Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Proclaiming my love for Mulch eyeshadow... and Outfit Of The Day

I had been so preoccupied with my NARS Pleasures of Palette lately, that I had forgotten about some other more important palettes - my MAC ones!

So before heading out on the weekend I slapped on some Urban Decay Primer Potion (which has become an absolute necessity since the weather here has been very hot and humid - oily skin's best friend),
I then added some NARS Mykonos cream eyeshadow as a base, focused along my lash line, and with a MAC 217 eyeshadow brush, I applied MAC Mulch eyeshadow all over the lid and blended it towards the crease and on the lower lash line.
I applied MAC Feline Power Kohl eyeliner on the lash line and waterline for good measure, followed by a couple of good coats of Fresh Supernova mascara (which is very unimpressive, but more on that later.)

Ta da! Finished look:

Mulch is just so beautiful and rich, it really holds its ground used on its own all over the lid. Such a simple look!

For the rest of the face, I stuck to the basics - just the ol' faithful YSL Teint Resist foundation and Benefit Hoola Bronzer, followed by NARS Deep Throat blush and a little bit of lip gloss.

I also wore out one of my favourite dresses.
It's so versatile and of the softest thin silk material. I've worn it as a tunic, as a dress 2 different ways, and since it's so thin it can even be tucked into a thick pencil skirt and be worn as a blouse.
I've had it for 2 years now, and I still love it. I am definitely not a "one time wear" clothing person. I like to invest in what I wear and find exciting new ways to wear it :)

This time I spiced it up a bit with a belt and I added my favourite chain brooch to the side for a bit of edge. I went with the pretty patterns at the bottom of the dress and paired it with some textured canvas heels.

Dress: Miss Sixty (Summer 08 collection)
Belt: Bebe (just any old thick patent belt will work)
Brooch: Marquis & Camus (the series of chains you see on the right side of my chest)
Shoes: vintage (I stole them from my mother's old shoe stash haha)

If you have a dainty dress that you love, but you think the pattern is too "out there" to wear out again - think twice! Spice it up with a thick belt, a vest, blazer or chunky jewelry. Some items are too pretty to just be worn once :)

Outfit recycling FTW.


- Sandra

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In & Out (number unknown)


- having the next 2 days off from work. I get to watch my beloved World Cup games and enjoy the sunshine outside.

- someone returned my missing phone! Thank you, anonymous, wherever you are!

- going for walks with friends late in the evening... the temperature is just perfect

- Benefit Hoola bronzer. It's giving me the perfect natural bronze.

- using up some of my older Limited Edition MAC lipglasses: Naked Space and She Loves Candy have been getting a lot of love recently.

- Drake's new album. I don't listen to a lot of hip-hop because 95% of it is crap, but Thank Me Later is fantastic.

- NARS Eurydice Eyeshadow duo: the perfect dramatic purple smokey eye, every time. Makes my greenish-brown eyes stand out like nothing else.

- the vuvuzela at World Cup. Everyone seems to hate them, but I don't. I think they add character to the championship.


- the fact that it's taking my cellphone provider 3 days to reactivate my account. It's just a big pain. I hate being phone-less, I feel so disconnected...

- the fact that I'm so attached to technology. I literally mourned the loss of my phone when I thought it was gone forever haha

- Makeup Forever HD Foundation, such a disappointment! It does nothing for me, the coverage is OK and the foundation blends well, but the finish just does nothing for me - it highlights my acne scarring and has poor lasting power on my oily skin.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Comfort Zone... (FOTD)

When I'm in a rush, I don't think about what I'm doing as I apply my make-up... I just naturally gravitate towards the same colour combinations, and a few days ago was no different.

I love neutral soft browns, taupes and plums!
I also put on false lashes for the first time in a while, and surprisingly I didn't mess it up :)

NARS Nepal eyeshadow all over the lid
MAC Style Snob eyeshadow in the outer half
MAC Soft Brown eyeshadow in the crease
NARS Cordura eyeshadow in the outer V

Eyeko black liquid liner (was sent to me, and I love it - great staying power)
MAC Feline Kohl Power on waterline
MAC #7 eyelashes

YSL Teint Resist Foundation in #5 mixed with Makeup Forever HD Foundation in #123
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Natural
Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector in Light Peach (under eyes only)
Benefit Powderflage

NARS Laguna Bronzer
Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (T-zone only)
NYC Blushable Cream Stick in Plaza Pink (as a base for blush)
NARS Madly blush

YSL Rouge Volupte in #7
MAC Lipglass in Naked Space

The lip combination turned out great. I love neutralizing something as cool toned as YSL's #7 with a beige-toned gloss like MAC's Naked Space. Sadly Naked Space was limited edition, but I reckon something like C-Thru by MAC would have a similar effect on top.

