Thursday, September 2, 2010

Post-Holiday In & Outs


- Chanel's Taupe Gris eyeshadow... been obsessed with this ever since I bought it and I try to find excuses to wear it daily

- royal blue toenails

- Barcelona! Fell in love with this city this past week... I spent last thursday up until this tuesday there and I am dying to go back. Amazing food, perfect weather, and great company :)

- KAIN label T-shirts & tanks... the most perfect and soft blends of silk and micromodal jersey... so sexy and sheer and loose-fitting; I cannot say enough good things about them!

- MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara: I have found my Holy Grail! I also love YSL Faux Cils but I find that the MUFE is a more intense black and smudges less... it is also cheaper and thus a winner in my books!

- end of summer weather... balmy, breezy, sunny... the start of fall/end of summer weather has always been my favourite

- Nutella


- Topshop... I was so disappointed! Yes, I saw a ton of cute stuff at the Topshops in London but the prices were absolutely insane for the quality of the items. Most of that stuff was Forever21 quality at best, and yet they still charged 70-80 pounds for a dress that was maybe worth $30. I bought a ring from there for 12 pounds and it broke in half the very first time I wore it. Big fat disappointment!

- post-holiday blues... I literally feel like I need bed rest for a week to recover haha

- back to work and school next week! ho hum...

- rain! It rained every day when I was in London, and now that I came home, it started raining here too...

- losing my Tiffany bow earrings on holiday :( must get them replaced ASAP!

Hope you all had a good couple of weeks while I was gone!


  1. So glad that you are back!! You have been missed my dear! Happy to hear that you had an excellent holiday!



  2. welcome back!

    everyone's been raving about the mufe smoky lash mascara, i definitely want to try it out!

    that's too bad about topshop. i've always wanted to go shopping there but considering prices, i probably won't.

    good luck with the oncoming school year!


  3. yumm nutella is my fave too! I miss you Sandra. Hope you can post more often this time. Im loving royal blue toe nails too! :)

  4. So glad you're back - I look forward to your posts and videos :-)

    That's a shame about Topshop's quality...when in London - I prefer to shop at New Look and Primark for great bargains (and pretty decent quality - especially New Look) - have you shopped at these places?

  5. Yeah Topshop prices are crazy. I'm from the UK and rarely get anything there as it's so overpriced. The quality really isn't great so you were probably right not to get too much from there. Glad you had a good trip xx

  6. Uhhh what a shame that it rained everyday in London. It's sunny now
    Did you shop for any make up?
    Post some photos of your trip.

  7. I totally agree about the quality of Topshop's clothes. I really don't understand the fuss that surrounds the store. It's overpriced rubbish in my opinion!

    Kelly x

  8. TopShop is really disapionting as a whole lately. It used to be really fashion forward and the peices on offer were unique and worth the money. It's really gone down hill recently. £20 for a plain jumper? I don't tink so.

    Hope you had a fabulous holiday. :)

  9. Yes Topshop its outrageously expensive for a highstreet shop. Disappointed too, but Topshop always end up winning me back ;)


  10. NUTELLA and ROYAL BLUE NAILPOLISH! We are soulmates!!! Happy you are back! Missed you much!! xx

  11. i couldnt agree more, i live in the uk and regularly go to topshop, i think the quality of their clothes is poor and doesnt justify their prices!

  12. Nutella! You've reminded me of a long-lost love. Must remember next time I'm out for groceries! Glad you're back.

  13. love royal blue. Agreed with topshop - maybe it's the name that gets all the sales

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  16. i know exaaaactly what you mean! topshop recently is a massiiive disappointment!! heartbreaking about the ring!!

    i loooove barcelonaaa too!!

    love daisy xxx

  17. So glad your back looking forward to more post xxx


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