Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Last "Hurrah" Before Project 10 Pan!

My cosmetics collection needs to size down a bit. I have lipglosses purchased from 2 years ago that are just sitting there, unused, because my attention has been grabbed by another product. So, I am embarking on the Project 10 Pan journey once again, inspired by the lovely Laura @lollipop26.

Now I will present you with: Project 10 Pan, lip products edition!
I have already chosen 10 tentative "victims":
3 of them are from a MAC holiday plushglass gift set from long ago, and you may think they don't count because they seem so small, but they actually contain just as much product as a Dazzleglass does (if that doesn't scream "ripoff", I don't know what else does haha) so I think they're pretty fair game.
From left to right, the lucky 10 are:

MAC Marquise'd Lipstick, MAC Goldensoft Lip Gellee, MAC Plus Luxe Plushglass, MAC Oyster Girl Lipglass (my favourite!), MAC Hot Stuff Plushglass, MAC Bountiful Plushglass, YSL Rouge Pure Shine in #28, Benefit Jing-a-ling Lipstick, MAC Freckletone Lipstick, CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine.

Most of them are about 3/4 used up, so I will only be using these until I am finished! Also, since they're mostly by MAC, I'll have a nice stash to bring back for back 2 MAC later on :)

Now, I will make one exception: on December 26th the new Love Lace collection comes out and my favourite eyeliner ever, the MAC Kohl Power, comes back out - I need a back-up of Feline. (*groan* why can't MAC just make these permanent already!?!).

Anyways, so before I commence on my lip product consuming journey, I bought one last makeup item today, and boy am I glad that I did:

I got the NARS "Eurydice" eyeshadow duo from the new holiday collection after seeing it in a recent tutorial by Nicola from Pixiwoo. It is stunning. A rich red-tone purple with dark blue duochrome, and a gray with silver and gold sparkles (kind of like a bedazzled version of MAC's Print eyeshadow). Here's an attempted swatch in natural light, courtesy of my phone:

I can't wait to use it!


  1. Good luck on your P10P. I am currently trying to finish mine (7 done) and I really want to haul before the end of the year. It's been a bit hard because as soon as I decided to use up 10 things, I suddenly wanted to use other things in my collection. But I'm not giving up!

  2. Good luck with P10P! I'm about to start it again too, I have so many lip products to use up.

  3. Wow i cant wait to get my hands into thatnars duo. The colors look very pigmented.

  4. A great post! Good luck too on your project - I've never done it cos I think it's too ambitious for me! So am totally in awe of those who do ; D

    Let us know how you get on!

  5. Good luck on your project 10 pan! I also watched Pixiwoo's tutorial with that duo and I wanted it right after I watched it lol. It's gorgeous!

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