Sunday, May 31, 2009

The new additions...

Happy Sunday! Before I enjoy this glorious sunday at work (boo), I decided to do a quick post about the 3 things I bought the other day while at my local Shoppers Drug Mart "Beauty Boutique". For those who don't know and care, Shoppers Drug Mart is the main drugstore chain in Canada, and some of their larger locations also have a separate "Beauty Boutique" section where they sell (overpriced) designer fragrances and high end beauty products from companies like Guerlain, Dior, Shiseido, Lancome, etc. Mine also carries Bare Minerals, Benefit, Clinique, Smashbox and Clarins amongst the before-mentioned brands.

Since my bronzer was down to one pathetic crumb, I decided to head over there in hopes to purchase a new Guerlain bronzer. After swatching things like a maniac, I decided against the Guerlain as it was just a bit too orange, and so I opted for Benefit's Hoola bronzer, since it seemed to mimic the colour that I naturally turn in the sun. I don't really like the square box packaging, but whatever.
Another thing that caught my eye was a lipstick that I had seen in one of the videos made by Nic from Pixiwoo - she used Benefit's "Jing A Ling" lipstick and it looked so pretty. I'm so glad I did because I have since worn this lipstick every single day. It has no scent or taste, but it glides on very smoothly and has a sheen to it similar to a MAC Slimshine, but with better lasting power.

Benefit Jing A Ling

As I was walking towards the cash register, I made a sharp turn and with a "what the hell - might as well try it" attitude, I bought the Dior Nude foundation. Now, I was matched with shade 022, which is pretty light... it's the 4th lightest shade they make and although it matches my paler face well, my neck and chest are a lot darker.
When I first put it on I was scared, but after about 15 minutes it oxidized and turned about a shade darker, which ended up working out. I love the consistency of it. I tried it when it first came out and I thought it was gross and smelled bad - the tester must have been a bad batch or something, because this one smells gorgeous and worked really well. I apply it with my hands.
It feels like nothing on my skin, and the finish it provides is "satin", but slightly less "satin" than the Chanel Pro Lumiere. This worked out well for me since my oily skin sometimes doesn't agree with Pro Lumiere and I end up looking way too shiny. I'm considering buying a darker shade and mixing them in order to customize it for my fluctuating facial skin tone. My Chanel Pro Lumiere is quite dark - shade 40, which matches my tanned skin perfectly. Maybe I'll even try them together! I'll post with the results when I do :)

And now on to last night - where I put all three new items to the test, and this was the end result, which I was quite pleased with:

Face: Diorskin Nude foundation, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, MAC MSF Natural, Benefit Hoola
Cheeks: NARS Deep Throat, MAC Redhead MSF
Lips: MAC Creme D'Nude, Benefit Jing-a-Ling, GOSH Nougat Crisp lipliner

Eyes: UDPP, MAC Bare Study Paintpot,
Tempting, Sable, Brule and Beauty Marked eyeshadows, Lancome black waterproof eyeliner, YSL Faux Cils mascara (which smells incredible, by the way).

Hope your weekend was excellent, I am now off to work :(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I went, I shopped, I conquered.

Good evening, Internet!
I've had a semi-adventurous two days of shopping in the states with a friend (yesterday) and my mom (today), and I'm here to rant and rave about what I saw.

We'll start with yesterday - I was mostly there to offer my "wisdom" to a friend in need. I walked out of it with a new perfume Valentino "V", which smells sweeter than the scents I usually go for, but it's discontinued and when I saw one last bottle on the shelf I had to have it for some reason. It layered on really nicely with my beloved Burberry "The Beat".

Next, I visited the MAC store (at my local mall we only have a counter, so I waited to go to the store so I can have more "back 2 mac" options) and I ended up exchanging my 6 empties for Baby Sparks dazzleglass.
Image courtesy of (via google images) because I'm too lazy to photograph my own.

