Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm home at last!

Me in Sibiu, my hometown in Romania

Hello my lovely readers, my apologies for the lack of updates. I have just returned from my 3 week trip to Europe! My, what a whirlwind has it been. I spent 2 weeks in Romania, mostly in my hometown, where I stayed with my grandparents and visited a ton of family and old friends. Afterwards I went to Munich, Germany for a week to visit another friend.
Hectic and tiring, but I love Europe and would go back to visit any day. It was great to see old friends & family in Romania, and to see the very clean cars and roads of the germans haha, there's a law in Germany that says you can't have rust on your car. I think it's a great law. Also, it was great not seeing Dodge Caravan vans everywhere. Cars in Europe are just so much cuter than here. I want a VW Polo now.

Anyways, personal blabber aside, I just wanted to say hello and that I am back and will be posting ferociously when I get any ideas :)
I made a few purchases while away, make-up wise I stocked up on some lip products, finally YSL Rouge Volupte #7 is in my possession, as well as their Rouge Pure Shine in #26. I also got another Dior lipgloss, #137 Trenchcoat Beige, and their Lip Maximizer gloss which I LOVE and it looks fabulous with anything. Also, my first Chanel nailpolish in the colour "Vendetta". I haven't used it yet, so expect a future post on that...

Clothes-wise, I frequented several Zaras, there seemed to be a Zara at every corner in Munich haha... their fall 2009 collection looked remarkable in pictures and in the display, I was mesmerized by this dress:
Hello Balmain ripoff, but I tried it on nonetheless, and was really disappointed. It felt sooo cheap, and the material some type of polyester, I'm sure, because it started to wrinkle after about 5 minutes of being in the dress. Also, the shoulder pads felt flimsy and unsecured. For 70 Euro (about $120), it just wasn't worth it for me, so I passed. They also had these cute furry vests that also ranged between 70-80 Euro, but I ultimately ended up passing on that too. I only ended up with a t-shirt and a blouse from there, which I am sure you will see in future outfit of the day posts :)

Next stop was Miss Sixty, which never disappoints. Cool jeans and shoes were purchased. I also found a great new designer (Romanian) and a gorgeous dress that I got from her store in Munich, I will post more on that at a later date as well.

This update is all over the place! I'm just glad to be back home, comfortable in my big bed. I hope you all have a great remainder of the week!


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful trip and i can't wait to see your new clothes!

  2. Zara is also popular here in the Philippines. nice post ;)

  3. Welcome back!!! Sounds like a fun trip for you. Oh I love Miss Sixty!! Can't wait to see your haul post or FOTD/OOTD.

  4. sounds like you had a great time over here in europe. I didn't know that we have a law here in germany that says that we are not allowed to have rust on our cars (?). anyway, I'd rather drive a grand cherokee than the ford focus I own *lol*

  5. Yayy! welcome back :) great photo!

  6. Your picture from your home town is lovely, love the old Europe too, and all the countries are so diferent, would love go to Romania :)

  7. Great photos!

    Check out my beauty blog where I do reviews on great products!

    I'm new to all of this so I appreciate any feedback/suggestions!


  8. Hi there! I just discovered your blog, and I'm hooked! I am also from Romania, currently living in Ireland, so respect... if only for the fact that you mention Romania everytime you get the chance...SWEET! Glad I found your wonderful blog!


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