Saturday, February 5, 2011

Louboutin Lusting

One of my (failed) resolutions last year was to purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.

Instead, I got distracted by other things such as vacations and my beloved Lanvin flats and while I'm happy about that, the Louboutin itch needs to be scratched (and that expression needs to never be used again).

I used to love Louboutins more in the past, I feel like their constant overexposure - similar to Monogram Canvas by Louis Vuitton - made me want them less, but one pair does a girl's shoe closet good so I figured I would share with you the classic pair of Christian Louboutins I'd buy at the moment if someone made a magical $700 deposit into my bank account.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm

The classic Pigalle pumps are just SO sexy. Patent black seems to be the most sleek and classic, but the shape is just perfect and the heel is to die for.
Only issue is the fact that they have no platform (they've since come out with a platformed version called Pigalle Plato for a slightly higher price) so they could be some serious pain... but they come in such beautiful variations, it's impossible not to crave a pair for my wardrobe.

My favourite (and long gone) pair is this crazy spiked pair. There's a slightly less sharp studded version in black available as well, also I spotted a denim pair before too.

What are your thoughts on Christian Louboutin shoes? Any positive/negative experiences?
What are your favourite styles?

Only pet peeve I have is the fact that the sizing is really inconsistent across the brand. I'd expect more from such a well-established luxury shoe retailer.


  1. I love the silver ones!
    I love the yellowy gold spiked ones Olivia Wilde wore at the golden globes, did anyone see those ones?
    They were amazing!

  2. those are an absolute gorgeous pair. A few months back I was prepared to get a classic pair but was disappointed when I went to try them. When you try them on they do NOT feel comfortable at all. Now I understand that heels shouldn't necessarily feel like sneakers but in this price range, I would have hoped they would be easier to wear. I ended up not buying them.

  3. I think they are incredibly nice and super sexy but totally overpriced and massively over hyped.
    I also think they all look good but VERY painful to walk in. I can't see Carrie walking more than 5 blocks and not have that horrible expresion we all have when our feet are burning. But maybe if you have the money to buy these shoes you will also have the money to get taxis to go everywhere. :-P

  4. Have the same feelings for Louboutin (the greatest shoe creator in the world for me)! My fav are patent black Mary Jane!Lovely xxx

  5. I'm lusting over a nude pair & the canonitas for my wedding but everytime I go into my shoe shop one of the sales guy always whispers, "they're not comfortable"...never leave with a pair. Maybe its a sign!

  6. I used to have these, in patent silver, and they *KILL* to walk in. I actually could not walk in them without looking like I had a serious problem with my legs or hips. I sold them eventually. If I were you I'd buy a pair you can wear more regularly to get your money's worth :D You can see my pairs here:

    Stacey :) xx

  7. I've been lusting after a pair of Louboutins for about, ermmmmm 5 years! Unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch that far so on my wishlist they stay :'(.

    The spiked pair above are lovely.x

  8. louboutin's would be an awesome investment! the silver glitter platform peep-toe's will forever hold a special place in my heart.

  9. Couldn't agree more I dream of having shoes like this!! Especially the studded ones there to die for... wish I had an experience from these shoes to comment on xo

  10. I love all the pairs that you posted. I would love a pair of louboutin's! although i do think they have some very not appealing styles, they have wonderfully gorgeous styles that totally make up for it! someday i will own a pair! and hopefully you as well!

  11. I have a few pairs. They are beautiful and surprisingly comfortable. I have worn mine for 8-10 hours straight on numerous occasions, and my feet have suffered minimally :) I say they're an investment!

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  13. i just got my first of CL shoes from

  14. I'm sure I remember reading that CL's are not sold ANYWHERE on the net except the authorised retailers - netaporter etc etc.

    'The Purse Forum' is a good place to start if you are unsure of a website's authenticity.



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