Saturday, February 27, 2010


Since coming back from vacation with a slightly darker skintone, I match my Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation once again (colour 40). I had forgotten how beautiful it photographs, and I wanted to show you guys as well. The day I took these photographs I did not use any concealer, highlighter or setting powder. Only a small amount of Bobbi Brown colour corrector in Light Peach under the eyes, Benefit Hoola bronzer and NARS Deep Throat blush.

Without flash - natural light, facing the window:

With flash:

Edit: on my lips in these photos I am wearing Bare Necessity Dazzleglass by MAC

Initially I intended on doing a comparison of this with how NARS Sheer Glow photographs but since the colour I own (Santa Fe) is too light, it wouldn't be a fair competition. I tried darkening it with Lustre Drops but that alters the tone of the colour and makes it slightly more pink. I've still worn it since for every-day use the slight pink tone is not that noticeable, but I will not photograph it until the colour match is just right.

I will say one thing though - although Pro Lumiere photographs so nicely and offers better coverage, it does not wear well on my skin. It gets patchy and sinks into some of my pores after about 3 hours. NARS Sheer Glow still looks great 6-7 hours after, and thus it gets the upper hand in the long lasting category.

Watch this space for a similar photo op of Sheer Glow and maybe even my Chanel Mat Lumiere once my tan fades and I'll match it again (it is in one shade lighter than the Pro).

Also, here is the promised (boring) outfit of the day - yes, I changed my hair! Yesterday I got bangs and some light brown highlights that look a bit too red on camera. I never had bangs before so it was pretty exciting. They feel itchy at the moment haha

I layered a loose grey T-shirt over a soft coral/pink tank top,
added a long black cardigan,
J-brand "jean leggings", which don't look like jeans nor are they tight like leggings, they're just a ridiculously comfortable pair of skinny pants.
Necklace is from Accessorize,
ankle boots are by Miss Sixty,
vintage women's automatic watch by Tissot (stolen from the mother).

Hope your weekend is a great one!


  1. you are right that foundation does photograph beautifully but I also think its cause you have amazing skin, like FREAKING AMAZING skin!! I love the tan you got, I'm super jealous right now.

  2. aw thank you, but really - my skin is far from perfect. i don't leave the house without foundation or some sort of concealer.
    the reason i have become so into makeup and skincare over the years is because i am in need of it! i will be doing a skincare post soon and you will see what i mean :)

  3. Love bangs on you, they look great! :)

  4. Looks great, I might have to check this foundation out. What color lippie are you using in this pic? It's such a pretty pink on you!

  5. That foundation looks amazing in photos. I'm tempted to buy it just to take photos with...

  6. What's on your lips (first 2 pics)? Such a pretty neutral wearable shade. :) Love the new hair! Really suits you. :)

  7. You're like.. stunning. :O
    Your skin is really beautiful and the outfit is so simple, but amazing. <3

  8. i would love to try nars sheer glow but they don't sell it in Austria! I will have to go on a foundation hunt when I'm on vacation abroad! Pro Lumiere looks fantastic on you!

  9. Those jean trouser things look great! xx

  10. flawless skin!! love ur necklace!

  11. Your fringe looks amazing! Really sexy and fresh :)

  12. oooo very nice!!!! You have such great skin

    Nice blog : ) I am a new follower.

    Check out my blog as well when you get a chance.

  13. Ok so now between you and Sarah Bella, oh and lollipop26 I am absolutely convinced that I NEED NARS Sheer Glow! The Chanel pro does look amazing on you but I'm thinking it would wear on me the same. Thanks for the post!

  14. Thank you ladies :)

    In the foundation pictures all I am wearing is Bare Necessity dazzleglass by MAC over some clear lip conditioner

  15. I just stumbled upon your blog,and it is lovely! Just started a blog of my own, and yours is an inspiration on how I hope mine will be. You look gorg in the pics. I love Chanel foundation. Looking forward to reading more! xoxo

  16. wow, you look awesome with your new hairstyle :o

  17. you do look so effortlessly pretty in the first photo! xx


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