Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Used up so far...

If you recall, I am currently in the process of enjoying things I own. I've set aside several products that I've been meaning to use up since otherwise things just keep accumulating and they get forgotten. All categories are game: perfumes, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, etc...

Every week or so I will do a little update post letting you know about a product I've finished and my overall thoughts on it, a mini review, if you will!

So far I've used up two things:

1. Bath & Body Works "Twilight Woods" Body Butter

Now this is what it's described as:

"Our Intense Moisture Body Butter is proven to provide moisture for over 24 hours, taking hydration to the extreme with Shea and Murumuru butters and nourishing coconut oil. Ultra-conditioning and non-greasy, this formula is supercharged with an advanced blend of Pro-Vitamin B, CO Q10 and antioxidant vitamins C & E to leave skin feeling noticeably softer.
  • Indulge your senses with our exclusive Twilight Woods, a hypnotic fragrance inspired by a romantic walk in enchanted woods.
  • Massage into exceptionally dry spots like knees and elbows, or all over for intense hydration"
I am not sure what exactly an "enchanted" forest would smell like, but this body butter does smell really good. It's a sweet scent, quite sugary and with a bit of vanilla in it as well. The fragrance does last a long time on the skin, which is probably the only good thing I can think of for this product.
The body butter itself left much to be desired. I didn't find it that more moisturizing than any average lotion I've tried in the past. Also, it was quite greasy and sticky to the touch for a good hour or two until it sank in.

I wouldn't repurchase this. The scent was nice, but it wasn't really a "me" scent, if that makes any sense. Perhaps I'll give The Body Shop body butter a try next :)

2. Vera Wang "Princess" Eau de Toilette

This is a super girly scent. The bottle is beautiful, the liquid itself in the bottle is a pale lavender colour (absent here because I've used it all up!).
I have no idea how to describe "notes" in perfumes. To me it smells, again, very sugary. There's vanilla and some florals. It has good lasting power on the skin. The official scent description from Sephora is:

"Created for the playful, unpredictable, independent woman who treats every day like an event and adventure. This is a woman who likes to make her own magic, this sheer, flirty blend of water lily, lady apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin are melded with sheer floral notes, accented with dark chocolate, and finished with a pink frosting accord, amber, warm woods, musk, and vanilla - a whimsical treat."

Again, this is supposed to smell "magical"... this seems to be the theme of today's scents haha...
Hey, at least I guessed the vanilla and sugar (frosting) part right! I do not detect any musk in this whatsoever, nor anything fruity... the vanilla and florals and frosting overpowers all the other notes, I would say.

Overall I did enjoy this, but I did not reach for this nearly as much as other perfumes in my collection. I would not repurchase since it's not a very "me" scent. I don't have a particular category of scents I prefer but I know for sure that this isn't it.

I guess magical forests and whimsical fairy scents are not for me :P

That's about it for me today, I hope you are all having a great week so far.

Any products that you've finished up lately?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Give me an H, Give me an M...

I have a love and hate relationship with H&M, which has seen more hate than love in the past couple of years. I always see cute things on other people, yet whenever I dive in and search at a store, I come out empty-handed and unsatisfied.
I do live near a pretty "crappy" H&M (and that's putting it mildly), but I seem to have this problem at H&M stores in larger cities and overseas as well - although, I do have to say that for some odd reason the European H&M's are far superior to their North American counterparts.

So last week, I reluctantly made my way to an H&M store nearby...

and came out with a bunch of cute new stuff! Score! The most expensive thing out of everything I purchased costed a whopping $39.99, so needless to say, I was a happy woman!

1. Black faux leather panel mini skirt
2. Rose-coloured "infinity" scarf
3. A simple and feminine black dress
4. Taupe faux leather waist belt

5. Oversized chunky knit sweater (see picture below):

The black leather skirt is very cool and "rock-n-roll", will work well juxtaposed with a feminine white or nude-coloured blouse, I think! I was actually looking for faux-leather shorts, but alas, a skirt was the closest I could find...

The sweater is very comfortable and warm, and it was $17.99! I got it in one size larger so I can pull it over my shoulder and wear it a bit like a tunic with leggings or black skinny jeans in the winter. I like how it has three-quarter sleeves, which are cuffed.
It also looks very sexy on supermodel Anja Rubik, who wears it in the photos for the H&M campaign this season:

The dress is simple, the fabric is actually quite soft and I got rid of the black sash belt it came with and replaced it with a taupe faux leather belt. It's also a very flattering shape on me as it gathers at the waist and has a bit of volume at the bottom.

The scarf is so soft and cute! It can be worn as a single "chain" around the neck or doubled up for when it gets cold... It came in a lot of different colours but I chose the rose because it will work nicely with black coats, beige coats, brown leather jackets, etc.
Here's an artsy close-up of it:

Anyways, those are my recent finds, all of which I am happy about!