I also bought Sketch eyeshadow (yes, I know, I've been missing out). I never bothered to get it earlier because I had a close dupe to it in my Clinique Rose Wine eyeshadow duo. But now that I've hit pan on that, I figured it was time to get the real deal. It's very nice, I wore it with Sable, Woodwinked and Brule last night and it looked really cool.

We then went to For Love 21, which is a sister store of Forever 21 but it only carries their accessories. I got a bracelet that looks a lot smaller in the picture than it actually is:

A big tacky faceted jeweled ring (I wanted something similar to the ring Blair Waldorf wore in the prom episode of Gossip Girl... big circular goldish/orange stone on a gold ring) and I found something pretty similar:

The Queen Bee inspiration (photo courtesy of

my oh so graceful hand...

That concludes day number one. Note that I still didn't buy bronzer, which I desperately need. Go figure.

Today, I painted my nails with some nail polishes that I have recently acquired:

Tickle My France-y and Mod About You

Mod About You is what I have on today. I love it! I am sure I will love the other one just as much, because the entire OPI France collection is right up my alley. "You Don't Know Jacques" from that collection is probably my favourite nail polish ever.

As for today's shopping, Nordstrom was the destination of choice. My mom and I scrambled through the store's offerings and after trying on 15 different things - *sob* I had to leave behind the ON SALE (because I'd never pay full price for a cotton Olsen twins tank top) Elizabeth & James tank top... the neck was so low, you could see my chest :\
I also tried on a gorgeous kelly green Theory shift dress but it was too expensive ($200) for just a linen summer dress. It was beautiful, but mind you, I'm a student and working part time, so the funds aren't bottomless.

These are the 3 "chosen ones":

Pink Blouse - Nanette Lepore
Black Dress - Taylor?? brand I've never heard of
Shiny Leggings - Juicy Couture

I took a close-up of the blouse because the silk was really reflective in the other photo. It's so pretty and... fluttery (for a lack of better terms). My wardrobe mostly consists of black, white and grey, so this was a much needed addition of girly colour.

The shift dress was a great find! It was $60, and it is similar to this Alice & Olivia dress that I was drooling over on e-Bay but the size available was too large and expensive for me:

The leggings were also needed, since the pair I bought from American Apparel last year was starting to lose shine at the ankles and knees. These seem to be well-made and they are also not as skin-tight as my other pair, so they look more like pants.
Aaaaand I still didn't buy a new bronzer. Hopefully tomorrow will be my lucky day.

It's time for me to now stop blabbering. I think I have filled your ears and eyes with enough words for the day. Hope you all have a wonderful friday and weekend!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In & Out: I

Since work and my summer classes have been slightly taking over my life, I haven't really gotten the chance to try anything new and exciting quite yet. I am still battling with my Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation since now that it's getting hot out, I feel like a giant grease ball at the end of the day. Bare Minerals and MAC Studio fix powder are doing the job during the day, but what will I do when I need a bit more coverage? The search continues...

Until then, I will entertain you all (or at least attempt to) with one of these fun "In & Out" posts of things I am enjoying at the moment, and things that I am not:

- the scent of Chloe perfume. I keep spraying myself with it whenever I see it in the store.
- finding really good quality soft cotton basic shirts at Hollister (a store that I haven't visited since high school). They smell really nice too, and the seagull logo is hardly visible. Score!
- OPI's Mod About You nailpolish... LOVE! So pigmented and creamy.
- getting a dazzleglass when I "back 2 mac-ed" today (Baby Sparks)
- spending some time with a few close girlfriends tonight
- the Toronto trip that I am taking with my boyfriend and all of our friends in about two weeks
- getting paid tomorrow :)

- I am out of bronzer and I need to find a replacement ASAP. I'm thinking Guerlain tomorrow.
- the price of the Chloe perfume. $120 for 75 mL. *faints*
- my twitchy eye
- every time I have the day off work, it rains all day.
- my twitchy eye (yes it's so annoying that I had to post it twice)

Hope you are all having a great week, it's half done, yay!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


