Friday, September 25, 2009

In & Out: VIII

So sorry for the lack of posts this week, I've been doing the school-work-sleep routine, with moderate twitter action in between.

It's been quite a busy week so it's time for an IN & OUT post:


- Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. It's almost running out and I hate that I can't get it in my city or online, so I will have to drive to the USA (~45 minutes) for another pot. I like it THAT much. (Plus, it's also a great excuse to browse around stores that my lame local mall doesn't have :)
I don't want to try anything else... although maybe the Benefit Erase Paste seems to have a similar consistency... has anyone tried both by any chance? Only downer is that Benefit comes in 3 shades, and Bobbi Brown comes in about 20.

- Drinking 2 L of water a day... even though I'm constantly running to the bathroom

- Kandee's Costume Makeup tutorials. So good and so much fun to watch! What a lovely, creative woman. Her videos are always uplifting.

- only getting one thing from Style Black, and it's not even make-up (it's the volcanic ash exfoliator). I'm holding up well, this is the first thing I bought out of the 4 latest collections MAC has put up. I may Back 2 Mac for a Dazzleglass Creme but that will have to be done when I go to the American mall with a freestanding MAC store.

- Harper's Bazaar magazine. I think it's slowly beginning to be my favourite. I've been buying Elle, Haper's and Vogue for the past few months and I always seem to lean to Harper's to re-read. Mostly because they feature an awesome style under $500 section that's a little bit more reachable than the $3000+ outfits featured in the latest Vogue editorial. I love high fashion, but I also enjoy it more when magazines mix and match.
I also really love Harper's Buy/Keep/Store page featured in every month, with tips on what key items to update your closet with and what to stow away for the next season.
I really wish I could have better access to French and Italian Vogue, I am really unimpressed with the American version...


- acne from stress. Leave my face already!

- GOSH velvet touch primer. Oil control capabilities = zero. Makes foundation application smoother so I guess I'll finish it up, but I don't love it.

- Heidi Montag. No reason needed.

- homework piling up... speaking of which, I have to get my butt off to school and catch up on some work.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Mine will consist of studying and working shifts starting at 7 AM all weekend. Boo.


  1. Argh, I can't stand Heidi either!British Vogue is a really good read - they're kinda edgy and innovative, it's just a different slant on fashion

  2. Heidi?lol.The surname Montag is reason enough!!

  3. Lol, I love HB too, the Buy/Keep/Store page is one of my favourites!
    You 're right about the fashion mags, I just don't see the Vogue appeal either (btw the greek version is pretty crappy too)!


  4. I am loving Kandee's new video's too! She's so good x

  5. totally agree with you about Harper's! I get a ton of mags and its just the best!
    love your blog!

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