Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yesterday's (rainy) Outfit Of The Day...

Greetings from Florence, everyone!

So far I am having a lovely time here in Italy. Amazing food, architecture and rich history all around. Yesterday was spent walking around the city and getting completely lost in all the little corners. One downside, however - it seems that I have brought the Canadian cold weather because before I arrived it was hot and sunny, and yesterday it rained all day and cooled everything down :(

Nonetheless, the rain never stopped me! Here is what I wore:

Blazer - Neiman Marcus outlet

Long sleeved shirt - Banana Republic

Necklace - street vendor in Niagara Falls (a gift from mom)

Bag - Zara

Jeans - Miss Sixty

Flats - Prada

Umbrella - 5 Euro ripoff from a street vendor. It broke after one day :(

Have a great week, everyone.
I am off to bed to rest my legs after another day of serious walking...


  1. I've been to Florence too and it's gorgeous...it's a shame it rained!Love the outfit...very chic!Hope you have a great time there x

  2. God, I love Florence, my favourite place I visited in Italy! You are lucky lucky! Have fun!

  3. Great outfit! Very european :) x

  4. That's a cute picture. I loved my time in Firenze...it's one of my favourite cities. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time there :)

  5. Your look is perfect..it's tricky to blend in with the Italians and not look like a total tourist.
    Have you seen David yet??

  6. Looks beautiful there!


  7. wow Italy must be fun
    Ive never been to Europe before, but hopefully I can go in the future.

    and im a new follower and love your blog.


  8. beautiful look for the day! I have never been to Florence, but I am dying to go!! :)

  9. you look pretty italian here! (and as i am italian myself, it was meant as a compliment!) :) hope you enjoyed it! x


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