As I was rummaging through the shelves of my local Shoppers Drug Mart (the oh so famous Canadian Drugstore), I picked up another can of my beloved Batiste dry shampoo, and ventured over to the make-up section where I stared at the Bonne Bell section for a good 10 minutes. This brand provided me with my very first lipgloss back in grade 9. I decided to give it another try, so I bought one of these:

Bonne Bell Lip Lites in "Cappucino"

I ripped the packaging open in the car and immediately applied it. It took about 0.45 seconds for me to realize that I love this product. I'm pretty sure I heard Laura (lollipop26) and Michele (Michele1218) mention this gloss before. The texture is very comparable to the MAC Cremesheen glosses, only at a fraction of the price ($5.99 versus $21, in Canadian dollars), and as an added bonus, they taste great and the smell of cappuccino is delicious. This particular shade gives my lips the exact same effect that MAC's "Boy Bait" cremesheen gloss does!

I came home a very happy camper today... I guess it doesn't take too much to cheer me up... haha

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mix Master Sandra: Lip and Cheek combination du jour!

Since I love mixing things oh so much, I decided to try out a new blush combination yesterday. In the left corner we have MAC's beauty powder blush in Fun and Games (courtesy of the Hello Kitty collection - and I don't like the packaging too much, but the texture and glow that this product gives is wonderful).
In the right corner we have L'Oreal True Match blush in Tender Rose - on which I've recently hit pan. It is a beautiful smooth rose colour. I believe these blushes won some type of InStyle cosmetics award last year for being the best drugstore blush or something like that. NARS, of course, won the best high end blush category, but that's a whole other blog post!

Mixed together they give a beautiful effect on my skin tone, a bit deeper than NARS Deep Throat, but a similar type of colour result. The texture and warmth of the beauty powder blush gave the L'Oreal blush a much-needed "colour kick" for a nice summer evening!

Here are the other things I wore:

Face: MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC35, Clarins Copper Sun bronzer
Eyes: Urban Decay's Sin and Smog eyeshadows, L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black
Lips: GOSH velvet touch lipliner in Nougat Crisp, MAC Blankety Lipstick, MAC Goldensoft Lipgelee (or however you call them)

A couple of spritzes of D&G Light Blue and Burberry The Beat perfumes, and out the door I went!

Hope everyone is having a great week. I plan on doing a post on facial cleansers in the near future, but I want to try out Cetaphil too before I post. I also ordered MAC wipes because I'm not crazy about any of the drugstore wipes I have tried so far, and with the inflated prices here right now, it's actually cheaper to buy the 100 pack of wipes from MAC for $30 than 25 Garnier wipes at the drugstore for $13.99!

Take care everyone, and I hope all the lovely ladies from England have a great time at the Barry M event they're attending today. I'm super jealous :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

My love-hate relationship with Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream

Have you ever encountered a product whose existence you praise one day and you want to throw it out the window the next day? If you have, welcome to my relationship with Clarins "Delicious" self tanning cream.

I suppose I should start off like all relationships, and talk about the good:
It smells like you'd expect: delicious. I have it on as we speak and it feels like there's some sort of chocolate/caramel cake on my face. There is no strange chemical scent that often seems to accompany self tanners.
The consistency and the look of the cream in the jar is luscious as well. Also, the resulting tan is very nice and natural. A golden colour that mimics my normal tan. It also lasts a good 3 or 4 days. I find that it looks best on the second day because all the gross tint leftovers have completely dissappeared (mentioned below, in the "problem" section).

Now, here's my problem:
The cream is tinted to supposedly help you see where you're applying the product. Now, I don't know if it's just me, but the "tint" does not distribute evenly at all, and some patches on my skin remain un-tinted even though I could have sworn I put product on that area! Also, it takes forever to sink in. Literally I'll be sitting here for an hour and there's still sticky gunk all over me. I'm basically immobilized when I put this on before bed. I have to stand as straight as possible and stare at my laptop and waste time (which is quite easy for me to do...haha) for about an hour before I can go to bed without worrying about wiping something off.

