Monday, February 21, 2011

In & Out (February 21, 2011)


- the urge to get lighter hair... my dark roots are starting to annoy me, I need some maintenance and some more light browns!

- berry/natural lip colours, with a hint of clear gloss. I haven't touched the nude pinks in about a week

- sexy dress of the moment:

Rag & Bone Edita dress

I tried this on a couple of weeks ago in a dark forest green shade and it was so pretty, I wanted to never take it off but honestly I still have so many dresses I've never worn, I just couldn't justify this rather pricy purchase. Also, I'm a bit of a "mesh ruiner" - flashback to the Max Azria dress I ruined in 2010 - so I best stay away... until I maybe find it on sale or something haha

- Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, they don't come out until March (one shade is available from their Spring collection - I believe it's called Boy) but I am SO excited for the whole range to come out. I have a feeling I'm really going to love these... a fitting replacement for my beloved discontinued YSL Rouge Pur Shines.


- SNOW... again... 20cm overnight... *sigh*

- the endless hunt for a perfect pair of black leather ankle boots. I only ever seem to find suede ones in styles that I like, but I want black leather!!!

- general laziness and lack of motivation... I need to snap out of it!


  1. Those lipsticks look LOVELY!

    Sarah x x

  2. I own 'Boy' and its exactly what you find 'IN' ...a berry/natural! You should check it out if you can. Here's in the US you could only get igor you pre-ordered it

  3. The only booties are want are some YSL ones, too expensive at the moment...Love that dress, in a different colour it will look very edgy! Im excited about the Chanel lippies too :)

  4. The Chanel lipsticks look amazing. I can't wait to try one or more of them out!
    I agree with you about snow being out! Last night we got 20 inches of snow! So insane!
    I hope you find your boots! I hate looking for one item and not being able to find it!

  5. beautiful dress! love the color and shape.

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  6. Burberry has some great black leather ankle boots but they are rather expensive. Cole Haan's Air Talia bootie is interesting. I hope you find what you're looking for :) Gilt may have some nice alternatives.

  7. Burberry has some nice black leather ankle boots but they are rather expensive. Cole Haan's Air Talia is interesting- I'm not sure what style you like. I'd keep an eye out on Gilt. They sometimes have boot sales this time of year. I hope you find what you're looking for! :)

  8. I'm not sure if the YSL Rouge Pur Shines are completely discontinued yet but Neiman Marcus still have them listed on their website, including the beloved #26 Natural Beige. But I am definitely excited for the new Rouge Coco!


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