Thursday, June 4, 2009

In & Out: II

Can you tell that I've had the day off work? This is my second post of the day, and I am excited about it!


- glycolic acid peels. After about a two month break, I decided to start another regimen of these to get rid of the crappy skin that's been developing in the time I've slacked off. After only one peel, my breakouts have reduced dramatically and my skin is on the right path once again.

- I think I found the purse I want to dedicate my summer savings to. I think. It comes out in July, I will post details about it later, once I decide for sure :)

- a good family friend from Germany is coming over to visit in a couple of weeks, and she's staying for a month! I love her, and I am so excited.

- going to Toronto for a fun-filled trip with my boyfriend and about 10 of our friends.

- Dior Nude mixed with Chanel Pro Lumiere. They're meant to be on my face!

- MAC Mercenary nailpolish. It's hot.


- a really boring assignment on environmental geology that I have to finish this week

- going to a wedding on saturday and I am on the fence about what to wear

- it's June and I still have to wear cardigans and jackets. Get hot, already! This year has been full of wacky weather.

- time going by really fast


  1. I love reading these!

    I am also a fan of mixing foundations. I feel like a chemist when I am mixing these concoctions on my hand.

    Also, I agree that it needs to warm up. I want to go to the beach!

  2. I hate how cold it is over here too. I should be wearing tank tops and shorts! And Mercenary really is beautiful.

  3. Can't wait to hear about the bag! :)
    Good luck with the assignment!
    P.S.: Cute template ;))) xxx

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