The result: uneven and difficult application... and an unappealing build-up of the "tint" that accumulates in crevices down the neck and around the nose. I look like I've had a mud-fight when I wake up to wash my face in the morning. It takes a thorough wash to get all the leftover tint from my skin.

Now, maybe I am picking apart at these things because I am a novice in self tanning. This is the first self tanning product that I have ever tried, but in all honesty - is self tanning really such a drag? Is it normal to have to stay as still as possible for an hour in order to not "disturb" the process? Is it normal to have disgusting uneven tint all over my face while the tan develops? I can't even itch my face right now because if I do, I will end up with a white patch in the part I scratch. I paid about $60 (Canadian, including tax) for this thing. For this price, I don't think it's worth the struggle.

Yes, as I mentioned before, the result is nice, but as soon as I finish with this jar, I doubt I'll be repurchasing. I'm eyeing the St. Tropez mousse since its 60 second drying time seems to be the answer to most of my problems.

What have your experiences been with self tanners? At the moment I am unimpressed. If they're all this much of a bother, I don't think I'll ever be able to make the switch from laying outside in the summer to putting creams all over myself before going to bed every other night.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MagnifiSCENT! A perfume post.

It's noon and I am still in bed. Working at 7 - 5 for the past few days has gotten to me, and I really needed a "lay around" kind of day. Besides, it's rainy and cloudy out, so my motivation to be productive is quite low... until I have to get ready for work in the afternoon, of course.

I figured I should do a little post on some of my favourite perfumes and things I've tried on in the store recently that I'm really itching to buy!

I'll start off with the lighter, summer scents:

Burberry's "The Beat" and Gucci's "Envy Me"

I am not good at describing perfume notes and all that, so I'm going to keep things simple and not blabber on about what I like about them. I used Envy Me all summer 2 years ago and I want to re-purchase it this year. The Beat I've had since last year and it's still going strong. It is bright and fresh, just a happy scent, if that makes any sense.

Next up we have my two "everyday" fragrances - I wear them to work, or I keep one in my purse for random refreshing throughout the day:

Lacoste's "Touch Of Pink" and Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy Dare"

I've been wearing the Lacoste one for about 4 years. I always manage to find it cheaper at places like Nordstrom Rack. In Canada, to buy it at Shopper's Drug Mart or The Bay, or even at a Lacoste store it's quite a rip-off. You end up saving about $40 by finding it at a discount department store! The Victoria's Secret one was a recent discovery I made when I went to Florida a couple of months ago. It was on sale for $10 or something ridiculous like that, so I bought it.

Next up we have my favourite winter scents. These remind me of wearing thick scarves around my neck:

Burberry "Brit" and Armani "Code"

The Burberry one had to grow on me, and I only like it when I wear sweaters for some reason, since it's quite heavy. The bottle is unimpressive but the scent is quite unique.
Armani Code is an all-time favourite, I can wear this all year and I'll be happy!

Honourable mentions:

Dolce & Gabbana "Light Blue" and Givenchy "Very Irresistible"

Both are excellent year-round scents, very interesting and different. Light Blue smells amazing, but a lot of people have this and like it, so I tend to never wear it alone. I pair it with The Beat or the Victoria's Secret one for some added "oomph". The Givenchy perfume is rich and strong, I save it for special occasions or nights when I'm really dressed up (for weddings or New Year's eve... things like that).

I hope you enjoyed a magnifiscent journey in the world of fragrances with me, and please don't hesitate to share your favourites in the comment section!

Aside from the Victoria's Secret perfume and a re-purchase of Lacoste's Light Pink, I haven't made any new fragrance purchases this year, I'm hoping to get the new Burberry Summer perfume or the Chloe Perfume (if the bottle of this was an article of clothing, I'd probably wear it haha... it's just so cute).

