Friday, August 21, 2009

In & Out: V

- Chloe perfume. Flowery goodness.
- black clothes. Really, I can't get enough. I'm boring.
- finishing the exam for my summer online class today. Now I get two whole weeks of freedom until the fall semester begins.
- Chanel's "Vendetta" nailpolish. Opaque in one coat and no chipping! What?! Not to mention the colour is divine, a deep near-black purple shade.
- Cashmere sweaters from J Crew. They melt in my hand, but the prices melt my eyes. Nonetheless, I'm waiting for a (you guessed it) black one to impress me and hopefully it will be mine...
- having a clean room... I went on a dusting/vacuuming rampage today

- breakouts. You know how some of you lovely ladies know exactly what breaks you out and know that the discontinued use of the product will get your skin clear? Well, no matter what I do, what I keep using, I still break out. I suppose it's hormonal because I always get it the week before *womanly issues* arrive. Not even birth control is doing anything to help that. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Sigh...
- OILY SKIN! Holy crap, it's like it tripled in oiliness since I've gotten back from my trip. Pro Lumiere is officially disqualified, my skin is a reflective surface when I use that now haha. Needless to say, it's bad times in skin land right now.

... That's about it. My bad skin woes outweigh all others for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. I hate skin woes. :( I feel your pain about the breakouts - went through a awful phrase of spots during my exams. My skin has taken ages to recover. Thankfully its not too bad atm. Hope yours improves soon. :) xxxx

  2. i totally know how to feel, im struggle to find a better skin treatment, what are you using?

    im new here on and was wondering if you could follow me :) i barely have any friends!! :( :(

    thanks! it would be greatly appriciated!!


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