Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday night drooling...

I am a big fan of these "inspirational"/"things I'm lusting after" posts
and I hadn't done one in a long time, so I figured today was the day!
These are things that have caught my eye this week from the lovely world wide web.

As you can see, I sure love my neutrals!

Miu Miu dress
- this is so "me", it hurts... would I spend over $1000 for it? No way! It's dupe-able, but the real thing sure is nice to look at! Love.

YSL ring
- gold plated, large and unusual... what's not to love?! The perfect pop of colour to a neutral outfit.

JOSEPH blazer
- this is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine... so chic and beautiful!

A.L.C. dress
- I recently discovered this brand and I literally have fallen in love with 90% of their offerings. Simple, classic clothing, made in the USA... just a beautiful contemporary line. This dress was my favourite.

Bird by Juicy Couture blouse
- I own more voluminous blouses than I can count, but I can never resist them when I browse online shops... I wouldn't pair it with the skirt in the picture though, I'd do either jean leggings, leather skinny pants or a bandage skirt and big clunky ankle boots! *swoon*

... and now for some shoe porn:

Elizabeth & James

Elizabeth & James

- I love Elizabeth & James shoes... they're not cheap, but not "eye-popping" expensive either, and you get a great, well-crafted pair of shoes and quality leather. I've only had positive experiences with the brand, and the two shoes I selected above are begging to be bought!! One day, shoes, one day you shall be mine...

Miu Miu ankle boots
- I still haven't found a perfect pair of simple black ankle boots... until now. These are just so beautiful and classic! Miu Miu never disappoints.

What have you been lusting after?

- Sandra


  1. So glad you're back dearest! I've missed your posts & vids! Have a great time on your vacay and please report back to us all about it!



  2. those ankle boots are a killer, sandra! Those will look stunning on you. I love that ring too, Aldo has a lot of big chunky rings that you maight like, just saying :) Thanks for sharing, Im droling while reading this post as well. :)

  3. my goodness, that joseph blazer is so gorgeous!

    lately, i've been lusting after a balenciaga city bag and a marc jacobs stam bag. i'm determined to purchase one of the two next year as my first ever "investment piece." wish me luck!

    oh, and i hope you have an awesome time on your trip. travel safe!


  4. Great post! Love the blouse, blazer and ring best xx

  5. I love the Joseph blazer - especially the cuffs - so feminine!

    With all the quilted bags in stores now, I've been drooling over a classic Chanel flap bag - I wish I had bought one before all the price hikes!

  6. lovely post! I love Mui Mui! and really want that ALC dress.. looks so feminine and I want that Joseph blazor too! :) I love the colour.. I don't see many of that colour blazor around as nice as that.

    Monica xx

  7. I love the Joseph blazer and the A.L.C dress
    *off to search online for more pics*

  8. i am in love with the ring, i need it! i always fall for rings :)

  9. i loveee the blazer and a.l.c. dress! i'm lusting after a classic quilted chanel bag.. among many other things

  10. Those Miu Miu ankle boots are to die for. Divine!!!


  11. I love all your picks, but I am seriously dying over the E & J shoes. I like a lot of elizabeth and james stuff, but I can never get myself to fork over the money for it.

  12. LOVE the Joseph blazer, that would last a lifetime.

    Fashion Stereotype

  13. Oh, how I love this stuff!! You have a great eye!

  14. ooooooh the dress i soo freakin beautiful! What a shame its way too expensive
    Rianna xxxx

  15. I'm a big fan of these posts too - in fact, I did one last night!

    I've had my beady eye on that YSL ring for ages, might have to succumb and just buy it one of these days! xx

  16. awesome post, I am in love with the ring!!
    great blog btw,
    feel free to visit my blog at

  17. Oh my word! I actually would want to wear all the items on the wishlist- not that I have a body for it HA! :) But the YSL ring colour is absolutely stunning!

  18. Hey Sandra, Just subscribed to your youtube channel! Love your vids and blog. Please check out my blog Hope you like! :)

  19. the YSL ring is amazing!!

  20. omg, i've been seriously considering whether i should buy the YSL ring as well! i haven't been able to find any dupes for it that's inexpensive.

    however, i did find dupes of them for 100 euros when i was at club 55 in st. tropez but i lost them after the trip :(

    the white blazer you mentioned this post, i actually got it tailor made cos i thought it was too expensive and it's not available where i'm at anyway. you should do the same! it's way cheaper and it would fit you like a glove :)

    love your youtube videos btw! xxx


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