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day, everyone!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lip combination du jour II

It's time for me to share another one of my favourite lip combinations! Yay!
I wasn't able to properly photograph the last lip combo I talked about, but this one was successful, so here it is:

It's very similar to what I had on in my last FOTD post:
MAC Creme D'Nude lipstick and MAC Viva Glam VI (SE) gloss.
The Viva Glam VI (Special Edition) gloss is a really beautiful pink/mauve, and it gives just the right amount of "life" to the Creme D'Nude.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

FOTD #2 (with bonus!!!)

So aside from making blog posts with titles that rival an infomercial (call in the next 10 minutes and you'll get another blog post, absolutely free!!!) - I finally got to uploading the pictures I took for another "face of the day" post. They are from last night before I went out with some friends. Surprisingly, I managed to get the picture right on the first try, which I was proud of because it usually takes me about 10 takes to not look like I'm about to be arrested.

So without further ado, I present you with:

Face: Chanel Pro Lumiere, MAC MSF Natural Medium Dark, Clarins Copper Sun bronzer, Clinique Peony blush/highlight

Eyes: Estee Lauder Silver Leaf, MAC Satin Taupe, Brule and Print, MAC Beauty Marked on the lash line. Lancome "le stylo waterproof" black eyeliner on waterline, MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack on upper lash line.
Mascara: my usual medley of L'Oreal Voluminous carbon black and Diorshow waterproof

Lips: Rimmel East End Snob lipliner, MAC Creme D'Nude lipstick, MAC She Loves Candy lipglass

BONUS: my first "outfit of the day" post... here's an idea of what I sported out last night:

It all started with me wanting to wear my bright yellow shoes, so to tie everything in, I came up with this concoction of silk button up mustard coloured shirt underneath my favourite blazer. I opted for my American Apparel "shiny" leggings. I think I need a new pair because mine are starting to lose some of the shine around the knees and ankles - has this happened to anyone else?
Sadly my self-timed photo skills are mediocre and I was unable to capture the shoes - my room is pretty small and if I backed up any more I'd be out in the hallway.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and if you are a fan of Gossip Girl, tune in tomorrow (monday) for a really awesome episode. We get them a night early here in Canada and I cried like a baby at the cute mom moments and at Chuck's awesomeness! Take care, everyone, and thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

T-Pain fell in love with a stripper, I fell in love with a shirt...

Don't mind the stupid joke that I'm attempting to make in the title of today's blog post.
If you are familiar with the terrible rapper/"singer"/whatever T-Pain, you will know the song I am talking about.
For those of you who don't know, T-Pain is that annoying guy that's in almost every song on the radio right now here in North America. He computerizes his voice to make it seem like he's singing, thus adding "flair" to rap songs...
Long story short, he has a song called "fell in love with a stripper" (should tell you in a nutshell what kind of musician he is ;) and for reasons unknown, that song is stuck in my head today.
I warned you in my first couple of posts that I always have music playing in my head... and sometimes it's not good music, haha.

Anyway, so here's this shirt that I'm drooling over, it is so "me", I can't stand it. It is by Pencey, a brand that I've been admiring form afar for quite a while now (since the prices are pretty steep):
Photo via
The hand in the ripped pocket is making me laugh.

It has all the elements I incorporate in the things I choose for my wardrobe... rolled into one beautiful piece:
Versatile "can go with a lot of stuff" colour - check!
Ruffles - check!
Asymmetric/cool silhouette - check!
Not skanky - check!
Rock and roll element - check! I love the little studded strap at the side.

The only thing that makes me frown is the price. At around $250 this isn't exactly a steal. Why do I always like things that make my wallet uncomfortable? *smacks self*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lip combination du jour I

So I plan on doing a bunch of these things, over the course of the next few weeks or so, with whatever combination of lip products I'm enchanted with at the moment.
I tried to photograph it but today's sunshine somehow managed to disappear in a matter of minutes under a disgusting blanket of clouds. But try it out nonetheless if you have the products, and see what happens!

