Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In & Out XII

- having next week off from work. I know it's only tuesday, but I can't wait for next week
- the twilight woods fragrance from bath & body works.
- Avatar! I also enjoyed the fact that CGI Zoe Saldana did a better job acting than most popular young actresses nowadays *cough* KStew *cough*
- J Brand jean leggings. Most comfortable things ever.
- holiday pay. hellz yeah.
- Dexter. Fantastic show, just got into season 1 and I am enjoying the ride
- the boyfriend's camera is in my hands yet again... you know what that means! No less than stellar outfit posts!

- COLD COLD COLD OUTSIDE. It's freezing, no snow, just weird gusts of ice.
- mean post-holiday shoppers
- Burt's Bees lip balm. Just not cutting it in this cold.
- Lady Gaga moving her show from a small intimate theatre to a big arena for the concert I'm attending on the 13th :( I don't like big arena shows

That's about it for the evening. Have a great rest of the week and I'll catch you before the year ends. Take care everyone


  1. Good story, my dear: My boyfriend gave me Twilight Woods lotion for Christmas. I put it on and had an awful allergic reaction. Story of my life, right? But it smells SO GOOD. Excellent post.

  2. Where are you seeing Lady Gaga? My friend has to go exchange her tickets because they changed her concert to a larger arena in Detroit too.

  3. @Nik I'm seeing her in Detroit as well!


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