Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mmmm... Chanel

I am such a Chanel fangirl. I can't help it. Anything from their cosmetics to their accessories and runway shows always impresses (except for maybe their costume jewelry...).

Since yesterday I expressed my strong desires to go to Paris this year, why not take the dream a bit further and share with you the one purchase I would love to make on my first trip to France - the ever so lovely Chanel Wallet On A Chain (or WOC, as it is abbreviated in the purse forums haha).

I love everything about it, except for maybe the price. The one pictured above costs in the $1500 range, which is pretty wacky for a wallet (on a chain!), but it's Chanel so it fits right in with their pricing structure.

It's a lovely timeless statement piece. I love the way it's worn in the picture I posted above as a day crossbody type of bag, and of course it can be a charming accessory to carry at a special event at night.

I absolutely love making special purchases like these while traveling. I try to associate each trip I make with a special purchase - so this Chanel baby needs to be acquired on a Paris trip. Maybe not on my first Paris trip, but I'm reserving it for one in the future :)

What do you think?


  1. I adore Chanel too, i don't think any brand can beat Chanel, everything is just too lovely. The bags too, are great (way better than the stiff Dior bags). I have been to the Chanel store in Paris, it's a great experience, you will love it!

  2. pomg!!The prize is huge!!But it looks so cute and elegant!!

  3. it's lovely bag! but omg the prize?!? hehe;)

  4. A Chanel bag could make a potato sack look chic!! And there's nothing like whipping out a Chanel compact to touch up your makeup :) I think it's the PERFECT special purchase to make on a trip to Paris...
    If only it was in my price range!

  5. This is definitely on my wish list for the future too!
    Chanel bags/ purses are classics and will not be going 'out of fashion' any time soon which is why there worth the money xo

  6. oh!!!cute post!!!
    beautiful blog!

  7. Just found your blog a little while ago and love it! I am Canadian too so I can relate to your woes about paying higher prices for stuff, waiting months for products to launch, etc. =)

    Btw if you were thinking of buying the WOC in Paris, you should definitely do it! Especially if the Euro goes back down. I went to Paris last summer and was able to save quite a bit on bags after the foreigner tax rebate! I bought a WOC right before I left, but I saw the same one in Paris and after conversion and the detaxe, I remember that I would've saved about $500 if I had waited to buy it in Paris!

    Keep up the style/fashion posts =)


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