St. Germain lipstick & Oyster Girl lipglass

Both by MAC. Both are looooovely together. I find that Oyster girl somehow neutralizes the yellow-pink undertones of St. Germain, so it won't make your teeth look yellow (which St. Germain often does to me when I wear it by itself). It's a beautiful cool pink combination, and today I am sporting it with some Circa Plum pigment on the eyes.

I really wish it would have photographed well. Sadly, with flash it just washed every colour out, and daylight is scarce at the moment.
What are you wearing today?

UPDATE: Now looking through my twitpic history, I posted a picture of me wearing it a few weeks ago! So here we go:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today is quite uneventful, got out of the shower and put my "face" on for a day that consists of work until 9:30 PM, followed by watching American Idol (thank God for DVR).
I opted for a light foundation, and the lightest coverage that I own is provided by Bare Minerals. It sometimes makes my face a bit itchy, and I have concluded that it's when I use it without moisturizing enough before application. It doesn't break me out or anything, and the finish is nice, perfect for my uneventful day :)

Bare Minerals foundation in Medium Beige
Clarins Bronzer in Copper Sun
NARS Mounia blush
MAC Redhead MSF

Estee Lauder DoubleWear cream eyeshadow in Silver Leaf
MAC Naked Lunch
MAC Espresso in the crease with 224
Lancome waterproof black eyeliner pencil
MAC Print eyeshadow to soften the eyeliner
1 coat L'oreal Voluminous, 1 coat Diorshow waterproof

MAC Marquise'd lipstick
MAC Bare Necessity dazzleglass

Phew. What seems like a lot of products for quite a basic look. Oh well - I enjoy mixing in as many things as I can since I have so much fun doing it. Until next time... I hope you everyone is having a great day!

PS: Now I finally know why FOTDs are a bit of a pain. It took me about 20 pictures to finally get one in which I don't look like I've been arrested and taken in for mug shots, smiling way too hard or looking like I'm about to cry. The "perfect" FOTD pose has yet to be discovered.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Skinny on... my next pair of skinny jeans?

If there ever was such a thing as a "holy grail" of jean fit - the skinny jean would be mine. Even before they were the "it" thing, I was always on the hunt for a pair of jeans that fit my legs like a glove (or... sock in this case??? Am I making any sense?)
The skinny jean is perfect for my body type! Now with a new season looming, I am yearning for my next pair... I have currently set my sights on one (or two) of the following:

A crisp white pair, whether it be J Brand 12" pencil jeans (I live in the dark blue ones I bought last summer), or perhaps venture into a new brand - Adriano Goldschmied, pictured below:

The AG store always looks great, I was tempted a couple of times. Everything by the brand seems to be of great quality.

Now on to contender #2, the opposite of a white skinny jean - a bright skinny jean! This red hot pair is by Rich & Skinny (another brand I've been wanting to try):

The third pair is drool-worthy, and expensive :(
A fantastic metallic pair with zippers at the bottom... I most likely will not be getting these, unless maybe I ask for them for my birthday or something, haha I'll keep that in mind.

Seriously, how COOL are these? Too cool!

And last but not least - the destroyed splattered pair - by Chip & Pepper:

Or destroyed & splattered: the gentler version (by J-Brand):

I've been yearning for a crazy messed up pair like these ever since I saw the Balmain SS09 collection. I even contemplated making my own similar pair by bleaching a pair of jeans. However, I think I should maybe leave the bleaching and destroying to the professionals, and start DIY projects one step at a time - meaning I should start by trying to bleach an old T-shirt before moving on to a larger project.

So these were the things that have me yearning for a shopping trip at the moment. Which jeans make you swoon? Feel free to let me know!

Note: all denim pictures are posted via

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Go-To Palette

A few months ago I decided to purchase my first MAC quad and to fill it with the 4 pans of shadows that I always seemed to reach for in "must get out the door ASAP" situations. I love sleeping as much as I can, especially when I have to wake up at 6 or 7 for those pesky morning shifts, and anything I can do to buy me a little time getting ready in the morning, I love. If the timing restrictions are really bad, I just opt for a swipe of mascara and some brow gel.

