Saturday, February 27, 2010


Since coming back from vacation with a slightly darker skintone, I match my Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation once again (colour 40). I had forgotten how beautiful it photographs, and I wanted to show you guys as well. The day I took these photographs I did not use any concealer, highlighter or setting powder. Only a small amount of Bobbi Brown colour corrector in Light Peach under the eyes, Benefit Hoola bronzer and NARS Deep Throat blush.

Without flash - natural light, facing the window:

With flash:

Edit: on my lips in these photos I am wearing Bare Necessity Dazzleglass by MAC

Initially I intended on doing a comparison of this with how NARS Sheer Glow photographs but since the colour I own (Santa Fe) is too light, it wouldn't be a fair competition. I tried darkening it with Lustre Drops but that alters the tone of the colour and makes it slightly more pink. I've still worn it since for every-day use the slight pink tone is not that noticeable, but I will not photograph it until the colour match is just right.

I will say one thing though - although Pro Lumiere photographs so nicely and offers better coverage, it does not wear well on my skin. It gets patchy and sinks into some of my pores after about 3 hours. NARS Sheer Glow still looks great 6-7 hours after, and thus it gets the upper hand in the long lasting category.

Watch this space for a similar photo op of Sheer Glow and maybe even my Chanel Mat Lumiere once my tan fades and I'll match it again (it is in one shade lighter than the Pro).

Also, here is the promised (boring) outfit of the day - yes, I changed my hair! Yesterday I got bangs and some light brown highlights that look a bit too red on camera. I never had bangs before so it was pretty exciting. They feel itchy at the moment haha

I layered a loose grey T-shirt over a soft coral/pink tank top,
added a long black cardigan,
J-brand "jean leggings", which don't look like jeans nor are they tight like leggings, they're just a ridiculously comfortable pair of skinny pants.
Necklace is from Accessorize,
ankle boots are by Miss Sixty,
vintage women's automatic watch by Tissot (stolen from the mother).

Hope your weekend is a great one!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I think I need these shoes...

Miss Sixty is one of my favourite brands. It's pretty hit or miss, but the hits that I've purchased over the years have been really lovely. I'm quite partial to their shoes and jeans.
These sandals are from the new Spring 2010 collection, and I'm eyeing them. REALLY eyeing them.
May this blog post be a mental note (since I tend to forget - I "eye" too many things at once haha) and when the snow starts to melt from the ground it may be time to indulge in a new pair of rockin' sandals :)

Have a fantastic weekend - tomorrow I'll be back strong with an outfit of the day post.
I'm also working on a foundation post comparing NARS Sheer Glow and Chanel Pro Lumiere - how they photograph, flash and no flash.

To close things off, here are a few of my favourite shots from my vacation in St. Lucia:

St. Lucia is an amazing island. Friendly locals, interesting culture, breathtaking natural treasures.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What makeup did I bring on holiday?

Happy wednesday, everyone!
It's my fourth day here in sunny St. Lucia and it will be spent studying by the pool (I have an exam next tuesday). Since I want to procrastinate as much as possible, I will do a blog post before I open my exciting textbook ;)

I am an embarrassing make-up overpacker. I used to overpack with clothes as well, but I have dramatically improved on that front in the past year. Cosmetics is another story. I thought I did good this time around, I took pictures of what I packed prior to my departure, and here we go:

NARS Sheer Glow foundation
MAC Lustre Drops in Bronze Hero (to darken my foundation)
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer & Colour Corrector
Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Hot Stone
Benefit Hoola bronzer
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Refined Zone pore minimizer
Urban Decay primer potion in Sin (a mini version)
Estee Lauder quad in Spiced Peach
MAC eyeshadows (All That Glitters, Blanc Type, Carbon, Charcoal Brown, Style Snob)
MAC Dollymix and Earth to Earth blushes

way too many lip products,
Maybelline mascara (Full 'n' Soft - that I actually used up, making project 10 pan 3/10... woohoo),
Stila convertible eyeliner in Teak
Stile eye kajal in Topaz
a mini roll-on perfume
a sample of NARS foundation primer
brow gel

some MAC brushes (109, 217, 224, 239, 219, 187)
and my Quo bronzer brush

The verdict? I still brought too many things! I haven't touched most of the eyeshadows I brought. Perhaps I should restrict myself to only one quad next time...
As for lip products - the only lip products I've been using have been my Dior Lip Glow and the MAC lip conditioner in Pink Fish since they have SPF and the sun here is very strong. I was hoping to make some more progress with project 10 pan but I just haven't been reaching for too much.

I will, however, say that I am very impressed at how the NARS Sheer Glow has been holding up in the heat. It may be due to the pairing with NARS foundation primer, I am not sure... but I am happy with the results. I will try out the primer at home with my regular routine as well before I make the decision to purchase the full sized version.

I've been packing less than usual, but I still have some things to work on. Lesson learned for now is that on tropical vacations, eye makeup is really not a priority.

Are you a cosmetics overpacker just like me?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Current Cosmetic Favourites...

Hi everyone!
Sincere apologies for slacking, I've been drowning in school work. One more midterm exam this week and it's spring break! My family and I will be leaving for St. Lucia for vacation on friday, and I can't wait for some warm weather :)

What better way to catch up with the beauty blogging world than a quick "Face of the Day" post including all of my current favourites? On we go:

- HAIR: I got my hair dyed a bit darker. I also purchased organic Argan Oil (the ingredient that makes Moroccanoil so fantastic) at the drugstore (Shopper's Drug Mart, here in Canada). It was a lot cheaper than any other brand name Argan oil products (only $8) and the oil is the second ingredient listed on the back of the packaging.
I've been putting a few drops of this through wet hair instead of Chi Silk Infusion and the shine has dramatically increased. I'm happy.
I also purchased Big shampoo by Lush, and although it smells like cheap laundry detergent powder, it does a great job at thoroughly cleaning my hair. I use it about once a week when I need a stronger clarifying shampoo to eliminate product buildup.

- FACE: NARS Sheer Glow foundation has been wonderful, I am really eager to take this with me on vacation to see how it holds up in the heat. If it holds up, it may just be my favourite thing. It's the only thing that I'm concerned with - that it may only be suitable for me in the winter when my skin is slightly drier.

- CHEEKS: NARS Mounia blush has been a favourite these past few weeks. A deep raspberry/wine colour.

- LIPS: MAC Oyster Girl lipglass. I'm almost finished this gloss for Project 10 Pan. My favourite gloss by MAC. For when my lips get dry, I've been using MAC's lip conditioner before bed. It's better than any chapstick I've ever tried.

No preferences for eye shadow, I've been wearing very little on my eyes lately since I've been either at home studying, sleeping or in a lab deep within University grounds.

- NAILS: Chanel "Particulaire" from their spring collection. It's like Metro Chic by Sephora OPI but with all the lavender hints sucked out of it. In the photo it shows up a bit warmer toned than it is in real life. This is just one coat (LOVE that it only takes one coat!):

I hope that you all have a great week. Looking forward to post about my NARS foundation trials in hot weather. I also have a sample of NARS primer with SPF, which will come in handy. Watch this space :)
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