Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Coco Effect

That didn't take long...
Here is a new black studded leather satchel by Tory Burch that reminded me of the Alexander Wang Coco duffel - you know, the one that came and went like the summer wind, since it's sold out everywhere I've checked haha. I like this Tory Burch bag much better than the others I've seen by her. No giant weird T logo all over the place. Pretty cool.

Now, I know that even the Alexander Wang Coco is apparently very similar to a particular Be&D bag from a few years back, but I don't remember the name of it. Just wanted to share my first spotting of what I call "The Coco Effect" which I'm expecting to show up in a lot more bags this upcoming fall season.

Ok. End of randomness!


  1. omg i love this bag!!! i must have it!! lol

  2. I have a purse similar to that. It's from Bakers but that Tory Burch is lovely!

  3. Nice to see that Tory Burch did sth without the huge badge thingy!!!

    Would love to see the coco effect this fall too! ;)


  4. that bag is gorgoeous, note to self, check out bdg for the cheaper alternative LOL

  5. i need this bag in my life lol


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