Friday, October 22, 2010

Give me an H, Give me an M...

I have a love and hate relationship with H&M, which has seen more hate than love in the past couple of years. I always see cute things on other people, yet whenever I dive in and search at a store, I come out empty-handed and unsatisfied.
I do live near a pretty "crappy" H&M (and that's putting it mildly), but I seem to have this problem at H&M stores in larger cities and overseas as well - although, I do have to say that for some odd reason the European H&M's are far superior to their North American counterparts.

So last week, I reluctantly made my way to an H&M store nearby...

and came out with a bunch of cute new stuff! Score! The most expensive thing out of everything I purchased costed a whopping $39.99, so needless to say, I was a happy woman!

1. Black faux leather panel mini skirt
2. Rose-coloured "infinity" scarf
3. A simple and feminine black dress
4. Taupe faux leather waist belt

5. Oversized chunky knit sweater (see picture below):

The black leather skirt is very cool and "rock-n-roll", will work well juxtaposed with a feminine white or nude-coloured blouse, I think! I was actually looking for faux-leather shorts, but alas, a skirt was the closest I could find...

The sweater is very comfortable and warm, and it was $17.99! I got it in one size larger so I can pull it over my shoulder and wear it a bit like a tunic with leggings or black skinny jeans in the winter. I like how it has three-quarter sleeves, which are cuffed.
It also looks very sexy on supermodel Anja Rubik, who wears it in the photos for the H&M campaign this season:

The dress is simple, the fabric is actually quite soft and I got rid of the black sash belt it came with and replaced it with a taupe faux leather belt. It's also a very flattering shape on me as it gathers at the waist and has a bit of volume at the bottom.

The scarf is so soft and cute! It can be worn as a single "chain" around the neck or doubled up for when it gets cold... It came in a lot of different colours but I chose the rose because it will work nicely with black coats, beige coats, brown leather jackets, etc.
Here's an artsy close-up of it:

Anyways, those are my recent finds, all of which I am happy about!

Hope you all have a great weekend :)



  1. you're right, european h&m's are far better than the north american stores.

    the 1 store i went to in milan (this was where i discovered h&m) was better than any h&m i've been to since. the one in new york is particularly appalling.

    european zara stores have better clothes, as well.

    i LOVE the sweater! so gorgeous!

  2. I love the scarf and the dress :) you will totally rock those Sandra :)


  3. I am inlove with the skirt. It's perfect! ♥

  4. Hey, I love the oversized sweater and the scarf! I love shopping for cosy knits so much fun. Thing about H&M is you see something in there once but by the time you have thought about it it is usually gone!
    You got cute things!
    Gloria x x x

  5. OMG I love everything, I need to find that sweater!! X

  6. I really want the oversized jumper now!!
    I absolutely love H&M - favourite store :)

    Make sure to check out my blog too!

  7. Very cute items!!! :)
    I 'd love to see ootd's w the skirt and jumper, cool pieces!


  8. I often have that probelm too - seeing cute pieces on others, but never being able to find something myself when I go! I'm glad you found something though - love the scarf! I'll have to keep trying.


  9. I think i need help shopping, i live in the UK and our H&M's are absoloutely awful (in my opinion). I have the same problem, to everyone i ask 'wow where is that from' many times they say h&m but when i walk in, shopping somewhat feels like a negative sort of effort? I like things to jump out at me and in h&m they just...don't. The dress you found is gorgeous! :) X

  10. You managed to find some great pieces! I always pop in there and am always disappointed. Guaranteed if I do find something I like my store won't have my size!!

    Kelly x

  11. I will say H&M (at least near me) have been stepping up their game. For a while I wasn't finding anything there, but now pretty much every time I go in I buy something! Can I just say that EVERYTHING is better in Europe?! The men, the food, the shopping, I should just move back! lol

    That dress is gorge too.

    PS Glad you survived the tornado. . crazy weather here!

  12. great finds! Aside from the clothing I'm loving the pic of the bangs.

  13. You look couture whether you're wearing H&M or Prada. :)

  14. the rose coloured snood is really nice! (:


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