Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I've really been enjoying lately

As the title suggests...

- MAC Strobe Cream mixed with my foundation for a glowing complexion

- Essie's "A French Affair" collection, I totally fell in love with this when I saw it on display... the names, the shades *sigh* so I decided to make my second nailpolish purchase that I'm allowing myself for the year (I'm only allowing myself 5) - I bought the cube with 4 mini bottles of shades from this collection and so far I've worn two: Coat Azure and French Affair and I love both. Blog post to come! The reason I don't count these as 4 polishes is because each mini bottle has 5mL of polish, whereas a regular bottle contains 15mL... so ya know... I'm bending the rules here ;)

- Lucky Charms Cereal

- pretty much any song Drake is in

- Victoria Beckham's collection that she showed at NY Fashion Week today

- motorcycle boots... I have been wearing them for 2 months straight

- American Idol (not as bad as I thought without Simon!)

That's about it for me... keeping it light today since I'm still in the middle of exams.
Hope you all have a great week :)



  1. I have a love and hate relationship with essie hehe! I adore motorcycle boots too!

  2. The Essie collection looks lovely.

  3. I'm excited for the essie blog. the colours seem lovley, but very sheer. So I'm curious to know if they really are!?!? :) hearing so many good things about mac strobe cream lately. will have to try it, it seems

  4. I thought American Idol would be AWFUL without Simon, but I love J-Lo and... that guy from Aerosmith.... =P

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  6. oo what motorcycle boots are you rockin? and are the essie polishes sheer or opaque? i hate when i love the color in the bottle and the color ends up being sheer!

  7. I LOVE the formulation of essie polishes. I think I may be the only one in the world, but I think it goes on smoother and easier than OPI.

  8. I LOVE that you've been updating your blog so regularly! It makes me happy, I LOVE reading it! :D xoxo
    - Love from Toronto!! :D

  9. can't wait to get my hands on the new Essie collection! I saw Drake live recently! He is amazingly good!

  10. Essie is one of my favorite brands mainly because I can always count on them for a classic, creamy, opaque pastel. They do it like no other!!


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