Friday, December 17, 2010

Cold Friday Afternoon Droolworthiness...

It's absolutely freezing outside. Snow, ice, and all that good stuff.
I am completely unprepared for the holidays and my last exam for the semester is tomorrow (woohoo!)...
So what's better than to take a little study break and think about some beautiful things that would keep me warm and cozy during this frigid season.

Here is my ever so cozy wintery wishlist:

1. Shearling lined robe - Anthropologie
2. Studded cashmere scarf - Burberry
3. Beige cardigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim

Simple and to the point. That robe looks SO soft and comfortable, I may just have to try hunting it down at an Anthropologie store nearby. The other two are out of my price range at the moment, but are extremely beautiful nonetheless.
I prefer the black-gray-white large check pattern to the traditional camel or beige ones that Burberry has to offer. This scarf is nice and long, with gunmetal studs at the bottom.
As for the cardigan, you can really never have too many cardigans. I really want a light-coloured one like the Phillip Lim offering above (maybe at student budget-friendly pricing, though) to add to my group of black/gray/navy.

That's what has caught my eye so far today...

Are you lusting for any winter items in particular?


  1. That scarf is awesome, i like the classic Burberry print on scarves.

  2. the scarf is studded? that is so amazing, i've never really seen anything like that. i'm really starting to hate the cold also, it's really getting on my nerves. i'm currently lusting lots of knitted / cashmere sweaters at the moment.

  3. that robe does look soooo comfy... Im lusting for a big warm fluffy, not so fashionable winter jacket! :p for those mornings that it's so cold and early, you just dont care about pretty anymore... I hate the cold...


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