Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another makeup wishlist (I cannot be helped!)

This is what happens when I try to limit myself... I just build up a list of insane proportions in my head and when I lift my self-imposed makeup spending ban, I will go wild (hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife).
However, I find that doing these little wish list posts really helps me hone in on what I really want and will prevent me from straying and making impulse buys.
I also love the fact that I can get your input on things and I can scratch out items that are no good.

Without further ado, here are some things to add to my list:

1. Clarins Instant Lip Perfector

One of my co-workers always raves about it, and the packaging is sleek and simple. Just a great sheer moisturizing gloss that I need to try out! It got a lot of love from Pixiwoo as well in the past.

2. Guerlain Teracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer in Shade 02 (Brunettes)
Guerlain Teracotta is kind of the mother of all bronzers, would really be a shame to go on and call myself a makeup enthusiast without ever trying this one :)

3. MAC Studio Fix Powder

One of my old favourites. I keep meaning to repurchase this and I will do so as soon as I use up my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural :)

4. Chanel Mystic Eyes Quad

I will do a bigger wishlist compilation maybe at the end of the month and go through it/condense it or scratch things out that I've purchased from the list.

Have you been lusting for anything in particular lately?


  1. I agree with the Clarins Lip Perfectors I have one & they're so lovely! The Chanel Mystic eyes I had to return cause I found the pigmentation wasn't up to par :( but the Enigma is apparently similar, but better!

  2. Hahahaha, loved the "hide yo' kids" reference! That song [if it can be called that!] creeps into my head all the time.

  3. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush... not sure which shade to try? Bareminerals Multitasking Face in Well Rested... apparently great for the under eye area, as it reduces the appearence of bags, and helps under eye concealer stop creasing- as per recommendation of Michelle1218 :) I would also love to try the Guerlain 4 Seasons! I like the versatility of this product.

  4. haha youre so funny. i absolutely need that chanel palette though! so amazing <3
    awesome post xo.

  5. I would love the Chanel Mystic eyes!
    Right now I am lusting over everything. haha Not really. But I would love to get more TokiDoki products. I love the ones I have. Along with more MAC lipsticks, they are my favorite I have had. I would love to try a Chanel nail polish as well!

  6. hehe i want the clarins glosses too! But i always regret buying glosses because in the end they all look the same :p

  7. I'm curious about the Studio Fix vs the MSF natural. I have been wearing MSF natural & like it, but some say the Studio Fix is more matte...what do you think? That Guerlain bronzer looks like a dangerous one for me :)

  8. You must get the Clarins Lip Perfectors. I have both the pink and the peach and they are great. They do not last very long because they are non sticky but they feel great on.

  9. After seeing you and Dara talk about the Clairns lip perfectors its on my wishlist now too :)


  10. Mm MAC face and Body and Chanel Boy lippie are on my *want* list :D

  11. Love your wishlist Sandra! =) I'm gonna go read reviews about that bronzer!

  12. Initially I wasn't impressed with Clarins Lip Perfector but lately I've been using it every day over my favorite lipsticks and it's lovely. Nothing to write home about though :/ Also not very long lasting. But I don't regret buying it, just not sure whether I would repurchase.

  13. Chanel palette it's beautiful!

  14. I love mystic eyes chanel palette! it is the first that I bought for my collection!

  15. ohhh definitely like the sounds of the clarins lipgloss.. putting that on my wish list!

    check out my blog :)



  16. Haha, your wishlist is nothing, compared to mine, Sandra! Mystic eyes and Lip Perfectors are featuring in it as well:)

  17. The Mystic eyes quad is gorgeous, you'll love it! I've been lusting after the Hourglass Aura cheek stains, and the YSL cream blushes from the Spring collection.

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