Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everyday look - April

As this month slowly comes to an end, I've come to the realization that there was a specific set of cosmetics that I reached for almost every single day to create an easy, no fuss, yet presentable look.
I'll talk in more detail about some of these (and some others) in my first YouTube video, which will be April Favourites :)

This is the result:

As you can probably tell, there is absolutely nothing used on the eyes. I had loads upon loads of school work to do in April, meaning I was stressed out and tired, and lots of eye rubbing was necessary. In order to avoid smudging raccoon eyes, the best policy for me was a "no eye-makeup" policy.

1. MAC Speed Dial lipstick & She Loves Candy lipgloss

2. Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation mixed with MAC Strobe Cream,
Bobbi Brown Light Peach colour corrector & Benefit Powderflage

3. MAC Earth to Earth Mineralize blush

4. NARS Laguna bronzer

What about you guys? Have you been sticking to a tried and true set of products every day or have you been trying out new things for the past month?


  1. Hope you post a link to your YouTube account, I'd be honored fo subscribe you! :)

    And as for the post, you're beautiful, as always. :)


  2. Speed dial looks great on you! xx

  3. this is actually my typical everyday look. no fuss, simple, but put together. you look great!

    my products always change, but i always use either revlon colorstay liquid liner or mac fluidline.

    can't wait to see your YT video!


  4. That lipstick colour is lovely, mite have to get that!x

  5. Oooo nice, love the new layout. Earth to earth looks very pretty on you as does everything else :) xx

  6. Sandra you look so good. Fresh, chic and uncomplicated. Looks fab xx

  7. Simple yet so sexy and beautiful. Awesome post!

  8. You look amazing!! So natural... I have so much trouble with concealer... Txx

  9. Such a fresh and pretty look!!! :)

    As for my makeup routine, it's falling into rut, lol!


  10. @India @Taloulas

    thank you ladies, you have to try that lipstick out next time you're by a MAC :)

    @nusa ann
    thank you so much, I hope you enjoy my videos, *I* would be honoured if you suscribed!

    no fuss and simple is sometimes the best policy, right?

    thank you, love. earth to earth is my favourite go-to blush!!

    @Nadia @Adeline
    thank you!! <3

    do you have trouble with your concealer staying in place? give the benefit powderflage a try. it works very well. the bobbi brown concealers and correctors are amazing for taking care of the dark circles!

    haha thank you Tina! I fall into a rut too, many times. Especially when I'm busy with other things. It's hard to always keep it fresh. Maybe now that we're going to be done school for the summer we'll have time to be more experimental :)

  11. I can't wait for the youtube video! how do you feel about the mac bronzer? Is it too shimmery?

    tanya :)

  12. hey lady, such a pretty everyday look ~ your eyelashes look amazing for having no eyemake up on!

    my everyday look is pretty basic 'neutral no makeup' (ahem!) look ... that still takes loads of makeup, lol!, but I use more shimmery products (macs crystal avalanche as a highlighter on the eye, bobbi brown shimmerbrick over my cheekbones etc) to get a kind of glow going on ...

    anyhoos, just thought I'd comment to say I'm really enjoying your blog - I'm just new to blogging myself, but will definitely follow you and add a wee link on my blog too.

    take care


  13. Such a pretty look.
    just noticed I am your 1000th subscriber, congratulations! I just discovered your blog from Laura (lollipop26) and I'm hooked :)

  14. Such a beautiful entry... I am impressed by the quality of your pictures and I love the selection of products you made for April. Especially the lip products!
    Greets from Spain,

  15. Wow, you are still stunning without eye makeup... I'm slightly jealous here, considering I look like I have beady little non existent eyes without at least my mascara on. lol. P.S. I just watched and commented on your YouTube video. *two thumbs up*

  16. what a beautiful, natural look!!

    You have a great blog =)

  17. Hi Sandra! I just found your blog today through lollipop26 and I LOVE it! I have saved it into my daily blog roll, hehe. Your eye makeup is always gorgeous and now I have to go shopping to get some of the products that you use! :D - Soo Jin from

  18. woo hoo i'm glad i found ya! thanks to mizz lollipop26!!

  19. Hi Sandra, love the blog! Saw that you have MAC Strobe Cream - have you tried the MAC Strobe Liquid?

    Btw, loved your favorites video on youtube!

  20. thank you guys so much for checking out my blog.
    I keep hoping every day that Blogger comes up with a decent comment reply system so I can personally reply to everyone without it being a giant pain in the arse. grr!

  21. I am totally craving Speed Dial now! Temptalia featured it in "the spring season" and I may just go buy it.
    You look great--- great look :)

  22. I love this look. As a blonde with fair skin I never seem able to achieve this lovely natural look. I tend to have to wack on more make up to open up my eyes and give me some colour! :)

  23. The lipstick looks incredible- so pretty but perfectly subtle. I'm a new follower to your blog and I love it!

    Hello-Barbie/Hollie x


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