Friday, December 4, 2009

In & Out: XI

- Juicy Couture "Couture Couture" perfume. I tend to steer away from the "Juicy" lifestyle but the scent of this is undeniable. I love it. It's the most long-lasting perfume I've owned to date. It doesn't change smells on me at all, stays consistent throughout the day, and the bottle is sexy. It's important to pick out perfumes based on how they react with your own body's chemistry. Not all perfumes will smell on you the same way they smell on those paper testers. I like to use testers for at least three times before committing to buying the whole bottle :)
- speaking of perfumes, I got D&G #18 "La Lune" after wanting it for weeks. It's delicious. Not really heavy enough for winter time but mixed with Armani Code it might have the added punch to last all day on a thick wool scarf! Yum.

- Seche Restore nail polish thinner. I bought this because my beloved Seche Vite was starting to get too thick to apply. A couple of drops of this stuff brought it back in action. I also revived a couple other old nail polishes with it and it worked like a charm.

- Batiste dry shampoo. Lifesaver.

- 2 more weeks of school until winter break (although it's a bittersweet winter break since I'll be working retail for the majority of the time. Returns, to be exact. Post-Christmas returns bring headaches. Lots of them.)

- Lush "So White" bath bomb & "Pop in the bath" bubble bar. Smells fantastic. If you like the smell of the Olive Branch and things in that scent family, you will enjoy the combination. I think Lush is great for the most part - only I don't personally like the scent of cotton candy and cupcakes on myself after getting out of the shower or bath, and it seems to me like the majority of their products carry those types of scents. I do however manage to find some things that I enjoy using, and those keep me going back for more :)

- Pasta Aglio Olio! So simple to make and so delicious. Pasta, olive oil and a crushed clove of garlic topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese and a couple of drops of hot sauce if you wish... mmmm

- the sun goes down at 5 PM now. Depressing.

- no idea what to get my boyfriend for Christmas this year. I'm completely uninspired. I want to steer away from clothes because he's very particular about fit, so ordering things online and them having them look awkward would be a pain. Feel free to post any suggestions below!

- no camera :(

- pounding headaches. Who needs 'em? I sure don't.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


  1. hhmmm. shoes? those always work with guys. or Hugo Boss perfume. :D hope this helps

  2. Here in England, it's pitch dark at 4pm :'(

  3. wow consider yourself lucky - it's dark here by 3.30pm these days :(

  4. Nice post! :) I hope the headaches go away soon. They're such a pain, I know.
    And I totally agree with how depressing it is that the sun is gone by 5-530! :(

  5. great post. i love the other juicy perfume but wearing gucci by gucci for winter.goodluck finding a present for your bf! love your blog :)

  6. Batiste dry shampoo is the best isn't it?! I couldn't live without it now.

    Melissa ♥

  7. oh, pasta aglio olio is what I always make on the weekends when I forgot to go grocery shopping and when I am starving at home. so simple, so easy, so good! :-)

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