Wednesday, June 17, 2009

to Coco or not to Coco, that is the question...

Remember a few posts back I kept meddling with the idea of getting an awesome new purse?
It's by Alexander Wang and it's part of his new fall 2009 collection. The bag is not out yet, should come out at the end of summer, but I suppose I should plan ahead on getting it so I can start saving (if I'm even lucky enough to snatch a piece, it used to be available for pre-order on a couple of sites and already sold out).
I've never splurged on a purse before since I'm more of a shoe person. I have a couple of Michael Kors and Coach clutches (all plain leather - I don't like signature logo bags at all), but other than that I really never cared to blow all my money on things like the Louis Vuitton speedy or a canvas Gucci bag. Everyone has those. The designer purses I usually like are usually way beyond my reach (*cough* YSL Muse *cough* Chanel Medallion tote *cough*). Now, finally a "reasonable" (and by reasonable I mean under $1000) option came to my attention, the Alexander Wang Coco:

Now, Mary Kate may look like a homeless man in that picture, but just look at how awesome the purse is. Studs and back leather = anything I could ever ask for in a bag.
Is it dumb of me to lust over this purse that may be completely irrelevant in a couple of years? Or does it have the potential to pass the test of time?
It will retail for about $890. Should I or shouldn't I? I need some advice from the lovely ladies out there. I know that purses are a matter of personal taste - but let me assure you - this is totally my style and a half. I'm a black & white, skinny jeans, blazer and asymmetrical loose top kind of girl.

Buying this would obviously hinder me from saving for a "premier" designer bag. Should I give in and get this? Or I shut up and save for something like a Balenciaga Work?
Help me out, everyone :)


  1. I think I would save for some Balenciaga, but that's just me... ;) Good luck deciding!

  2. Save for the Balenciaga!! You will have it for life.

    I would rather have one bag that I never want to leave the house without than a lot that I am over after a few months.

    That is just how I feel of late after buying many bags just to have them really.. to think of all the money spent when I could/should have just saved for one designer bag :(

  3. thanks for your input! i'm going to have to check this bag out in person, i think. just to see how crazy it really is. if it's sold out before i can touch one, then i guess it wasn't meant to be :)

    i just hate how balenciaga reminds me of those disney girls (vanessa hudgens/ashley tisdale) they always carry them. i don't want to be like them! haha

  4. I love this bag! It's a great pick. I tend to stay away from buying 'of the moment bags' and instead save up for 1 key bag a year (usually Chanel). It's worth the wait if you're able to save up but I also think you have to go with what you love.

  5. I never thought you meant THIS bag...
    I don't think it's gonna look outdated anytime soon... ;)
    The only problem is that it's probably gonna be sold out fast...
    I say go for it!!!

  6. I really do adore this bag..and studded accessories are really, really on trend :)

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