Monday, November 2, 2009

Some monday night "droolworthy"-ness...

Sexy handbag alert!!!

Here's Hilary Duff (an actress that I didn't mind until she started polluting Gossip Girl with her eyelash-fluttering), with a gorgeous Givenchy Nightingale handbag. It's larger than the other ones I've spotted, and the chain detail is to die for.
Sadly about $2500 stand between me and this bag, so for now all I can do is admire it in photos :)


  1. Ohh wow, it is gorgeous and she looks amazing in that picture too!!

    I didn't mind her either until she started on Gossip Girl. I would happily watch her in disney movies but she is really annoying on GG.

  2. I love the bag and her whole look in this photo - I think I need an enormous scarf now.

  3. oh my godd! i want..however, sadly, i think this bag is actuallyy about the same size as me!

  4. She's a bad actress but gosh, I like her style :p

  5. I love HD's outfit and how she pulled off the camo scarf.
    The bag is really great, stupid price tag!


  6. I love her & her style!! I actually have this pic on my desktop but the full length version with her leather boots!

  7. haha polluting GG - sandra you crack me up, but it is so true..her trying to be all sexual last episode killed me!

  8. Hey Hun, Btw, I just nominated you for the lovely blog award.
    Come on over and accept the award [;



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