Hope you all have a great weekend :)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making my list...

... and checking it twice! (Uh oh, I'm starting to get in Christmas mode...)

I've seen a few of the blogs I follow doing their Sephora Friends & Family sale wishlist and I thought I would follow suit.

* The sale starts October 22nd, 2010, and the code FF2010 gets you 20% off your order, AMERICAN ONLINE ORDERS ONLY*

Now, most of you know I'm Canadian, but I am fortunate enough to have a lovely friend that frequents Canada quite often that will add on the stuff I want to her order :)

I want to pat myself on the back numerous times for being so tame, I'm getting:

- Phyto Phytorhum Shampoo
- a new brush head for my Clarisonic
- Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara


Crazy, huh?

It all goes in hand with my previous post (the one where I blab about things I need to use up).
I am sick of hoarding products I barely use. My original "wishlist" was close to $300 and included a myriad of perfumes, YSL lipsticks and NARS blush...

three cheers for self-restraint!

What are you lusting for from Sephora?
Am I the only one keen on the "let's downsize our collections" movement?

Don't get me started on my nailpolish bin...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Products I'm trying to use up...

Happy Wednesday!

(Ew, did I really just start off my blog post with "Happy Wednesday"? Oh well, at least I didn't say "hump day" haha)

I am currently on a makeup/skincare buying hiatus until I free up some valuable drawer space. I've got some exciting new storage ideas in mind and sadly space is limited so I'm trying to use up a ton of the half-used and forgotten products I have laying around in the bathroom.

So here is a little list of what I'm currently working on:

- Shiseido foaming cleanser
- Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing gel
- Burt's Bees lip balm
- Vera Wang Princess perfume
- MAC Refined Skin Zone mattifier/pore minimizer
- NARS foundation primer
- MAC Cleanse-Off Makeup oil
- NARS Laguna bronzer
- MAC Peachykeen blush
- Chantecaille Vital Essence serum
- Cellnique glycolic acid serum
- at least ONE of the many MAC lipglasses I have laying around
- Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation

It's somewhat like a "Project 10 Pan" of sorts, except I think there are more than 10 items, and it's including skincare.

After I successfully complete these products, I will do another quick post (with photos of some of the products) and kind of do a little run-through of what I thought of each of them.
Some of these I'd repurchase, and some I'm very keen on replacing with a different product...

Until next time!


- Sandra

Monday, October 11, 2010

Excuse me while I drool for a minute...

If I could sum up my Fall wardrobe inspiration in one single image, this would be it:

Perfect. Sexy, neutral, balance between casual & a bit of rock 'n' roll...
I really regret not buying those Alexander Wang ankle boots when I had the chance! They kick so much ass.
The woman is Christine Centenera, she works for Harper Bazaar Australia and she is most definitely one of my "style inspirations".

What (and who) has inspired your style lately?


- Sandra

Monday, October 4, 2010

IN & OUT (the "I'm stressed" edition)

School and work and everything in between has caught up with me big time over the past couple of weeks.
I am knee-deep in assignments, papers and upcoming tests, and of course I am getting the obligatory "start of Fall" cold. *sneezes*
What better way to escape all the stress than to do one of my favourite type of post: IN & OUT!


- drooling over Paris Fashion Week from afar... Fashion shows make me happy :)

- YSL Palais. Sexiest. Shoes. EvAr. I love everything about them. This hunter green shade, especially:

- on another shoe note, I've also been loving biker boots lately. Outfit of the day post to come... if I ever get out of the house/library.

- MAC Lip Conditioner: smells like cake, tastes like cake, moisturizes lips and leaves them slightly glossy without being sticky. Win!

- Dark red nails. I just ordered Essie's "Limited Addiction" nailpolish and I can't wait to try it. From swatches it seems to be the perfect rich dark shade of red for fall & winter.

- YSL Teint Resist Foundation mixed with a little bit of MAC Strobe Cream. The perfect fix for skin that's getting a bit dried out by the colder weather.

- Bare Escentuals Eyeshadows (the glimmers!)... they surpass MAC Pigments and are now my favourite loose eyeshadows. So easy to work with, pigmented and finely milled, and the glitter isn't annoying like *cough* Urban Decay *cough*

- The Social Network: really enjoyed this film... worthy of all the hype it's been getting. Interesting story, and very well-delivered.


- my lipgloss/lipstick drawer. It needs a major sizing down. I've been trying really hard to use up my lipglosses and "start fresh", sticking to only the shades that I know I will always keep using (this also means that some sort of "Favourite Lip Products" video will be coming soon!)

- BBM. BlackBerry phones in general. iPhone FTW.

- Summer 2010.

- not being able to afford the YSL Palais shoes I mentioned above :'(

- stressing out unnecessarily

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