Friday, September 24, 2010

Wrrrrap me up!

I've been obsessing over wrap bracelets lately...

My wrists are very small and most statement bracelets (the gorgeous cuffs and bangles that look amazing on everyone else) look strange and loose on me.

I had given up on bracelets until gorgeous leather wrap bracelets started capturing my attention. Wrap bracelets don't discriminate against small wrists and come in a myriad of textures, colours and sizes.

Obviously I have chosen the neutral ones (haha):

From left to right:
1. Chan Luu 2. Burberry Prorsum
2. Giles & Bother 3. Alexander McQueen

When I finally take the wrap-bracelet plunge, I'll be sure to post about what I have chosen.
Until then I sit and admire...

What new accessory have you been lusting over?

- Sandra


  1. Love the Burberry one!
    Check out my blog too, m hosting a giveaway, you might be intersted!


  2. those are lovely! i especially like the burberry and mcqueen ones.

    as for accessories i've been lusting over, i'd have to say: elbow-length gloves, especially in bright leather. i always lust for these in the fall.

  3. I agree! I stay away from bangles and bracelets, even watches, because I like them to feel tight and snug around my wrist. Most stores don't have different sizes, so I can't even buy those, and sometimes when I do, I end up taking the bangle/bracelet off within an hour of wear because the looseness of it annoys me that much.

  4. Nice blog! I enjoy your cool lashes, lol. I got a blog too, not as fun as yours though...

  5. Oh wow LOVE the Burberry Prorsum & Alexander McQueen ones!

  6. These bracelets are so will be hard to choose only one.
    I'm loving anything with feathers at the moment...earrings, necklaces and especially hair bands...but the small ones not the ones that you look as if you had a whole bird on your head.

  7. I really like the Chan Luu one. I think Lorraine was selling them on her blog at one point. I have a Chan Luu necklace that I adore - such a statement piece!

  8. I have very small wrists as well and I have been obsessing over large bangles and bracelets. After reading your post, I think leather wrap bracelet might just be the way to go for me! Please do let us know which one you select! =)

  9. these are gorgeous - I hadn't even put these on my radar, but I may have to go do some lusting of my own now

  10. Those are pretty nice! I was wondering if there is a shop online that's selling these kind of bracelets, not too expensive...

    Nice blog ! I'm now following you !=)

  11. I love these wrap bracelets also!!
    Hope you will check out my beauty blog also.. I'm doing a giveaway!


  12. Love the burberry wrap, Lorraine Stanicks store Exit Art have a few really cute wrap bracelets.

    I'm lusting after a YSL Iconic Oval Ring!!! xx

  13. Wow they are lovely!! Love the mcqueen ones...Great blog...Try checking out mine!!

  14. Wow, love love love!!!

  15. The Burberry and the McQueen ones are my favorite! Between those two it's really hard to choose.

  16. I absolutely adore your choice of bracelets here :) i am a bit of an obssessive when it comes to bracelets! Really love you blog :)


  17. OMG I want the Giles & Brother one SO BADLY. Could you please do a post on wrap bracelets, except low-end? I'm 16 and don't have any money haha!

  18. i love wrap bracelets! the burberry and giles one are my fav!!


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