Thursday, August 20, 2009

In a bit of a rut...

I haven't been in much of a cosmetics-experimenting phase recently. I haven't purchased anything from MAC since Colour Crafted (I only liked the lipstick, I regret buying Natural Flare eyeshadow, it's too shimmery and chunky), I wanted Smoke & Diamonds from the Love that Look collection, but after swatching I realized that it looks exactly like my Estee Lauder Silver Leaf cream eyeshadow. So I skipped. I may go get Style Snob and Strike A Pose... but we'll see.

I'm really on the mission to sort out my skin problems. Having skin similar to Lorraine (TheCurrentCustom), I had been using Mario Badescu skincare for a while (Drying Cream, Drying Mask and Buffering Lotion). I am now out of the Drying Cream, but I felt like it lost its potency as I was closer and closer to finishing it, so I'm taking a break from it and just using the Mask 3 times a week, along with Buffering Lotion before and after. I'm using Cetaphil cleanser for my face and it's been very very helpful.

I also purchased a topical scar cream since I have mild acne scarring on my cheeks (also an idea from the lovely Lorraine) and I am happy to say that I am receiving positive results so far. She uses cream by a brand called "Mederma". I was unable to find that, but I found something in very similar packaging called "Scar Zone". Ingredient-wise they are the same, only Scar Zone has a lower SPF (15 as opposed to Mederma's 30). Nonetheless, I am happy so far.

Since my skin feels rather dried out at night after my routine, I splurged on a product that I've been reading about (and that also was talked about in the skincare video posted by the ladies at Pixiwoo). That product is Chantecaille's Vital Essence.

"...a revolutionary anti-aging, super-moisturizing face and eye serum. Helps prevent allergy and inflammation. Protects and rebalances the complexion with antioxidants such as grape seed oil. Helps replace estrogen with Chinese flowers, helps cure acne by acting on the sebaceous glands with soybean extract. Regulates sebum with seaweed."

Well, that sounds great. Also, the packaging is simple and beautiful, which is a plus. I hope it works! I plan on using it at night, although it can be used in the day as well. It was $85 (US), not including tax. It's a bit of a pain coming back from Europe where all the prices listed already include tax. I hate how here in Canada and the USA you don't know what you really have to pay until tax gets added on at the cash register. Boo.

I now have to go study for an exam that I have tomorrow, summer classes are a pain in the butt. I will close the post with a few pictures from my trip to Germany...
Have a great end of the work week, everyone!

@ Neuschwanstein castle

Marienplatz in München

... trying on dresses in various boutiques :)

@ the Swarovski museum in Austria


  1. I'm so jeleous! I almost got to study for a year in Germany. *sigh*

  2. Nice pictures from Munich! I travel next tuesday to munich for buying a dirnd´l. It´s Oktoberfest-Time in a few weeks!

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