Friday, February 18, 2011

ANOTHER Makeup Wishlist...

It's funny how as soon as I try to behave and not buy any makeup until I use some of my things up, all these wonderful things come to my attention and my wish list just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger... all I can really do is add on to the list and blog about it.

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Holy crap! I got a sample of this ages ago and uncovered it yesterday, put it on - a tiny amount, with a MAC 190 foundation brush... sheered out - and it was lovely! It's everything I wanted Chanel Mat Lumiere to be. Extremely long lasting, satin finish, didn't need any powder and did not settle into any pores or lines. I have to keep this in mind for a summer foundation.

2. Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour

This weekend I was supposed to go to Montreal with my family but plans fell through, so instead I am going to Toronto next weekend with some girlfriends - meaning I get to go to Holt Renfrew again and they have Tom Ford lipsticks there - YAY! Last time I went they were sold out of every shade I wanted, so I hope I have better luck this time... I've got my eye on Blush Nude and True Coral.

3. A new MAC blush... a peach colour, to be exact.

I'm in between Melba, Peaches or Springsheen by MAC. I want a natural, gorgeous true peach. Most of my blushes are pink or plum or rosy/coral, I need to complement my collection with a pretty peach shade.
Which ones are your favourite peach blushes?

These three join my ever-growing "To Buy" list... now here's hoping I contain myself and get to finish some products before I make any new purchases!

Hope you're having a great weekend



  1. I love all of MAC's products,
    I like this peach colour may have to give it a go..
    I also love Estee Lauder, there products are always high quality and I am always happy that there worth the paying higher price.

    I'm loving pale pink and peach coloured lipstick at the moment,

    check my blog out :)


  2. Estee lauder have gift with purchase now at Holt Renfrew, I love Melba and Springsheen by Mac. Melba looks very nice when I am more pale though other wise it does not show that much on my skin. Gina by Nars is also a good peach color:)

  3. what colour was your double wear sample? I keep meaning to buy it, but can never make my mind up over the colours! tom ford lippies are lovely, ginger fawn is the most amazing poppy orange/red! xxx

  4. I think you should try Fleur Power or Melba for a blush, Peaches may look a bit orange sometimes.

  5. Peaches is an aamzing true peach blush, check it out! xx

  6. Double wear is lovely for those looong days.. But it tends to be a lil too pink for me.. But it's ok as I mix it with one of my other foundations and viola! Perfection! It mixes so well with any foundation..

    I've had samples of Bobbi Brown's Skin foundation and it is sooo nice! I kinda wish I got it instead of the Bobbi Brown Natural Foundation..

    As for a peach blush.. Melba is so flattering and Sprinsheen is gooorgeous but it's a pinky peach.. For a true peach, I suggest you check out Illamasqua's Lover blush.. It is a the truest peach I came across AND it is very long lasting! And blushes don't tend to stick on my cheeks for long for some reason..

    Hope this helps..

  7. Peaches is gorgeous. I have it and it's so beautiful to layer. It gives you that 'I'm not wearing makeup, I just wake up this hot' look :)

  8. I love peach blushes!! My favorite are MAC's Margin and MAC's Prism. Margin does have some frost to it but it's just beautiful on the skin!

  9. I'm going to have to go get a sample of Double Wear, heard such great things about it. Mspurplemakeup just reviewed Warm Soul Mineralize Blush by Mac, it's a very pretty peach with flecks of gold.

  10. I have melba and it is a gorgeous matte peach. perfect for a natural flushed look

  11. I've been wanting to try Double Wear but heard it's not great for dry skin.. Have you tried Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation? I believe it's similar to DblWear and is my new HG foundation! I totally recommend it.
    I'm not a huge fan of peach colored blushes on my skin tone, but MACs Gingerly blush is just gorgeous and looks great on light to medium skin. Sort of peachy sort of skin toned..hard to explain but great on the cheeks! Check it out!

  12. MAC Peach blushes are totally my thing, so I can help you there. MAC springsheen is a pink-peach, Melba closer to peach, but still pink. Peaches and My Highland Honey are the truest MAC peach blushes I have found. Hope that helps.

  13. Hey Sandra get Melba. Its really pigmented and it will look great on your skintone :) I highly recommend for sure!!! :)

  14. I looove Melba it is a great peach color, sprinsgheen is ok too but it is a pinky peach. So def go for Melba imo!
    Also cheack out Buff that one is great peach colored blush as well!

    Great list!

  15. Revlon Strawberry Suede is actually a cheaper dupe for the True Coral ( I was going to get True coral until I saw the swatches here
    and I already own Strawberry Suede).

    Peaches is a true peach for sure, Springsheen is still a pinky peach IMO.

    Let us know if you get any of them :-)

  16. I love MAC's margin blush. It's a peachy bronze with some shimmer. Beautiful!

  17. I was like you, I wanted a true peach and I choose springsheen. It is not a true peach colour though. Sometimes can look dark if you use alot which I particularly do not like. It also does not show up well on the camera, only more for day look. But then again this stuff is quite shiny & doesnt quite suit the day look. Go for melba, you'll love it more.

  18. I love Springsheen, one of my faves!!! xoxo

  19. i think margin would look beautiful on you. tali from the gloss goss really likes it and she has similar colouring to you. it's one of those suits-everyone blushes because it looks good on my fair skin too.

  20. I really want to try doublewear it ison my ever growing list of foundations to try. Fleur Power is really pretty from mac but it is more of a pinky peach x

  21. what shade in EL DW did you try?
    we're always similar in shade!

    i love melba for a peach shade but last summer i fell for gina by nars.. they just have such great pay off!

    and i checked out the comparison link btw TF and revlon .. looks like a great dupe!
    thanks @missali!

  22. I´m finding myself reaching for the same shades of blushes as you are, especially Melba and Peaches. I´ve also found a pinch o´peach to be nice even though it´s a bit more pink in it.

    I also came across a gorgeous nude lipstick from YSL the other day, YSL Rouge Pur Couture 24 Blond Ingenu. Very similar to Mac Hue, only a bit more sheer. Absolutely gorgeous! The lipsticks from YSL is so moisturizing which I love!

    I´ve written about it with swatches in my blog :)



  23. Estee Lauder DW is the best this is a foundation that REALLYY stays put! I apply it with a Mac 187 so its not too heavy. It's one of my favorite foundations.

    I think you would like Melba, if you are looking for a good peacy color. It's a very pretty shade!

  24. i want to try mac margin blusher, heard is lovely and peach.

  25. Holts Bloor is stocked up now with Ford lipsticks. Enjoy!

  26. Holts is stocked up now. Enjoy!

  27. RE: A Peach M.A.C Blush... Springsheen is lovely :)

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