Thursday, June 4, 2009

*sigh* Alexander Wang...

Mr A. Wang has been the designer that's been stealing the scene over the past couple of seasons, and I have to admit, I venture online and stare hopelessly at his collection more than I should.
I'm not crazy about everything, since there have been some things in there that make me cringe for example the terrible bubble hem (*shudder*) silk skirt below, followed by an ugly sweatshirt dress that costs around $200 (and that's the sale price)...

??????????????? :( :( :( :( :(

So as you can see, sometimes when he hits, he misses. But other times, it's absolutely wonderful and expensive, sadly. Behold this amazing dress he released recently, I saw it on last night but I guess it's sold out because it's not on there anymore, so I'll have to resort to paparazzi pictures of celebrities I don't like:

I LOVE this dress! I apologize for the ridiculous Paris Hilton photo, though (*shudders*).

I'm also a fan of the Alexander Wang Brenda bag, which I thought looked weird before, but now it's grown on me quite a lot. The chain strap is so cool - and here is a great blogger, Vanessa (The Haute Pursuit) sporting this interesting rock & roll bag:

This concludes today's blog post. I hope everyone's having a great week!


  1. Wow, that dress is amazing, so chic!A pity about the celebs wearing yeah, especially Paris!Good choice though, we all need items to daydream about at work!ha ha

  2. i love that dress i remember seeing it online a while ago! i do think it looks great on both of them (if rihanna nixed the bag)! Paris' shoe are wonderful, do I see ysl lol! sometimes i wish i was a celebrity so i could buy these things!

  3. I don't like the dress D: but I do like the sweatshirt dress... for bed lol


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