Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mascara Wars: Diorshow Extase Vs. Makeup Forever Smoky Lash

I've gone on and on about my love (and hate) for Makeup Forever Smoky Lash mascara. I love the effect it has on my lashes - dramatic, thick, voluminous, doesn't transfer yet isn't a waterproof pain in the ass to remove. I hate the fact that it dries out so quickly, just over a month and a new tube needs to be purchased - at $22 a pop it's not exactly a bargain.

So in hopes of finding an alternative I went out on a whim and picked up Diorshow Extase mascara at Shoppers Drug Mart about two weeks ago.

Today I applied one mascara on one eye, and one on the other. Here's what went down:

Left: MUFE Smoky Lash Right: Diorshow Extase
(eye liner: Stila Convertible Eye Colour "Teak")

From a distance they are quite comparable. I can tell instantly that the formula on the Dior mascara will not dry out on me as quickly as Makeup Forever Smoky Lash - which is important, especially since Dior's mascara is $28.

However, my Smoky Lash still ends up winning my heart over. I took pictures of my eyes individually, with my proper camera and with my cell phone camera since it was able to get in closer and get a better shot:

Case 1:

Case 2:

ding ding ding!!! we have a winner

I'm going to use up my new Dior mascara and see how long it lasts before it starts getting dry and un-useable. But as of right now I wouldn't repurchase it.
Mascaras are quite fickle, though, and in about a month I could change my mind as some formulas gets better as they become oxygenated over time (a similar thing happened with Fresh Supernova mascara, hated it at first, loved it after a month!) so I will be sure to keep you all posted :)

For now, though, Smoky Lash still has my heart (and lashes!)


  1. Yes! MUFE is a clear winner. It looks great.

  2. So many people rave about this mascara, i have to try it soon!

  3. Yes, case two deserves to be used more.
    Brilliant comparison.

  4. MUFE looks just that extra bit prettier.

  5. I remember getting Dior's Extase after Lorraine Stanick talked about it but I ended up returning it after a couple of weeks because I hated it. Based on your pictures, MUFE's is clearly a winner! I've had mine for more than a month now and it's still going strong. Fingers crossed!

  6. I had the Dior mascara a while ago, I wasn't really a big fan. But your makeup forever mascara looks really good!

  7. Oeh, MUFE is so much better!
    Looks pretty!

  8. Great review! Have been lusting smoky lash for ages and this is tempting me even more! Shame it dries up quickly though :(

  9. I've tried the smokey lash, extase and Dior's Iconic and between the three, the Iconic works the best for me. Extase just tends to clump out and weigh the lashes down.

  10. Smokey Lash definitely looks amazing on you! My lashes aren't as long as yours... and I wasn't crazy over it. Does anyone find it flakes? Mine does. I love Diorshow, but I honestly find CG LashBlast similar. YSL Faux Cils is very black... and quite amazing... however I find it smudges. I don't what's up with me and mascaras lately.

  11. Wow the MUFE looks amazing on your lashes!

  12. The MUFE Smoky Lash looks amazing on you.

  13. I have just recently found my new mascara love, it is MAC's haute & naughty. I would suggest giving that a try =) the formula is great and I have had it over 2 monthes now.


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