Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jenny Humphrey looking not so bad!

As you all probably know by now, I am a huge Gossip Girl fan and have been watching it steady since it first came out. Jenny Humphrey is probably my least favourite female character on that show (well... tied with Vanessa, at least) and the character's wardrobe choices recently seldom have left me wanting for more. However, I was browsing around, looking at set photos and came across the above shot from next week's upcoming episode.

Dare I say... I love this look! I'm glad they toned down the red-lipped racoon face she had going on for the past 20 episodes. She looks quite lovely with a toned down smokey eye and a neutral lip. Her outfit is hot as well. Now let's hope that the episode will also rock :)

Have a good night, everyone!


  1. I watch the show every week too! Hard to believe that is little Cindy Lou Who!!

  2. i fell similarly about jenny, but im sooo happy for the return on her long hair. i was not a fan of the choppy bob/mullet. can't wait for the new episode (:

  3. I agree, there have been some terrible hair, makeup and clothing choices for her recently. I know she is young, fashionable, rebelling and all that but at the end of the day she is still only a kid in school not in her 20's or 30's like she has looked a few times.

    She looks so pretty here. I really hope it comes off this way on camera and stays that way!

  4. FINALLY! I must say I hated that hardcore look on her, it made her look really old and mean.. !
    But here I love love her hair and make up! It makes me want to have super long hair again...


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