Friday, September 4, 2009


Today my boyfriend and I bought our plane tickets and it's official - we are going to Italy in October! My dad lives in Florence, my boyfriend is italian and I have a fall break from school, so it makes sense, right? I am so excited to spend a week (which is not enough, but it's all I can do) in the country shaped like a boot. I visited Italy before but for a brief weekend - only the region close to the Alps and the lakes in the north...

Happy happy happy day... we will arrive in Milano on October 11th!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have the best blog readers in the world :)


  1. I hope you'll tell us how is Milano :p I went to Rome in August and it was awesome ! Italy is really a beautiful country, and people are so friendly :p

  2. Lucky girl, I'm Northern Italian...Italy in the fall is stunning..a hint of fog in the evenings. You must visit the designer outlets known as "The Mall." Ask your dad or any local..a secret in the hills full of Gucci, Burberry, Valentino and more.

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