Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seeing Double...

I have been lacking in the outfit post department recently because unfortunately I've been in my chemical-stained lab coat pretty much every day at school.

However this weekend I took a much-needed break from schoolwork and met up with friends...
and what's better than an outfit post? TWO outfit posts!
Introducing my beautiful friend Rosanna, one of my good friends. She's been very supportive of me and my bogging endeavours, so a post of the two of us was much-needed :)

Rosanna is wearing:
Navy blue off the shoulder tunic from H&M
Chunky necklace from Target
Black leggings from Urban Behaviour
White leather & gold chain vintage bracelet
Gold Michael Kors watch
Aldo black suede wedges

... and I spy some minty green nails :)

I am wearing:
Alice & Olivia sweater dress with silver studs at the neck
Skin-coloured nylons (brrr... it was cold)
Brown platform shoes from Shoes for Lovely People
No accessories, just some red nail polish.

I hope you are all having a great week.
I still have a couple of items left on my blog sale, so please check out my previous blog post if you haven't already.
Thank you so much for reading,
until next time!

PS: 2 more items and I'm done project 10 pan! I have been such a snail at this... haven't bought any make-up yet in 2010. *goes through withdrawals*


  1. love your dress! the studs on the necklace are fantastic!

  2. Your dress is amazing, and what a lovely picture :) xx

  3. You and your friend look lovely! I have totally ignored outfit posts lately eek! X

  4. I landed on your twitter page (through someone else) and I was like "she is so pretty" then I clicked your blog link and realized it was your blog that I'm already following!
    I love when things like that happen..love your dress btw!

  5. @Obsessed.Makup.Addict

    thanks so much! i just requested to follow you on twitter as well :) i love finding fellow canadian bloggers on twitter

    @Dani @India thank you ladies!

    @Muhsine I adore your outfit of the day posts, your accessories are always to die for xoxo

  6. You look lovely here...and your friend, too! I really love your dress, it definitely suits you. It shows off your great legs!

    I really need to do project 10 pan as well. I just can't seem to bring myself to do it. I need more self-control. Sigh. Kudos to you on only 2 more pans to go! Great job! *applause*

  7. I love your sweater dress! You girls look so gorgeous

  8. @Sandra & @Obsessed.Makup.Addict

    yay, Canadians! my brother and i have a twitter account too, if you'd like to follow.


    although we've just started so there's literally just one post right now. :p

  9. @BunnyDays
    project 10 pan seems difficult at first, but after a while you get used to it and end up with a good sense of the things you REALLY enjoy using from your collection :)

    I'm following you on twitter now :)

  10. beautiful ladies!!!!!! loved ur dress...very pretty

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