Anyways, here is the go-to quad:

It consists of (from left to right):
  • All That Glitters, the beautiful universal lid colour
  • Blanc Type, my favourite brow highlight/blending out colour. Matte2 shadows are my favourite texture.
  • Charcoal Brown, the perfect match for my brows.
  • Soft Brown, the colour I reach for daily to blend out the crease.
What would you put in your very own "SOS" quad?

Hair History!

For the third and final post of tonight (insomnia is turning out to be quite productive now!) I figured I do a hair history post, since I think these are fun and I've made some, um, interesting choices in hair colour in my life:

Natural: a cool-toned dark brown! Here I am, young and innocent:

My first foray into hair colour was in grade 10, with an eggplant-like shade which can be seen (fading) in this photo:

After this I dyed my hair dark brown with red streaks through it, and sadly the only picture I have on this computer from that phase is this one, in which I'm apparently doing some sort of an "emo kid" impersonation:

Next up was the obligatory "terrible blonde highlights" phase, that I think everyone has been through at some point in their life. Mine was in grade 12, this is me at prom (with black hair and yellow highlights. Attractive.):

But oh wait, the straw yellow hair saga continues, when I dyed my hair dark brown and just left a couple of blonde streaks in the front. Here I am enjoying a (not so enjoyable) drink:

Did I learn my lesson from straw yellow hair? No, I did not. It got worse (and I got blue contacts):

Finally, having learnt my lesson, I dyed my hair almost black:

Then, after a few months, I met my wonderful hairstylist boyfriend. Some thinking and almost 5 hours of colour stripping later - soft brown hair with caramel highlights. I went from about a level 2 darkness up to a level 7 in one sitting (hair dresser talk).

At the end of summer we dyed it all an even toned brown:

Next up was one of my favourites (and I may go back to this in a few months), the "tone on tone". An alternating medley of browns in my hair, leaving a dark fringe and dark sections underneath the hair:

And finally last but not least, the move I made last month to be a redhead! I look like I'm Casper's cousin in this photo, but nonetheless, I love the hair colour!

I (well, by I, I mean my hairstylist) have since then added thin soft orange-red highlights at the top to brighten things up a bit. What will happen next? Nobody knows!!

I hope you enjoyed my travel through hair past, and let me know what exciting hair changes you've made in your life :)

The blog name and what it means

For anyone out there on the internet stumbling across this that may wonder where the name of my blog came from -
It was the result of 1 hour of thinking and coming up with nothing. Then I stared off to the wall and one of my favourite songs started playing in my head (there is always a song playing in my head)... and it was Radiohead's "15 Step", the lyric of interest being 15 steps, then a sheer drop.

You Twilight fans may recognize the song from the end credits of the movie, when Victoria walks down the stairs. It was the only part of the movie I actually really enjoyed since I was happily surprised that one of my all time favourite songs was playing. :)

What better way to spend a saturday night...

It has arrived - my first blog (the livejournal from grade 9 doesn't count, although the boy troubles are amusing to read through 7 years later).
I find that for me, this is a less awkward method of communicating rants and raves about beauty than YouTube videos because I don't think I'm nearly as outgoing nor as talented as some of the wonderful ladies out there on YT.

I have a few beauty posts up my sleeve that I hopefully will manage to put out in the following week - one on my adventures with foaming facial cleansers, the other on favourite lipstick/gloss combinations at the moment. I enjoy mixing and matching when it comes to lip products, and the discovery of a new combination always gives me a small thrill in an otherwise quite boring day.

Anyway, I will try my hardest not to blabber on like I normally tend to do, and keep things short. Consider this post a sort of introductory/welcome post. I hope to entertain you and maybe even help you out with my experiences in beauty-related ventures during the course of this blog.

15 steps, then a beauty blog. All rights reserved. © Maira Gall.