Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The basics of the past few days...

I took the weekend (and the few days after that) off from wearing my usual makeup - I've ditched foundation and eyeshadow and pranced around with minimal makeup for a few days.
I do that sometimes when I feel the need for a little "break" and it's great because I always feel re-inspired afterwards... so today I decided to blog about those products that I've been reaching for during my "bare minimum" days:

  1. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer in SC4 (under the eye and on any blemishes/discoloured areas)
  2. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder on a MAC 129 brush (to set the concealer and even out skin texture)
  3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark on a MAC 182 brush (to contour my face, this matches me perfectly when I'm tanned in the summer and works very well as a contour during the winter)
  4. MAC Brow Set to tame my eyebrows
  5. EOS lip balm
  6. Aquaphor (as extra lip balm and for a glossy finish)
I didn't use any eye products because it has been cold and super windy and my eyes water like crazy in that weather so I didn't bother.

Today however was nice so decided to go with a new eyeshadow combination (for the Eyes of March series, of course)... simple simple, as always:

- MAC Brulee eyeshadow (all over the lid up to the brow bone)
- MAC Twinks eyeshadow (crease and outer corner)
- Stila Teak eyeliner
- Eyeko Big Eyes mascara

Simple, I told you ;)

Hope you're all having a great week



  1. I've been loving EOS lipbalm as well. Great for these Canadian cold days.

    The mascara looks really nice on you, may need to check it out.

  2. where exactly are you finding the eos lipbalm in shoppers?? ive been to tons and I cant find it anywhere!

  3. I like it simple too lately, it feels more natural and great.

  4. @Sher I sadly didn't get mine in Canada... I got it from the states... I have seen EOS at Shoppers before though, just not in the little egg shape, just in the regular lip balm section!

  5. I love wearing minimal makeup.
    In fact most days I do.
    But then-like you said-I get re-inspired and do something a little more noticable.
    I'm originally from Canada & I've never seen the EOS lipbalm in the egg shape.
    I've only ever bought one in the US or online.


  6. love LM secret camo and the translucent setting powder. amazing products!

  7. I love your style and I need to get that tapered Mac brush (I just haven't gotten around to it yet). I like the EOS lipbalm, but can I say Nivea's A Kiss of Smoothness is something you might want to try.

  8. Sigh...Canada's weather really puts me off from wearing make-up too...!!!


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