Monday, August 31, 2009

Sold Out! But of course...

This tank top is gorgeous, and I'm bummed that it's no longer available... It's got everything I adore in a top, the fit, the femininity, colour (or lack thereof... haha)
I can see myself wearing this with a tight black or red pencil skirt, or rock it up with a leather belt and some faded jeans.
If anyone finds something similar around the world wide web, let me know :)

Good evening!

Birthday FOTD and half OOTD...

Bonjour! So today I turn 22, and what better way to spend the day relaxing by my lonesome than by putting some make-up on and some comfortable clothes...

I usually use a mixture of foundation on my face, depending on its state. Today it was a bit dry, so I used Chanel Pro Lumiere by itself. The coverage is great but I cannot use it alone when I have oily skin because I tend to look like a reflective freak haha... but today it worked! Here are the rest of the products I used:

Face: Chanel Pro Lumiere #40, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Natural, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark, Benefit Hoola bronzer, MAC Dollymix blush

Eyes: NARS Mykonos cream eyeshadow all over the lid, MAC Naked Lunch in inner corner, Sable in the crease, Twinks on the outer corner, Blanc Type as eyebrow highlight, Blacktrack fluidline on upper lid, GOSH Bananas liner on waterline, YSL Faux Cils mascara

Lips: YSL Rouge Volupte #7 mixed with a little GOSH Darling and MAC Baby Sparks dazzleglass.

And now a bad resolution webcam picture to capture 70% of my outfit... I opted for a loose gray button-up shirt from Zara, and dark gray leggings from a Canadian store called "Urban Behaviour", which is similar to Forever 21 and H&M when it comes to quality and pricing.
I really love my new dark hair! It's been a long time since it's been this dark, and I really missed having the shine. With lighter hair it's hard to keep it shiny, I don't know how Lauren Conrad does it, she's the only blonde with shiny hair I've ever seen!

I hope you all have a great week :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Products I'm using right now!

This seemed like a great tag to do, so here I go - but first, a random picture from yesterday:

Me @ my birthday outing, I like how the two strangers in the background seem to be posing as well haha - and my hair is dark brown again! Yay.

Shampoo: Aveda Colour Conserve. I love it! Smells nice and makes my hair super soft and shiny. Batiste also deserves an honourable mention because when there is no time, dry shampoo is the best.

Conditioner: Either Aveda Colour Conserve or American Cream by Lush.

Treatment: L'oreal Professional hair mask for damage repair about once a week. Smells amazing!

Styling products: I swear by Aveda Volume Tonic, CHI Silk Infusion and Fekkai Glossing Cream. I use these three every time I wash my hair. I don't use hairspray.

Styling tools: I usually let my hair air dry 80% - 90%, then I blow dry with my cheap hairdryer that always does the trick.

Shower Gel: No idea! I think it's Softsoap something.

Body moisturizer: don't use one.

Deodorant: Dove, the cucumber scented one... cucumber and lemongrass, I think!

Fake Tan: none

Cleanser: MAC Cleanse-off makeup oil (LOVE!) and Cetaphil sensitive skin cleanser (LOVE LOVE!)

Toner: don't use one

Facial moisturizer: haven't been using any, just Chantecaille Vital Essence serum at night before I go to bed.

Exfoliator: none at the moment since it's not good to scrub on broken out skin.

Primer: I don't use one

Foundation: one pump Chanel Pro Lumiere #40, one pump Dior Nude #22

Foundation brush: I don't use one. Fingers!

Concealer: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Natural. It's the best I've tried.

Powder: MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in Medium Dark.

Blusher: I've been using Peachykeen by MAC a lot lately.

Bronzer: switching it up between NARS Laguna and Hoola by Benefit

Highlighter: I don't use one. My natural oils are reflective enough, thank you very much. haha

Eyeshadow base: I've been lazy lately and just using "Mykonos" cream shadow by NARS all over the lid alone, or putting eyeshadow on top of it and using it as a base.

Mykonos by NARS, Style Snob by MAC, Blonde's Gold Pigment by MAC

Eyeliner: Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof (black) or Stila convertible colour in Teak

Curler: Shu Uemura FTW

Mascara: Diorshow waterproof

Lipstick: YSL Rouge Pure Shine in #26. This is perfection.

Lipgloss: none recently... at work I dab on Boy Bait Cremesheen gloss by MAC because I want to finish it up.

Nail Colour: none on my hands, giving my nails a little break. MAC Mercenary is on my toes :)

In & Out: VI

It's sunday and I'm getting ready to spend it by chopping grilled eggplants (don't ask), but before that, let's see what's in and what's out for the time being :)


- True Blood!! I know I am late on the bandwagon but I didn't rush to watch this show because I am not really into the whole vampire obsession going on right now in pop culture. I thought Twilight the movie was terrible and the books were mediocre (sorry!) but True Blood is great. A bit gory and graphic at times but it really knows how to suck viewers in :)

- my friends! I had a small group of close friends over before we all went out for my early birthday and it was a great time. I love it when we all get together.