What colour families do you stick to when you're pressed for time?

- Sandra

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Nail Holiday



Now that I'm back from outer space (well, more like a long weekend in Las Vegas followed by a really hectic week)
I've got some time to regroup and to write some new blog posts.

If you recall, a few posts back I was frantically searching for the perfect bright summer red nail polish.
A couple of weeks after that faithful post, I got some things in the mail that made me super excited:
1) I went a bit overboard with an Essie order
(stemming from the fact that a ton of you guys recommended Lollipop by Essie as a perfect bright red and I happily obliged and ordered it, along with some other colours),
2) the nice folks at Eyeko sent me three of their cute new nailpolishes to try out,
one of which was - lo and behold - the perfect summer coral-red.

Needless to say, as I spread out all the new additions before introducing them to my overflowing nailpolish box,
I had a stupid giant grin on my face... don't they all look so pretty?

I got 2 full-sized bottles of Essie nail polishes, Lollipop and Lapis of Luxury.
I also got one of their little sample cubes of some of their summer collection shades
(Demure Vixen, Haute as Hello, Knockout Pout and Pretty Edgy),
and the three cute bottles of Eyeko nail polishes.

In the swatches you will see below, the Eyeko polishes only required one coat,
while the Essie swatches contain 2 coats.
I also did a comparison of Eyeko Posh Polish and Chanel's Particuliere since people were saying they're pretty close dupes.

Keep reading below and see for yourself :)

Starting off with my beloved bright red shades and Lapis of Luxury, a stunning periwinkle blue that I've been wanting for a long time:

Eyeko Coral Polish is slightly more on the coral/orange side than Essie's Lollipop,
but they are both exactly what I was looking for.
Bright, punchy reds that will look killer with some beige and black clothes (aka pretty much my entire closet).

Essie's Lapis of Luxury needed 3 coats to be completely opaque,
I got lazy and only did 2 in this photo.
I've been wearing it for the past few days and have already gotten a ton of compliments on it. It's an unusual colour but unusual in the very best way.
Would look amazing on the toes as well, paired with some black/silver sandals.

Next up is the much-awaited comparison: Eyeko Posh Polish vs. Chanel Particuliere
Both polishes were only swatched with one coat.

As you can see, they are not EXACT dupes, but they are pretty damn close. Application-wise, Eyeko Posh Polish went on perfectly after just one coat, whereas Particuliere would need a second coat for the same opaque coverage. The Eyeko nailpolish formulation is definitely on the thick side, which I happen to like.

Particuliere is warmer and more brown, Posh Polish is a bit more on the taupe/gray side.
Both beautiful shades nonetheless and you achieve the same look with either one. Plus, the Eyeko is about 1/5 of the price, so if that's not an incentive, I don't know what is :)

Next up is a full hand of swatches:

You can see the difference between Posh Polish and Particuliere better from farther away. There are also 2 other colours in the mix, Essie's Demure Vixen and Eyeko Tea Rose. They're great essential shades - a medium pink and a light pinky taupe, but not as exciting as the next hand:

Behold - summer nails extravaganza!

I am so in love with these Essie colours! I've owned Van D'go for a couple of months now but I wanted to see how it compared to Haute as Hello. They are on opposite ends of the peachy spectrum. I thought I'd hate Pretty Edgy since green nails are not my thing - even mint nails don't fascinate me as much as they have everyone else - but I was pleasantly proven wrong. I wouldn't wear it on my hands but I have it on my feet now and it looks so cool with a pair of gold gladiator sandals.

With all these new additions, I'd say I'm pretty set for summer... now please punch me if I buy another nail polish until the fall :)

I hope you enjoyed this blabbering post... as you can tell, I get far more excited about nail polish than any normal human should.

Until next time,


Eyeko nail polishes are available on or at drugstores if you're in England.
Essie nail polishes are available on or at Ulta if you're in the United States, otherwise you can search eBay and it will never prove you wrong :)

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