Monday, December 20, 2010

Pretty shiny things...

I've always been quite minimalistic when it comes to jewelry.

I'm quite picky and over time I've come to prefer having a collection of a few nice things rather than boxes upon boxes of crap that gives me green stains or bends and breaks after one use.

I just did a major jewelry clean-up last month and am now looking for some new additions.

As of late, I've really been admiring gold and white enamel combinations... here's what I've been eyeing lately:

1. 24k Gold Plated Earrings - Oscar De La Renta
2. White Arty Ring - Yves Saint Laurent

I don't usually like big earrings on myself, but these Oscar De La Renta statement earrings are just so beautiful! They really caught my eye. I'd love to check them out in person and see how heavy they are... the reason I steer away from dangly earrings is that they weigh my ears down and make me uncomfortable... but hey, sometimes you find a pair that's just so pretty - it's worth a bit of suffering :)

As for the ring, it's a pretty famous one. YSL does them in plenty of colours and I have mentioned it before. This white one has to be my favourite so far though. Again, I hate not being able to see these in person and try them out before I buy, but if I were to take the plunge on any piece this holiday season, it would probably be the YSL Arty ring!

Do any of you own one? Is it nice and solid? I hate flimsy rings!

PS: no jewelry post would be complete without a cute jewelry box!
I found this at Anthropologie the other day and I've been thinking of going back for it.


  1. Go back for that Jewellery box, what a stunner! I am suck a sucker for storage x

  2. The YSL ring is so solid! I have it in purple and its gorgeous. Amazing quality :) xx

  3. love the box its toooo kute - i would go back for it !

  4. I agree the jewellery box is so pretty! I absoloutely love the ring aswell :) x

  5. I was not a big fan of gold jewlery either but these days all I go for are the gold ones specially with stone:) the box is so beautiful and chic. you have great taste in fashion dear:)always enjoy your posts

  6. I have two of the arty rings..they are amazing very eye-catching and def solid..feel quite heavy on so they tend to be a bit tiring on the finger after a few hours but def worth it!ODLR look as if they would suit an older woman better..

  7. You may already be aware but that jewelry box is on sale for $19.95 with an additional 25% off until Christmas Eve. :)

    The jewelry pieces you posted are lovely, too.

  8. I got that jewellery box a few days ago in the sale! It even absorbed some of that amazing anthropolgie scent! :)

    Love the pieces that you have chosen, you have great taste in jewellery


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