Saturday, February 12, 2011

Online Shoppers Anonymous

If you've followed my blog for a while you will know that I love shopping online very much. I love frequenting numerous online boutiques and seeing what they have to offer - and while most of the stores I frequent carry a lot of the same brands I like, I find it very useful to check out different ways some items are styled/modelled/photographed.

A relatively new online boutique that has come to my attention recently has been - they carry a wide array of brands that I usually blog about - J Brand, Elizabeth & James, T Alexander Wang, Kain, etc. and I really love the way the layout of the website is so simple...

Reminds me of the simpler days of Shopbop (I still adore their lookbooks though) and Revolve before it went all high-tech (takes me a while to get used to!). I like the clear large photos of the items and how they're laid out. If you're in the US you're in luck because they offer free shipping.

Sadly in Canada very rarely do we ever get free shipping on things, and when we do (from my personal experience with Asos/Zappos/Shopbop/Revolve) we get rocked by customs because that's just how the rules are. *cries in corner*

Anyways, just wanted to share this new site with you guys, they always have a coupon code around for up to 25% off all merchandise (the one they have going on now is FRESHLOOK) so that's amazing. I'm thinking of buying another Kain label top since the white one I bought in the summer has been a staple for me... maybe this one?

Have you found any new online shopping websites you're excited about?

There's also this vegan supply website that's supposed to carry amazing vegan caramel and I really want to try that also (random, I know... haha) ever since I saw it on my friend Keri's blog - I'm not vegan but I do enjoy some vegan recipes and Keri's blog, I Eat Trees is a really great read.




  1. I'm definitely an online shopping addict. If it says "free shipping" I can easily convince myself it's a bargain (I'm not using gas to drive to the store where I'd see cute things in person and probably try stuff on and love it, leading me to buy more, right?!). Thanks for the link! :)

  2. Now it's working! Could have been user error! ;) Can't wait to check it out! Thanks for the link doll! xoxoxo :)

  3. I love Beyond the Rack, I bought so many great stuff from them ,but as long as I remember they never had a free shipping offer :(

  4. That is a very cute top doll!

    You should check out and use my email:mrsladyfrierson(at)
    as a referel, and you can shop all kinds of stores and this week only we are offering Free Shipping. Which is awesome, and you can get 2% or more cash back on stuff you buy!

  5. That's a great website! I only buy makeup and accessories online because it is hard to find clothes that fit me well (I am very petite), but those look books give you great ideas.

    I've watched most of your youtube videos and I am huge fan! I'm so glad I found your blog- I wrote a little something about it on mine :)

  6. Just looking at and all the clothes are gorgeous.. I'm also an online shopping addict its so much easier to find things you like!
    Love that top which you've posted.. the sheer effect is gorgeous and so is the style of the back with the criss-cross pattern :)


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    Good luck hun, take care x

    Angel of High Heels & Lipgloss


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