Tuesday, January 4, 2011

3 things... (New Year Beauty Inspiration)

As I was doing my nightly scavenging of the internet for all things beautiful, I came across this gorgeous image of Abbey Lee Kershaw for Tom Ford.

Three things came to mind!

1. how hot are those glasses? I want!
2. gorgeous makeup, I love the warm glossy red lip with the cool silvery eyeshadow
3. Abbey Lee is one of my favourite models ever!

I saved this image in a hurry and I am hoping to show this to my optometrist when I go in for my eye appointment later on this month. I think I may need glasses for seeing at a distance (I'm starting to notice my once perfect 20/20 vision being not up to par as of late)... so might as well try and get sexy and bold Tom Ford specs!
Only problem is I've never seen Tom Ford eyewear at any optician places near me... any advice for me, dear readers who wear glasses? How can I obtain such cool cat-eye frames?

Hope you're all having a great year so far!




  1. good lord! everything about that photo does scream hotness, excellent inspiration. those glasses are so 50s, so marilyn monroe :D good luck to finding them, i wouldn't mind a pair myself ;)


  2. Love this look! the glasses are FABULOUS and it doesn't get better than a bold Red lip.

  3. I love those glasses! I actually just ordered some Tom Ford eyeglasses last week (link below) I didn't order them from this website, but I have ordered ones from there before and loved them. Perhaps they will have the cateyes at some point??



  4. That photo looks amazing but I'm sure (without being horrible) a lot of post production retouches were made. She kind of looks like a doll/dummy.
    I love it anyway...but I doubt she looks like that in reality.
    I'm sure you will be able to order it online. When you go to the optician they measure your face and I'm sure they will give you the measures so you can go elsewhere and get what you want.

  5. Those glasses are really big. Might be quite the shock if you are not used to wearing glasses.
    Also, as a rule of thumb, they should not cover your eyebrows entirely and your cheecks are not supposed to meet the frame when you smile. If your face shape is oval, you can pretty much choose any type of glasses.

    I have always been a fan of Lisa Loeb's glasses and she now has her own eyewear line.

  6. Omg i want these glasses too, i think Chanel have similar ones and miu miu too

  7. Wow she looks like a barbie, perfect make up! x

  8. Love those Glasses!

  9. the tom ford website has an excellent 'where to buy' search function. granted you can't specify glasses as distinct from sunglasses but it might give you some clues... I know because I just looked up where to buy in London - I love those glasses! Good luck!

  10. Great post. I like her aswell, good model.


  11. Doesn't Abby Lee Kershaw just make everything look so good?
    Anyway if you want to take a trip downtown, check out Spectacle on Queen St. West- they carry a wide selection of stylish designer specs.

  12. Gorgeous photo! Love those glasses.
    I'm now following, hope you can do the same :)


  13. They are lovely, as is the picture.
    Not sure if they're for everyday use but you'll sure look good! x

  14. she looks fantastic, the makeup is just stunning I agree!!! *drools*

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