Saturday, September 5, 2009

The consequences...

Since I have just planned another vacation, it means I have to buckle down and save save save! Some sacrifices have to be made, right? So for me, that means no more shopping for a little while - especially since I just googled Florence vintage shopping and have seen what awaits.

Here is what I'll be sacrificing *prices in Canadian Dollars* :

- repurchasing Studio Fix powder (after 7 years of continuing, loving use, it's time to take a break) This saves me about $30
- the NARS Pleasures of Paris eyeshadow palette (bummer, but I'm sure in a few months it will be forgotten and a new fabulous palette invention will take its place) This saves me about $55
- the Chanel Murano eyeshadow quad (again, I own too much eyeshadow anyways) This saves me about $50
- Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder (I have Blot Powder to finish...) This saves me about $50
- upcoming eyeshadows from the MAC Style Black collection This saves me around $20-$40
- Chanel's Jade nailpolish This saves me about $25

Altogether that's $250 already! Could pay for my hotel in Rome. I'm motivated and focused on loving my current makeup collection and will not make impulse purchases until I run out of an essential component (i.e. foundation). Fingers crossed!

As for clothes shopping sacrifices, bye bye planned over-the-knee boots and white Alexander Wang T-shirt. I think they're worth sacrificing over the awesome unique things I may find on my travels.

Here's to hoping that I can stick to my plan :)
Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. That's a very good way of thinking of it! If you get the change, you should visit the the lakes... about an hour on the train from Milan ...absolutely stunnnig views... and great ice cream!x

  2. ooh which over the knee boots were you going to get? i'm saving up for mine patiently. ps. you're totally right about the makeup stuff, i have things i haven't used yet, i need to relax!

  3. @ Amy I was looking at random boots on sites - Steve Madden ones, Miss Sixty ones... I think I'll wait for now :) the Guess ones you posted are so cute, too... haven't seen them in store yet!

  4. This post definitely makes me think how much we spend on makeup...!Lol!

    You 'll surely spend that amount much better in Italy, at least for me the items I pick up on my travels are the most treasured ones... ;)



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