Sunday, February 20, 2011

Currently Admiring: Burberry Prorsum

No matter how much I try to convince myself that winter is over - I went out last night and did not bring a coat... not so smart, Sandra - it's not. So it's an excuse for me to post about beautiful coats ;)

If I just happened to have $2000 to spend on a coat, I would instantly choose the Burberry Prorsum line. Stunning jackets, through and through.
From more luxurious offerings like the one pictured below on Blake Lively -

To this stunning feminine jacket (it's from their 2007 collection but such a timeless and chic piece, nonetheless) -

Finishing off with a sexy "rock n roll" option with leather sleeves and backing -

Burberry Prorsum just do it like no other.

I like the classic Burberry trench coats as well, but the Prorsum line always kicks it up an extra notch and makes pieces that are more memorable an luxurious.

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday - now I'm off to cuddle up in my bed some more and try to not think about the fact that it's still -10 degrees Celsius outside.



  1. Wow i love the trench with the leather sleeves and back! Is that Emma Watson wearing it?


  2. I adore Burberry too, and Emma Watson was my favourite wearing Burberry, she wears this amazing brand so well. I think that the last trenchcoat, may be Topshop or i think they have something similar? It's just too pretty, sigh ...

  3. Burberry are the Kings of trench coats! Loving Emma Watson's coat, I have such a style crush on her x x x

  4. Oooh, I saw that coat on Emma awhile back and absolutely fell in love with it. Purely cool.

  5. they make the most amazing outerwear! i always find myself drooling over them on the site :p

  6. Looooove the one with the leather! I adore it *sigh*

  7. cant wait to see whats going to be in the show tommrow!! xx

  8. one day i will own a burberry trench coat. they are always at the nordstroms rack by my house, but they are still like 500$ at the least ! but these are so amazing.

  9. I've always loved blake lively's style!


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