- the hunt for fall clothes

- Chantecaille's Vital Essence and my new skin routine! Blog post to follow.

- short nails. I really can't picture myself with anything else haha

- I would say fall weather for the last one, but since summer this year was non-existent, I am not too fond of fall weather coming so soon!


- so sleepy

- fidgety wireless internet

- chopping eggplants

Happy sunday, everyone :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Night Drool-worthiness

I went to the bookstore today in search for a new book and on my way to the cash register, I got distracted by the magazine section.
Ah, september, the magical month for fashion magazines - the fall fashion issues! I walked out happy with about 3 different magazines and my book (Love In The Time Of Cholera).

Ok, enough boring introductory blabber - I flipped through Elle, saw a Hugo Boss ad and fell in LOVE!

In the ad it was black, but this was the best picture I could find on the Hugo Boss site.
I didn't even know Hugo Boss made purses!
Whenever I usually think of Boss, I think of my boyfriend's suits. This is beautiful! It's called the Fabala (certainly puts the FAB in fabulous, doesn't it?) and it's part of the new fall collection. 100% Lambskin and suede, available in 3 colours (brown and black also, aside from the one pictured above).
I think it's gorgeous, intricate and edgy.
The price is a cool 850 Euro which, according to my currency calculator, is way beyond my student budget... but hey, a girl can admire, right? :)

And with that, I bid you all good night.

Friday, August 21, 2009

In & Out: V

- Chloe perfume. Flowery goodness.
- black clothes. Really, I can't get enough. I'm boring.
- finishing the exam for my summer online class today. Now I get two whole weeks of freedom until the fall semester begins.
- Chanel's "Vendetta" nailpolish. Opaque in one coat and no chipping! What?! Not to mention the colour is divine, a deep near-black purple shade.
- Cashmere sweaters from J Crew. They melt in my hand, but the prices melt my eyes. Nonetheless, I'm waiting for a (you guessed it) black one to impress me and hopefully it will be mine...
- having a clean room... I went on a dusting/vacuuming rampage today

- breakouts. You know how some of you lovely ladies know exactly what breaks you out and know that the discontinued use of the product will get your skin clear? Well, no matter what I do, what I keep using, I still break out. I suppose it's hormonal because I always get it the week before *womanly issues* arrive. Not even birth control is doing anything to help that. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Sigh...
- OILY SKIN! Holy crap, it's like it tripled in oiliness since I've gotten back from my trip. Pro Lumiere is officially disqualified, my skin is a reflective surface when I use that now haha. Needless to say, it's bad times in skin land right now.

... That's about it. My bad skin woes outweigh all others for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In a bit of a rut...

I haven't been in much of a cosmetics-experimenting phase recently. I haven't purchased anything from MAC since Colour Crafted (I only liked the lipstick, I regret buying Natural Flare eyeshadow, it's too shimmery and chunky), I wanted Smoke & Diamonds from the Love that Look collection, but after swatching I realized that it looks exactly like my Estee Lauder Silver Leaf cream eyeshadow. So I skipped. I may go get Style Snob and Strike A Pose... but we'll see.

I'm really on the mission to sort out my skin problems. Having skin similar to Lorraine (TheCurrentCustom), I had been using Mario Badescu skincare for a while (Drying Cream, Drying Mask and Buffering Lotion). I am now out of the Drying Cream, but I felt like it lost its potency as I was closer and closer to finishing it, so I'm taking a break from it and just using the Mask 3 times a week, along with Buffering Lotion before and after. I'm using Cetaphil cleanser for my face and it's been very very helpful.

I also purchased a topical scar cream since I have mild acne scarring on my cheeks (also an idea from the lovely Lorraine) and I am happy to say that I am receiving positive results so far. She uses cream by a brand called "Mederma". I was unable to find that, but I found something in very similar packaging called "Scar Zone". Ingredient-wise they are the same, only Scar Zone has a lower SPF (15 as opposed to Mederma's 30). Nonetheless, I am happy so far.

Since my skin feels rather dried out at night after my routine, I splurged on a product that I've been reading about (and that also was talked about in the skincare video posted by the ladies at Pixiwoo). That product is Chantecaille's Vital Essence.

"...a revolutionary anti-aging, super-moisturizing face and eye serum. Helps prevent allergy and inflammation. Protects and rebalances the complexion with antioxidants such as grape seed oil. Helps replace estrogen with Chinese flowers, helps cure acne by acting on the sebaceous glands with soybean extract. Regulates sebum with seaweed."

Well, that sounds great. Also, the packaging is simple and beautiful, which is a plus. I hope it works! I plan on using it at night, although it can be used in the day as well. It was $85 (US), not including tax. It's a bit of a pain coming back from Europe where all the prices listed already include tax. I hate how here in Canada and the USA you don't know what you really have to pay until tax gets added on at the cash register. Boo.

