's too hard to choose just one! MAC wins by volume since most of the things I own are by them, but YSL and Dior are creeping up into my drawers more and more and I am very impressed and happy with what I have so far.

3. Favourite flower:
It's a tie between Calla Lillies and Bird Of Paradise... I seem to like strange flower shapes...

4. Favourite clothing store:
My favourite kind of store is the boutique with tons of different brands... I like online shopping a lot for inspiration. As for "real life" stores - Anthropologie is really nice for unique tops and very feminine ensembles. If I had to choose one brand's store specifically, it would be BCBG. Their runway dresses and Max Azria blazers are fantastic.

5. Favourite perfume:
I go through phases. I don't think I could live without Armani Code though...

6. Heels or Flats:
I like both! I always opt for heels when going out though.

7. Do you make good grades:
Yes, especially in the classes I enjoy! I have always been into science, and I study biochemistry in school. I hate physics with a passion, though, and have always been terrible at it.

8. Favourite colours:
Just give me black, white, grey and beige, and I'll be content. I'm not too picky with colours, I like them all!

9. Do you drink energy drinks:
No, I don't like them by themselves. Vodka Redbull is bearable on occasion.

10. Do you drink juice:
Yes! I love juice. Pineapple juice, apple juice, orange juice, pear nectar, peach nectar... yum! I own a juice maker and my favourite home made combination is probably apple & carrot. Sounds crazy, but it's amazing.

11. Do you like swimming:
No. I know how to swim, but not properly. I end up looking like a dog when I try to swim, arms flailing everywhere, paddling with my hands...

12. Do you eat fries with a fork:
When I'm just eating fries, I eat them with my hands. When fries are a side dish and they are accompanied by a steak or something like that, I eat them with a fork. Weird.

13. Favourite moisturiser:
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel!

14. Do you want to get married later on in life:
Yes, I do! I want a career first though. I don't want to get into marriage with school debts or anything like that.

15. Do you get mad easily:
Not really, I'm a pretty relaxed person. I get annoyed easily but that usually lasts about 5 minutes until I get it out of my system via a smartass comment, then I'm back to normal. I've never been mean or bitchy to someone. Except maybe to my boyfriend, but hey, I think we've all done that at some point :P

16. Are you into ghost hunting:
What a random question! No, I'm not. Hahaha, imagine I said YES! "Ghost hunting has been in the family for years, I have 5 ghost friends..." etc., etc... OK I am rambling, it's a good thing this quiz is ending soon.

17. Any phobias -
I'm afraid of dark forests. I think a lot of people are. Even driving by a dark forest freaks me out. Good things can never come out of walking through a dark forest.

18. Do you bite your nails:
No I don't, I have a far worse habit - I chip my own nailpolish off and I don't stop until the whole nail is cleanly chipped off. Once one starts, it doesn't end!

19. Have you ever had a near death experience:
Apparently when I was brought back from the hospital as a newborn baby, my dad left me on the couch and then forgot about me, and put a giant pile of pillows and bed sheets on top of the couch where I was laying. I was under there for about 30 minutes before anyone realized. I was OK, I must have had some gap for air to come through...

20. Do you drink coffee -
No. I like coffee-derived things such as Espresso or Cappuccinos, but not plain coffee.

That was fun! I hope you enjoyed reading these random facts, and I'd love to see you all fill these out. It's a good set of random questions.


  1. Wow, the dark forest thing seems really scary. Nothing good can come out of it, very true; but just never thought of it. lol

  2. Birds of Paradise flowers are so cool! I love them too!

    Great survey :)

  3. I do the nail polish chipping thing...if I can't get to nail varnish remover, and I see a tiny chip, that's all has to come off! Madness! xxx

  4. Lol great answers u made me laugh most of the time love it

  5. i truly just realized that we are quite alike!! i enjoyed this

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