I now have to go study for an exam that I have tomorrow, summer classes are a pain in the butt. I will close the post with a few pictures from my trip to Germany...
Have a great end of the work week, everyone!

@ Neuschwanstein castle

Marienplatz in München

... trying on dresses in various boutiques :)

@ the Swarovski museum in Austria

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Something droolworthy on a sunday evening. Yours truly from Stewart Weitzman. Image via Shopbop, of course. Shopbop seems to be the place for all things wonderful nowadays...

A [bad quality] FOTD...

My camera is out of commission for the time being (meaning my boyfriend took it since it's actually his haha). I guess I should just get my own since the family digital camera is a big brick and a pain to operate most of the time. Thus these were taken on my Macbook's camera.

All blabber aside, here is a quick "face" that I did before heading out the door last night. I was inspired by the dramatic blues & bronze smoky eyes look in the Versace smokey eye tutorial by Pixiwoo (two of my favourite youtubers). My take was toned town, obviously, and instead of bronzes I opted for plum & taupe. Here is what came out of it:

I started off with Urban Decay Primer potion, then Constructivist paint pot smudged in close to the lashline. I followed with Lancome "Mannequin" eyeshadow (a darker version of Sable by MAC, I'd say). Then came Sketch by MAC in the crease and I blended and blended and blended some more. I added Satin Taupe (also by MAC) just in the center of the lid for reflective purposes. Now here come the blues:
I busted out my rarely-used Fafi #2 eyes quad by MAC and used the dark blue matte colour at the bottom. I think it's called Prankster. I blended that in the outer crease with the handy dandy 266 brush. Then I used a gorgeous satin finish deep royal blue eyeshadow by Helena Rubinstein (my friend gave this to me in Germany, I hadn't seen this brand before). The colour comes from the eyeshadow duo #3, called "Night Flicker". I used that blue to line my upper and lower lashlines with the 219 brush, and blended it in with Prankster as well.
The end!

Waterline was lined with Lancome Le Stylo waterproof, mascara of choice was Diorshow waterproof.

Sorry again for the lame quality of the pictures. I will definitely re-create this soon because I loved it so much. I rarely venture into the world of blue eyeshadow, but this combination gave me high hopes :)

Foundation: Chanel Pro Lumiere mixed with Diorskin Nude
Powders: Studio Fix powder, MSF Natural Medium Dark
Cheeks: MAC Peachykeen blush, Hoola bronzer by Benefit
Lips: YSL Rouge Volupte #7, Dior Lip Maximizer gloss (love!)

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm home at last!

Me in Sibiu, my hometown in Romania

Hello my lovely readers, my apologies for the lack of updates. I have just returned from my 3 week trip to Europe! My, what a whirlwind has it been. I spent 2 weeks in Romania, mostly in my hometown, where I stayed with my grandparents and visited a ton of family and old friends. Afterwards I went to Munich, Germany for a week to visit another friend.
Hectic and tiring, but I love Europe and would go back to visit any day. It was great to see old friends & family in Romania, and to see the very clean cars and roads of the germans haha, there's a law in Germany that says you can't have rust on your car. I think it's a great law. Also, it was great not seeing Dodge Caravan vans everywhere. Cars in Europe are just so much cuter than here. I want a VW Polo now.

Anyways, personal blabber aside, I just wanted to say hello and that I am back and will be posting ferociously when I get any ideas :)
I made a few purchases while away, make-up wise I stocked up on some lip products, finally YSL Rouge Volupte #7 is in my possession, as well as their Rouge Pure Shine in #26. I also got another Dior lipgloss, #137 Trenchcoat Beige, and their Lip Maximizer gloss which I LOVE and it looks fabulous with anything. Also, my first Chanel nailpolish in the colour "Vendetta". I haven't used it yet, so expect a future post on that...

Clothes-wise, I frequented several Zaras, there seemed to be a Zara at every corner in Munich haha... their fall 2009 collection looked remarkable in pictures and in the display, I was mesmerized by this dress:
Hello Balmain ripoff, but I tried it on nonetheless, and was really disappointed. It felt sooo cheap, and the material some type of polyester, I'm sure, because it started to wrinkle after about 5 minutes of being in the dress. Also, the shoulder pads felt flimsy and unsecured. For 70 Euro (about $120), it just wasn't worth it for me, so I passed. They also had these cute furry vests that also ranged between 70-80 Euro, but I ultimately ended up passing on that too. I only ended up with a t-shirt and a blouse from there, which I am sure you will see in future outfit of the day posts :)

Next stop was Miss Sixty, which never disappoints. Cool jeans and shoes were purchased. I also found a great new designer (Romanian) and a gorgeous dress that I got from her store in Munich, I will post more on that at a later date as well.

This update is all over the place! I'm just glad to be back home, comfortable in my big bed. I hope you all have a great remainder of the week!
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